Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

In order to be comfortable in the fall and winter, now it’s time to think about creating suitable conditions for him

Algorithm tailoring products

In order to start work properly for amateurs, first of all, we determine the sequence of future actions. Read the walkthrough.

  1. We take measurements. Calculations are needed volumes of the chest, neck, waist, back length and pet limbs.
  2. We transfer calculations on paper, we make patterns.
  3. Cut, transfer patterns to the selected fabric.
  4. When cutting the fabric along the patterns, we leave 2 cm for internal seams.
  5. Sweep at the seams of the product, do the fitting.
  6. Finish clothes on a sewing machine, decorate the finished product with pockets.

What you need for sewing dog clothes

  1. Fabric, pattern style, suitable shade thread, needle;
  2. Pins for fixing parts of the product;
  3. The decoration elements of the finished clothes, buttons or Velcro;
  4. Sewing machine.

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

Not much needed for sewing

Useful tips for novice needlewomen

  1. Journal patterns are given without regard to the fabric seam allowance. In order not to get confused in the details of the pattern, mark the name of the parts on the wrong side with a piece of soap or a piece of soap and conditionally draw a dotted stitching line.
  2. Clothes with embroidery is done by applying the decor on the wrong side.
  3. Saving fabric will allow the initial pattern of larger parts, then small.
  4. Pairing details of clothes fastened with pins.
  5. We make the lining identical to the patterns of the main fabric details.

To avoid shrinkage of the selected fabric, it is desirable to wash it before sewing.

Clothes for dogs from old things (video)

Clothes for dogs of small breeds do it yourself: a charming suit for chihuahua

Small dogs are most susceptible to colds. Representatives of animals of small breed – dachshund, French bulldog, York, Chihuahua, are especially sensitive to hypothermia, since they naturally have small thin legs and a short-haired fur coat. Therefore, it is very important to take care of tailoring a costume for your pet before the onset of cold weather. Below is a detailed instruction how to make a sporty suit for a chihuahua, pug or small puppy yourself.

  • Fleece fabric (you can use the fabric of an old jacket);
  • Sintepon or plush on the lining;
  • Velcro or padlock;
  • Threads, needles, scissors;
  • Pattern paper, pencil;
  • A piece of soap.

We take measurements from the animal – the length from the collar to the tail (DS), the girth of the neck at the place of the collar (OH), the girth of the chest behind the paws (OH).

  1. We transfer measurements to paper according to the scheme
  2. Along the edges, for convenience, mark the seam allowance, about 2 cm. Cut.
  3. Soap draw the size on the fabric.
  4. Gently brush the fabric along the edges of the letters, try on. It is very important to make sure that the pet is comfortable in clothes.
  5. For the same pattern to make the lining, to sweep to the main fabric blank, try again.
  6. Sew the buckle to the suit.
  7. Thoroughly hem tissue junction.
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Decorate the finished product with decorative elements.

How to sew shoes for dogs: master class

With sole

  • The fabric is thick and warm (you can use a flap of old things);
  • A piece of leather on the sole, felt;
  • Needle, thread;
  • Elastic bands, retainer, threads for decoration.
  1. Take measurements – put the foot on a thick cloth, circle the size of a pencil taking into account the seam allowance.
  2. Attach the cut fabric to the skin, make identical blanks for the sole. Sew to fabric blanks.
  3. Measure the volume of the sole. Subsequently, the measurement will be useful for modeling the boot top circumference.
  4. Considering the peculiarity that for larger dogs it is necessary to make a longer upper leg, decide on the size of the height of the shoe.
  5. Cut the tops, sew it with external seams to the sole.
  6. To decorate the seams, you can sew them with a knitting thread.
  7. Bend the top of the shaft in half, fix the seam, retract the gum and fix the lock.

Without sole

We take a measure of the paws: the diameter with claws at the widest point, the height from the fulcrum to the carpal joint, the length of the workpiece from the surface. Since there is a probability of error in size, it is recommended to measure each paw separately.

We draw a pattern according to the scheme, where the radius of the sun is the height of the future shoe, AB is the diameter of the paw, the dotted line is the location of the wrist joint, from the dotted line to the second circle is the opening for the gum retainer.

