Clothes For Chihuahuas Do-It-Yourself Patterns

All lovers of little four-footed pets know about the Chihuahua breed. These are the sweetest doggies of tiny size that have managed to become the most outstanding of their kind – the most dwarf breed.

Beautiful creatures very sensitive to cold, therefore, caring owners rush to dress their pets in warm clothes. It sounds funny, but now there is even a dog fashion! Famous designers create unique models of clothes for Chihuahuas, in which doggies look just unique.

The purpose of clothing for dogs

Vestments for the four-footed friend are not only a touching product that is created for beauty. It should be understood that dogs, like humans, are sensitive to hypothermia. To protect the pet’s health, you should get a wardrobe for him to dress him up. Paw pads are also sensitive, so knitted socks do not interfere at all.

Chihuahua clothes are distinguished by their sophistication and cute looks due to their small size. Buying products for doggie can be expensive, so outfits can be made by yourself. With ready-made patterns, everything is very simple. A real celebration of fantasy will be the decoration of ready-made clothes.

You can come up with an individual style for a dog. In addition, each outfit will be a real exclusive. Do not doubt that your pet will become an icon of fashion, just a little effort.

What to sew?

What to sew to the chihuahua, first of all? If the tailed model does not have anything in the wardrobe, you should immediately start working on warm clothes. Then the cold dog will not be afraid. Popular winter overalls for chihuahuas. They are tight to the body and do not let the wind and cool. Also do not interfere with pants and a hoodie for walking in the autumn and winter park.

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To make the vestments really warm, should think carefully over the fabric. The material should be pleasant to the dog, so that he does not refuse from new outfits later.

Perfect fit fleece, sintepon and plush. They are pleasant to the touch and very warm. Of them just get to create excellent clothes for the cold. Coats and fur coats, too, will delight tail pet. Even hats will be useful.

For a summer wardrobe, crochet laces are suitable. Bright colors will be harmonious for a warm season.

Create one blouse or pants take about a couple of hours. Let the baby-chihuahua inspire creative exploits!

Determination of dog size

To create clothes for chihuahuas, you must determine the size of the dog. Do not sew products "by eye": if the clothes are out of size, they won’t sit on the figure nicely. The dog will not look in such a dress. There is a special algorithm for determining the size: it is necessary to measure, first of all, the length of the backrest. This is a key parameter when creating overalls.

Clothes For Chihuahuas Do-It-Yourself Patterns

For blouses should focus on chest volume and neck coverage. A special chihuahua clothing size chart is shown below:

Sometimes there are non-standard figures. In this case Patterns must be individualized., so that the thing is suitable for your dog.