Clothes For Dogs On Aliexpress

The main and important indicator in the choice of clothes is the correct and accurate removal of measurements from the dog. This process is very important, because the smallest error in measurements can lead to the choice of an erroneous size and, as a result, the receipt of absolutely unnecessary things.

Determine the size of clothes for dogs on aliexpress

To do this, take the following measurements:

  1. We measure the length of the back from the beginning of the neck itself and right up to the beginning of the tail. At the same time, you should make sure that the dog is standing exactly on all four paws – it does not twitch all the time, it does not sit with its legs held together. All this can distort the final result. Measured in centimeters is the size of your pet. It is possible that comparing the measurement taken with the values ​​in the table, it will be in the middle, we recommend that you choose the size in the direction of increasing. And if the dog is a dense article, then it is better to consider one size more, because it is very important that the pet be comfortable, do not squeeze anything and do not interfere with the movements. If everything is the other way around, and the dog is weak, then take the size smaller, because it can simply get confused, as an example, in a sagging vest.
  2. Measure the volume of the breast under the front paws.. For this value, it is better to add 3-4 centimeters for a looser fit. Although some sellers already include them in the description, it’s worth it to clarify with him in advance. Also take into account such factors as the style and material of the model, well, and, of course, your preferences: the clothes can be quite tight, and be a free model, usually referred to as “oversize”.
  3. Measuring neck circumference along collar line. When considering the selected model, pay attention to the neck of the product, it can be free or overestimated. But should not bring discomfort to the pet.
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Clothes For Dogs On Aliexpress

Clothes For Dogs On Aliexpress

Some sellers additionally post information about the compliance of the parameters of a particular breed of dogs or weight. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to focus not on the breed or weight of your dog, but on the measurements taken from it.

In the tables of rock sizes and weight are indicated for reference.

Everyone knows that, in contrast to the established standards of the fashion industry for women, there are no such for four-legged pets, therefore the description for each specific model is different. Therefore, if the measurements you take are accurate, there should be no problems with the choice of size on Aliexpress.

Determine the size of the shoes for dogs on aliexpress

Not less popular with the buyers of the Internet site Aliexpress is shoes for your favorite pets. It is also presented in the widest range. You can vary the wardrobe, "surpassing" not one fashionista.

Here we also consider the main recommendations for choosing the required size. We start as usual with measuring the size of the feet. Since not every dog ​​will be able to raise his paw without holding it, do it better as follows: put the paw on a sheet of white paper, and then just stroke it along with its claws. Next, we measure the length from the heel to the longest claw, as well as the width of the foot. It is better to make measurements with a stiff ruler, so they will be the most accurate.

Important! In dogs, shoe size is determined by the size of the front paws, since they are usually larger than the rear ones.

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The obtained foot measurements should be compared with the values ​​in the proposed tables, which are located in the description of the selected models. If your dog’s parameters are on the border in the dimension table, select a larger value.

Size tables on Aliexpress may look different, i.e. There is no uniform standard. For example:

Clothes For Dogs On Aliexpress

Final recommendations on the selection of clothes

And in the end we will give some simple tips when choosing the size of clothes for dogs on Aliexpress

As you can see, there is nothing difficult when choosing clothes and shoes for your four-legged friends!