Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Today we will tell you how to make clothes for dogs without a pattern and complicated sewing. That is, such suits, the manufacture of which does not require much time, nor many materials, nor any special skill. It is more correct to say that we will remake our old things into overalls for dogs. However, the result will be truly remarkable. Your pet will be warm and comfortable in such clothes.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Immediately, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the presented workshops there will be a discussion of clothes for small dogs or suits for puppies. They are the first to need additional protection with the onset of the first cold weather. It does not hurt to hide and short-footed fur lovers tinker in cold puddles.

The first idea: a sweater for a puppy miniature breed

You will be surprised, but you can make a jumpsuit with your own hands from an ordinary terry sock. To do this, we need to measure a puppy and compare it with a sock. If he "fits" in this size, then we lay the toe of the heel up, put the crumbs on it and note where its legs are located. Scheduled future holes. For fidelity, we will once again check their position with a centimeter tape.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Just cut the holes and gently crochet them. Cut the heel, cut off the excess and sew. Decorate as desired.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

In such a sweater, the puppy will be cozy and warm, and you will be able to take him outside to get used to breathe fresh air.

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Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

The second idea: a jumpsuit for dogs from children’s t-shirts

Measure the length of the back of the dog (from the base of the withers to the tail).

Take the old children’s T-shirt or dress and put the resulting distance from the gate down.

Measure the pet’s chest circumference. This number will correspond to the width of the product.

The head gap is determined by dividing the chest girth by three. However, a more accurate number depends on the size of your dog.

Standard pattern looks like this.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

But you do not need to do it, immediately paint on the fabric. If you miss, you can always trim the excess.

Sewing is elementary – just connect the side parts of the product with each other. You can even do it manually, but the typewriter will be safer.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Decorate a T-shirt as desired. Especially beautiful and reliable are denim outfits.

The third idea: a suit for a dog from an old sweater

We will need a sleeve from a knit sweater. Just cut it off and compare it with the size of the dog (note that the master class is designed for medium-sized dogs). The length of the future product is the length of the back + 5-7 cm.

By making here is almost the same story as in the first version.

We measure the distance between the legs, mark the holes and cut them. Crochet.

Now we measure the pet’s legs and sew the corresponding sleeves. Just do not make them too narrow, otherwise your four-legged friend will be uncomfortable.

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It remains only to sweep over sew the sleeves and sweep over the hem.

Choose a non-prickly sweater – take care of the comfort of your pet.

We decorate at will and boldly walk the dog in such a dress in any cold.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

We hope that you have found a suitable option. If not, consider replacing the fabric. In each of the proposed options, you can change the basis for a thinner or, conversely, more dense. You can gently hem on top of a suit worn or make an additional lining.

Clothes For Dogs Without Sewing

Imagine, and you will definitely get a great outfit for your pet!