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

  1. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, marking all the necessary points plus a 1 cm seam allowance.
  2. Cut out of the fabric four more identical strips – drawers with a hem of 0.5 cm.
  3. To brush over the edges of the shoe, try on. In order for the shoes not to wear quickly, sew a piece of hard, elastic material across the diameter of an AB.
  4. Kulisku sew at the required height of the product, retract the retainer gum.
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Sole for dog shoes can be made from a piece of rubber or old shoes, fixing the workpiece between the seam tops and insulation. Such a sole is very convenient for dogs of large breeds. For smaller dogs, insertion is inconvenient.

Overalls for dogs with their own hands

A dog jumpsuit is a very comfortable thing for a pet in weather protection. To prevent hypothermia of the extremities, we will make the overalls warmer by stitching a gasket into the sleeves.

  • Fabric – raincoat;
  • Sintepon for lining;
  • Threads, needle;
  • Paper, pencil;
  • Scissors, centimeter;
  • Gum and buttons.

We take measurements according to the scheme: back to tail length (1), collar girth (2), chest girth (3), waist (4), distance of the bitch’s belly (5) dog (9), breast volume (6), length of paws (7.8), ear distance (10), head volume (11), muzzle volume (12). Measurements of the distance between the ears (10), head volume (11), muzzle volume (12) – for the hood.

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

We transfer measurements to paper: ЗК = 1/8 = length of one cell in cm according to the pattern. Divide the paper into cells with a given size of the parties. Crosses mark the original notation. Move measurements. When transferring to the fabric, we make an allowance for the seams on the FILLEN with a length of 3 cm.

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

  1. Make two pieces of fabric blanks ZKDILGBNNZH. Then, separately the prefabricated articles of ZhBNM and GDIL are laying for the trousers of the future product.
  2. Stitch the inner side of the pants with the gasket.
  3. From the measures 3, 4 subtract the difference between the real figure of the volumes and the image plane. The figure indicates the width of the insert on the abdomen.
  4. Insert the belly to sew the product, to collect the entire jumpsuit. For a tight pressing of the fabric to the body, in the place of ZHZ, place the elastic in the seam, in the area of ​​the CD neck – close the opening with a button.
  5. Bottom MN, DO flashing rubber bands. Insert a zipper on the peritoneum.
  6. We measure the measurements of the hood on the workpiece like this: fold the fabric in half, take half the distance 10, measure the measure from the designation point 11 and length in size 12, plus the allowances for internal seams. To sew.
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On the jumpsuit fix the hood, hemming it to the level of the neck (can be done on buttons).

Jacket for a large dog

To sew a lightweight windbreaker or blouse to your pet, you must carefully take measurements in full size so that the future product does not hamper the movement of the dog. For the jacket any suitable, comfortable in constant wear fabric. During the subsequent sewing of the product, it is necessary to add 2 cm for internal seams.

Draw a figure according to the scheme:

Making the designations A and B, as shown in the figure, we conditionally draw a line depending on the sex of the dog.

Further, the designation ½ neck circumference (C), departing 1 cm from the edge (D), connect the dots.

We make the sleeve holes narrow, but looser.

Pattern sleeves do the picture on the left. Pattern hood on the picture on the right.

Clothes And Shoes For Dogs Do It Yourself

Transfer the pattern to the fabric base. Gum to the sleeve sew on the wrong side. Then double the blank, on the wrong side, make the stitching of the internal seams.

Pull up the details of the hood along with a neck opening with a seam up to 2 cm in size. Retract the drawstring in the cuff.

The last stage of making clothes is stitching all the details with internal seams from the inside.

Lightweight jacket protects your pet from the weather and insect bites during the walk.

Clothes for a dog from an old sweater (video)

Modern dog fashion is rapidly gaining momentum in popularity. No matter what breed your pet, he equally needs a gentle word, a good look and comfortable conditions of existence. Many people are willing to spend enough money on a pet, buying expensive, trendy things. They do not understand what is more important for a dog to be a thing sewn from a sweater of a beloved master. Do you know why? The secret is simple: the clothes smell like the owner himself, and the dog invisibly senses his presence nearby.