Clothes For A Poodle – How To Sew At Home

Because of fashionable haircuts, dogs often suffer from the scorching sun and winter cold.

If you want your pet to grow up healthy and strong, you need to go out for a walk with him more often, but do not leave the dog naked.

Clothing will protect the dog’s coat and provide her with comfortable conditions for walking. This is very practical, because you do not have to constantly bathe the dog.

Instead, you only need to wipe the pet’s paws with a damp cloth and, if necessary, wash the overalls.

Beautifully combed, in an elegant dress, the dog can become the main object of admiring comments both at a party and at an exhibition.

Start drawing up the wardrobe of girls should be removed from the measurements. To determine the size, it is necessary to measure the neck, chest and back.

These measurements are enough for sewing or buying a beautiful jumpsuit.


Needlewomen will be able to do the product with their own hands.

It is not only about sewing coveralls, but also a suit for girls, sweaters, dresses, hats, etc.

Some wardrobe items can be made using knitting techniques.

Such things are beautiful and very warm. For those who like to knit, we recommend you to try some simple jumpers or cardigans.

To do this, you do not need special skills. Draw a pattern on paper and figure out how many loops you need.

Be sure to consider the diameter of the needles or the hook, as well as the thickness of the threads. Knitting is performed in the direction from the head to the tail.

Any of the clothing options can be decorated and supplemented with fasteners, but we do not recommend using lightning so that there is no risk of wool getting into them.

There are many options for straps that can be tied or tightened into rings. Also fit Velcro.

A thin raincoat is useful and practical for a poodle. It protects from tangling or falling on the wool of water and dirt.

The warmed models are also possible with the help of such materials as synthetic winterizer or fleece. They warm the dog, and it feels much more comfortable.

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Pattern and size

Consider one of the most popular models – it is a pattern of coveralls, one-piece for girls.

If you fit such a garment under your pet and apply maximum effort when sewing, it will turn out very beautiful.

In total there will be 2 side parts, each of them should capture the side, back and front legs, half of the back of the jumpsuit.

The legs are stitched inside the product, with just one seam. And for the abdomen, you will need an additional detail pattern. You will also need a gate pattern and straps for fastening the jumpsuit.

The length from the collar to the base of the tail is the segment between A and B points.

Measure this length and divide by 8, because as it should fit 8 squares according to the classic pattern.

If the length of your pet’s measured back is 40 cm, then the side of each square, when divided by 8, is 5 cm.

The next step is to draw a grid of squares of the desired size. Vertically you should get 15 identical squares, and horizontally – 17.

For example, the side of the square, as we calculated, is 5 cm. So, you will need a sheet 75/85 cm.

To this end, stock up a drawing paper, newspaper or wallpaper. Next, the picture with the proposed pattern, you must redraw on your grid.

The detail located below is the future belly, more precisely, its half, which needs to be drawn in order to get a solid picture.

Repeat all the same lines on the other hand, mirroring them.

Cutting and fitting

We proceed to the cutting of parts. Attach them to the dog to check, at an early stage, whether adjustments will be necessary.

But reduce the size of the details of the jumpsuit for girls extremely carefully, it is better to postpone until later.

It is more important to increase the size of the pattern, if necessary. For example, check whether the product converges in the chest area of ​​the animal.

Any doubts? Then make a ledge, on the classic pattern, it is usually highlighted with the help of a dotted triangle, which is adjacent to the chest.

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If there is still uncertainty or you want to save a beautiful fabric, for a start, take a worse material.

Sketch your pattern on it, making allowances for seams. Now it is necessary to cut the fabric parts, sweep them or sew.

When sweeping away it is not necessary to use the machine, but it is not necessary to use pins for the first fitting.

Now the stage of fitting. You need to adjust the resulting blank to the shape of a pet.

Mark the places where the product is too big, and where you want to cut off the excess. There may be places in which the dog will be too narrow or short.

Exercising on a simpler fabric, push the rough blank. Then arrange it and make adjustments to the pattern of paper. And if the work is done immediately with a good cloth, there are several variations on the fit.

In places of formation of excess fabric, make undercuts. But this is not always good for the dog, because it will move a lot and run in the finished costume.

The overalls should not hamper movement, besides, the strength of the clothes will be higher if you manage with fewer seams. It should not perform a perfect fit for a dog figure, there should be a margin.

Well, if you collect the excess material of the jumpsuit in a few folds or sew a tightening gum.

If the product is a little small, make notes for future material inserts. They can be distinguished by another pattern, texture or color. So you decorate the product.

Final stage

So, you have identified all the main features of the figure of your pet, corrected the preparation in the right places.

It’s time to do the sewing product.

The stitches must be made as strong as possible so that the poodle can easily run and jump, and you are not afraid for the possibility of tearing clothes.

The seams can additionally be strengthened with the help of the edging, which is sewn on top of the stitched fabric. It becomes a kind of frame, but the seams can be strengthened in a different way.

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Along the bottom edge of the leg, make a lapel and insert the elastic in it. Process and neck, turning the edges with a tape, if you wish, make a small collar.

It is worth considering the length of your dog’s neck. It is customary to insert a string or an elastic band in the neck to adjust the tight fit of a warm suit.

On the back, the top of the jumpsuit is not sewn, this is the place to insert the buckle. It is best not to choose a zipper for these purposes, it is chosen exclusively for dogs with short hair.

And even in the latter case, you should protect yourself without letting the clasp touch the dog’s back. To do this, an additional fabric strap is sewn to the zipper.

Another option is a strap with velcro, this fastener is designed so that it "stuck" wool.

For fastening many master needleworkers use buttons and buttons.

For the side of the jumpsuit, it is better not to use similar fastenings, because they leave open the gaps of the back between the buttons or other elements similar to the fastening buttons.

Spread the bar on the bottom or it should overlap the fastener line on the back.

If you are the owner of a boy stala – leave free space in the abdomen and groin area of ​​the product, leaving the dog comfortable to cope with their needs.

The edges of the special cutout are usually sheathed with a stretching elastic. Thus, the fabric will not hang will fit snugly to the stomach and paws of your beloved four-legged pet.

Photo Gallery

Sewing a dress for your beloved pet is an interesting and creative process. Below, you can see all sorts of clothes for different occasions.

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home

Clothes For A Poodle - How To Sew At Home


The removal of measures and the further construction of the pattern is the first and most important stage. The author of this video will tell in detail and show how to do everything correctly.