Booties For Dogs

In this article, we knit clothes for small dogs. Autumn time, and the approach of winter makes us think about the wardrobe of their pets. In particular, it is very important to purchase or make independently booties for dogs. Judge for yourself, in the cold season even the most hardened animals sometimes freeze, to say nothing of small dogs that are not adapted to the harsh weather changes. Do not lock them for the winter in the apartment. That’s why we tie little booties, which will harmoniously look at pets, and even perform a protective and heating function.

Before proceeding to knitting clothes for small dogs, Of course, you need to take care of the materials. In my case, the YarnArt Charisma yarn (80% wool, 20% acrylic; 100 g / 200 m) 60 g of red color, the remnants of white and green yarn, needles No. 2 and hook No. 3 were used.

Knit little booties on two needles. with side seam. Type 26 loops on the knitting needles using red yarn and knit 4 rows with a front satin stitch. After knit 1 row, repeating the sequence number 1: "2 loops together front, nakid."

Booties For Dogs

The next row is all loops back (fold line of the upper edge of the booties for dogs). Then knit 4 rows with the front satin stitch and repeat a row of holes: “2 loops together front, wrap”. The next row is all purl loops (row of holes for the drawstring).

Next, knit the front satin, alternating colors: 2 rows of red thread, then the sequence number 2: "1 row of white thread, 1 row of red thread, 1 row of green thread." Then knit 6 rows of red thread and repeat 1 time the sequence number 2.

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A separate moment in knitting bootees for dogs assigned heel. So, lay the first 13 loops on the auxiliary needle and continue knitting only the last 13 loops with the front satin stitch of 8 rows (heel height). We form the heel as follows: knit the first 5 loops, and 6 and 7 knit the loops together. “Unfold the model and knit 4 loops, 5 and 6 knit together”. Knit heel booties for dogs, thus, until the needle will not have 5 loops. Then dial the missing 8 loops on both sides (on each side of the heel there are 4 loops – 13 loops on the knitting needle again) and continue knitting with pending loops.

Tie 6 rows of red thread, then repeat the sequence of strips and begin to knit the booties toe. To do this, conditionally split all the loops in half and subtract 4 loops in each front row as follows: 1 edge loop, 2 loops together at the beginning and end of one half of the loops, 2 loops together at the beginning and end of the sole loops. After 4 rows close all the loops.

Booties For Dogs

At the end of all the work booties for dogs must be assembled into a coherent whole. To do this, fold the upper edge of the bootie along the bend of the first row of holes and sew it with a hidden stitch from the inside out. Then perform the side seam. Crochet a chain of an air loop 40 cm long and thread it into the second row of holes (4 pieces in total).

Knitting clothes for small dogs in this example is over. In the picture you can see the result of effort. Well, you understand that the place for creative patterns, jewelry, sketches and color schemes here is unlimited. Perhaps you will have a more interesting and most importantly, an individual option.