Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

"And if I do not sew a hat for love? And do not invent a new scarf? In the pug style and socks … ", – somehow our pets sing, who is silent and who can, and out loud, after going out for a walk with the onset of cold weather.

Puppy joy from the first ice and the tempting taste of the first snow are darkened by glazed paws, frozen ears. And already running, whining and shaking from the cold, your yorik or takyk, the taxis or the pug home to the warm rug of the central heating battery.

Reference! Short and short-haired dogs are particularly sensitive to cold, which is more pronounced in close proximity to the ground.

Modern fashion has reached the animals. Nobody in the street dressed up by the gentlemen and young ladies on four legs is surprised anyone.

If you can scribble on a sewing machine and hold knitting needles or a hook in your hands, you can easily make the simplest model. And with the money saved, better buy your pet his favorite delicacy and something delicious for yourself.

Varieties of hats for dogs

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Caps are classified by functionality. In short, hats are:

  • keeping warm;
  • protects from dirt, water and the scorching sunshine;
  • saving nothing, protecting nothing from anything – decorative, that is, for beauty.

And our four-legged favorites with pleasure are those, and others, and others.

Important! Like humans, dogs have weakened immunity. There are breeds that have a genetic propensity for otitis. They are medically required to wear a hat from autumn to spring.

Purpose, functional features of caps

There are breeds and categories of dogs for which a hat is a way out in a certain situation.

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First of all, these are animals with ears hanging almost to the ground – cocker spaniels, dachshunds, basset hounds and others. During the walk, their ears often touch the ground, grass and other things. As a result, such a dog comes home, at best, just with filthy ears, at worst, and even sticks.

So you can drag a tick on the ears, which often happens. To wash not only the paws, but also the ears after each walk, to clean them and comb them is an occupation that does not give pleasure to either the dog or the owner.

therefore for them, a special cap designed, similar to a children’s cap, with only hollow ears. These are such pockets for ears, shaped like mittens.

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Dark-colored dogs in summer, especially in southern latitudes, risk overheating, that is, literally getting sunstroke. For them, the owners buy light caps from light natural fabric with a sun visor.

There are even special plastic hats for bathing dogs so that water does not fall into their ears. They are very similar to our usual shower caps.

Models of hats for dogs

There are exactly as many hats for dogs as their owners have fantasies. And as each dog is unique, its fashionable image is also individual.

If you try hard, you can still classify the diversity of individuals into certain general types. Here are the most popular dog cap models:

Cap-hood or helmet. There is literally everything – both large individuals and small pets. It is fastened with ties or a button with a loop. In everyday life in autumn, winter and spring.

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Tight fitting cap. It is carried out from warm fabric, has several layers. Suitable for dogs with small or cropped ears.

Cap-snud or scarf. Suitable for lop-eared rocks during the cold season. An elastic band is sewn into the upper and lower edges for better fixation.

Decorative hat. Big model range, wide range. Does not carry practical functions. Worn for beauty or for fun. Emphasizes the uniqueness and character of the pet and its owner.

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How to sew a hat for dogs with their own hands

Attention! The more often we try on a product on an animal and adjust it during sewing or knitting, the better it will sit on its owner. The exact size in the instructions without taking into account the breed and the age of the animal is difficult to specify, since each dog is individual.

Pattern and tailoring

The picture below shows a schematic pattern of a dog hat cap. The product is sewn very quickly and easily.

The top can be sewn from waterproof fabric, for example, bologna, and on the lining to use fleece in tone or contrasting colors.

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Sewing steps:

  • Bend the edges indicated by the dotted lines.
  • Process the remaining edges of the product.
  • Insert a visor, duplicated with special materials (interlining, dublerin).
  • Insert a cord or ribbon into the hem that connects the product and fastens it to the head.

How to tie a hat for a dog

The simplest hat for a dog does not require much time and knitting experience.

Caps For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Measure the circumference of the dog’s head. Divide the resulting number in half. This will be the width of the item.
  2. Choose a yarn and a pattern for knitting or crochet.
  3. Knit the sample and do the calculation of the loops, as usual.
  4. We collect the required number of loops and knit a rectangle. Its height is equal to the distance from the eyebrows of the dog to the beginning of the growth of the ears. Got the frontal part of the cap.
  5. We divide the number of loops by 3 and close 1/3 loops along the edge on both sides, thereby forming slots for the lugs. The middle third of the knit straight web until the end of the growth of the ears. This will be the parietal part.
  6. For the occipital part, we uniformly draw from both sides the number of loops slightly smaller than the original. We knit a straight web to the height of the frontal part. The back of the head will turn out a bit narrower, but this is done specifically to better fit the head of the dog.
  7. It now remains to sew the sides of the wide parts.
  8. We carry out a fastener or we do ties, we sew a pompon, we decorate it with taste and imagination.
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The hat for the four-legged friend will surely please your pet. Because most of all dogs appreciate the care and attention of the owner. And for this we are ready for anything.