Clothes For Chihuahuas How To Sew Jumpsuit, Pants And Dress

Small dog owners know how defenseless their pets look in the face of a harsh winter. So that the dog is not cold, and the walk was a pleasure, designers and designers have been creating clothes for dogs for many years.

But you can make a masterpiece with your own hands, while spending a minimum of funds.

Varieties of clothing

Passers-by dressed in a fashionable jumpsuit are often perceived ambiguously. Many people think that clothing is the whim of the owners, and only a few know that such breeds as Chihuahua simply need costumes.

Chihuahuas belong to those dog breeds that were domesticated many centuries ago. In the modern standard of the breed, little remains of the true ancestors of the small doggie, and much has changed in their appearance. In addition to the exterior, changes have affected the immunity of animals..

Chihuahuas have become indoor pets, and cold for them is not at all acceptable. But at the same time the crumbs need fresh air and regular walks. To make the winter walking more comfortable, you need to provide your pet with high-quality insulation in the form of a beautiful suit.

There are several types of dog clothes for small breeds:

  1. Overalls. The most practical part of the wardrobe. Sewn from thick fabric, clothes will protect the crumbs from the wind and other bad weather.
  2. Jacket. No less important element in the cold season. Reliably keep fragile fluffy little body from rain, snow and cold. The most practical is to choose a model with a hood.
  3. Pants Mandatory addition to the jacket. Qualitatively insulate the softest parts of the puppy.
  4. Cap. Far from mandatory, but very useful accessory. Will add an image and will warm sharp ears.
  5. Dress, T-shirt, T-shirt, shorts. Summer clothes of entertaining nature. Give a good mood to the owner, pedestrians and children. Intended for warming not the body, but the soul.
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Necessary materials

To sew clothes for small dogs with your own hands, you need the following items:

Pattern clothes for dogs of small breeds. That is, the paper blank parts of the future suit;

  • The cloth. Choose natural materials. Clothes should be resistant to frequent washings and not lose appearance;
  • Threads to tone the fabric;
  • Needles;
  • Scissors;
  • Crayons for marks;
  • Elements of decor.
  • Before you start sewing, you need to take all the necessary measurements. Catch your pet, calm it down with tasty rewards and begin to measure. All measurements depend on what part of the wardrobe to be sewn. Usually on paper patterns indicated, what measurements need to be removed.

    Patterns and description of sewing


    Let’s start creating a dog wardrobe with the most necessary gizmos. The overalls should be in every self-respecting sneeze. Pattern for dogs of small breeds:

    So, in addition to the above materials, prepare a few scraps of different colors and strong Velcro. We proceed:

    1. Measure the length of your dog from the neck to the base of the tail. On paper, we begin to draw the pattern, taking into account the removed value.
    2. Next, you should transfer the image of the sample details to your sheet.
    3. When all the parts of the jumpsuit will be drawn (sketch on the cells), cut out paper patterns and apply to the fabric. Canticus is better to have a diagonal material.
    4. Do not forget to give seam allowances!
    5. After cutting the finished parts, we sweep them away, as shown by the letters in the diagram.
    6. After that, it is advisable to catch the dog again and do the fitting. Do not use when sweeping pins, so that the dog does not hurt.
    7. Correct all the shortcomings and proceed to stitching.
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    The finished product can be decorated in any way.: sew stickers, paint with acrylic or sheathe with rhinestones.

    On the Internet you can find other patterns of overalls for dogs of small breeds with a detailed description.


    To ass chihuahua not know frost, build your pet cozy pants. Remember that clothes should not hold down movements. In addition to comfort, pants should be great to warm. For a winter suit, suitable material with insulation in the form of padding polyester or fleece.

    To sew pants, You can use the same pattern as for the jumpsuit. It is enough to redraw onto the fabric only those parts of the parts that will be needed to create the trousers. You also need to add some centimeters for the belt, in which the elastic band will be inserted, so that the clothes do not slip.

    The dress

    As already mentioned, the dress is intended more for affection than for warming. For summer evening walks, a lightweight mini-dress made of natural fabric is perfect.

    To sew a dress for a dog, use the following pattern:

    Practical advice

    To make pet clothes sit well, use the following tips:

    1. Clothes For Chihuahuas How To Sew Jumpsuit, Pants And Dress

      If you have not sewed clothes for dogs before, start with a jumpsuit;

    2. All patterns are made without allowances. Transferring the image to the fabric, add 1-2 cm;
    3. Marks on the fabric must be made from the wrong side;
    4. The first thing you need to draw large parts, and only then place on the fabric of small parts;
    5. For warming winter clothes, use insulation. He will not only warm the pet, but also give the clothes a certain shape;
    6. Make sure the clothes do not press on your dog. Paws should move freely, and the sweater collar should not be too loose;
    7. In order to not sat down after the first wash, wash the cloth before starting work;
    8. Do not try to dress up an adult dog, if before that she did not wear clothes. It is necessary to accustom an animal to a fashion from puppy age.

    Beauty issue

    For more emotion, pick up clothes for your pet to match your clothes. The path is a favorite in harmony with the owner.

    Pick a wardrobe for a dog in accordance with its floor. Boys should not be dressed in ruffles and bows, but girls such outfits fit.

    Watch for the number of sparkles. In the end, you’re dressing up a dog, not a Christmas tree.

    Clothing for dogs is a wonderful way to warm your favorite creature during the cold season, as well as to diversify the walking mood. Forget everything that you once said, and sew a doggie costume.