Clothes For Dogs How To Learn To Cut

Clothes For Dogs How To Learn To Cut

How to learn to cut

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At the master class, which I teach, the main task of learning is to understand the main principles of building patterns the basics of the jumpsuit on the dog.

To do this, during training, you need not just to listen and see all video lessons, but a prerequisite – take measurements with a particular dog and build a jumpsuit pattern for that dog.

When you start to go through all the steps from the very beginning to the end in practice, a lot of questions arise. And the discussion of these issues is training , because in each case you need to be able to adjust the pattern.

How to learn to cut for dogs

If we examine this question in detail, then we must begin with the removal of measurements, provided that the choice clothes models already done.

I’ll dwell today on the nuances of building discussion. patterns overalls on husky samoyed. This overalls sewed my student Svetlana Glot.

Laika Samoyed – quite a difficult breed for sewing clothes on her because of her thick and long hair. Therefore, the construction of the neck pattern and the choice of fasteners should be given special attention.

All control lines patterns I always check before preparing for fitting. As a rule, for this I need measurements dogs and her picture in the rack.

For an initial assessment of the correctness of the pattern construction, this is sufficient. Considering features this dog, it was evident even at the time of checking the pattern.

At the initial stage, when taking measurements, Svetlana tried to take into account the freedom of the jumpsuit for such a dog, but this was not enough for such a fluffy dog! Overalls in the area of ​​the neck turned out narrow, and not high enough.

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What you need to consider when building patterns for a dog with a large amount of wool?

  • The neck and the collar on the pattern should be greater than the neck circumference.

It is necessary to carefully measure what is obtained in the girth of the neck on the pattern, but it should not be abutting. The difference pattern and girth of the neck from 5 cm to 10 cm – acceptable for such large dogs. Let it be better more than less.

  • The collar is best done high if you want to hide all wool.
  • If there is no need to remove wool, then you need to make a wide elastic band or belt tape.
  • Correctly draw the back line at the neck.
  • Lay the free width of the sleeves and legs.

More detailed changes are already determined by the fitting results.

What was required to change in the pattern for Artie:

  1. Increase chest width by 3 cm.
  2. Make an adjustment of the back line at the neck (raise it to 5 cm).
  3. Extend at the back of a centimeter by 2 on both sides, for a total of 4 cm.
  4. extend the width of the leg on 2cm
  5. change the length of the back (make shorter by 2 cm)

All these changes were made to increase the freedom of the jumpsuit and, most importantly, for the comfort of the dog. But I want to warn that these changes are acceptable only for Artie, for any other dog there will be other measurements and changes that take it into account structural features.

Clothes For Dogs How To Learn To Cut