Clothes For A Toy Terrier Do-It-Yourself Patterns, Descriptions, Photos Of Models

When making clothes for a toy terrier with their own hands, patterns in this process play an extremely important role. Be sure to do them directly in size dogs. Therefore, you first need to take measurements from the animal.

The correctness of the cut – an important element in the manufacture of clothing for dogs

It is extremely necessary to take measurements from a pet and build a pattern before sewing, as it is necessary to sew a toy-terrier clothing “by eye”. means to doom both the animal and its owner to suffering. After all, an uncomfortable outfit can squeeze or rub the skin of a poor dog, hinder movement. And putting on a tight robe on a pet that hinders this process with all its might is not just flour, it is a crime against a pet.

Necessary measurements for sewing dog clothes

The main dimensions required for cutting. these are the length of the body from the withers to the beginning of the tail, the girth of the chest and the distance from the beginning of the neck to the front paws. If you plan to make things with “sleeves” and “pants”, you will also need to measure the length of the paws. separate front and rear. The distance between the front and rear legs also plays an important role in the construction of the pattern drawing.

Clothes For A Toy Terrier Do-It-Yourself Patterns, Descriptions, Photos Of Models

Cutting and sewing capes

The lightest of dog clothes in the manufacture is a cape. Stitched of raincoat fabric, it will protect the animal from rain. In cool weather, warmer clothes are needed for a toy terrier. The hand patterns of the cape can be made quite simple. Having constructed the drawing by the standards, the craftswoman imposes it on the fabric folded in half so that the upper straight of the patterns is directed along the fold line of the material. It should be when cutting make allowances for seams around the perimeter of the part. Clasps should also be provided. Often in order to keep the cape on the animal and not to fall, they use belts, best of all. sewn in sidewalls. If desired, the seamstress can decorate the model with appliqué, ruffles, embroidery or decorative elements.

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Drawing a drawing of a cape pattern with a skirt

"Dogmasters" often refer to their pets as children, calling them girls or boys. And they make clothes for four-legged pets according to the floor. Therefore, many people prefer to dogs to make outfits with skirts, bows, ruffles and ruffles. as if they were really little girls. With a certain skill and imagination you can get luxurious clothes for a toy terrier. The hands (patterns can be seen in the article) are not difficult to do. Patterns should be drawn in accordance with the size of the dog, cut out parts with allowances for seams. A skirt is fastened to the lower part of the shelf with small folds; the upper arcuate protrusion serves as a collar with which the robe is held on the dog. Therefore, you need to think about how to fasten the cape on the neck under the chin.

Knitted vest for a toy terrier

Fashionable items are clothes of dogs, knitted or crocheted. Knitting clothes for toy terriers does not require much skill. For example, when making a vest, it is usually sufficient to knit a “tube” with circular knitting needles or on five knitting needles, just as the beginning of mittens are knitted. You can also make a rectangular canvas, which is then sewn from the side. For the front legs it is necessary to make holes – they also perform just as when knitting mittens are made “holes” for thumbs. In one row, the required number of loops is closed, and in the next, on the contrary, in this place they gain the same amount.

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Clothes For A Toy Terrier Do-It-Yourself Patterns, Descriptions, Photos Of Models

Doggy Sleeve Sweater

You can tie the clothes of toy terriers and more complex type. Those will be knitted models with sleeves. The principle of their manufacture differs little from the manufacture of vests, only when knotting the holes for the legs of the loop should not close, and remove the spare thread. After the main part has been completed, they are thrown over the working needle, with the other two needles they loop around the holes and loop them on the four needles in a circle, first the sleeve for one front foot, then the same pattern for the other. The model will be extremely decorated with cool hoods with slots for the ears, elegant collars of various options, pompons and pockets. Yes, and the use of skilled workers during knitting jacquard or embossed patterns will not be superfluous.

Knitted jumpsuits for toy terriers

If desired, you can in the same way to perform in a knitted model and leg, that is, to tie up the hind legs. In this case, it will have a jumpsuit. It is important, therefore, to calculate the length of the product, otherwise on walks will be dirty clothes for toy terrier. With your own hands (patterns for circular knitted patterns are usually not required) it is quite simple to make a new thing if you correctly calculate loops and rows. Although there is an embodiment of the pattern of clothing for a toy terrier half of the product, as for sewing, by which you can then check the product during manufacture.

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Making outfits for four-legged pets. occupation is quite difficult, requiring perseverance, patience, certain skills, but extremely exciting and interesting.