Clothes For York Do-It-Yourself (Patterns)

Clothes For York Do-It-Yourself (Patterns)

How to make yourself a windbreaker York

Make a pattern for York.
To sew your pet windbreaker, you must first take the measurements. Clothing for york boys and york girls is slightly different. These differences are taken into account during the construction of patterns.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of dogs, so it’s not difficult to sew clothes for them with your own hands. We will prepare the necessary materials, and this is a fabric, preferably a warm, elastic band for cuffs, an elastic cord, which would draw in the hood, a retainer and two tips. Making a pattern for yorks.

To do this, draw a rectangle with a length equal to the length of the back of the dog, and the width of the rectangle is equal to half the circumference of the chest. Mark on it the length of the chest and the middle of the rectangle. After we draw the line, smoothly connecting these points. And for the boy and for the girl, they are connected a little differently.

Connect point A with point C, which is located at a distance of half the neck circumference. Mark point D, located at a distance of one centimeter or slightly smaller, if you have a small dog, from the edge along the length. Connect the line point D with point C. After that, we build the sleeve pattern and the hood pattern.

The opening for the sleeve should be sufficiently free so as not to interfere with the dog’s movement, but at the same time the neckline is already cut out.

Clothes For York Do-It-Yourself (Patterns)

For sleeves, lose the length and girth of the dog’s legs. Draw a rectangle whose height is equal to the length and width of the floor to the girth of the leg. Above we draw a smooth line on the girth of the leg. At the top of the sleeves add seam allowances.
For the hood, we build a rectangle with a neck length and semi neck girth. We slightly round one of the upper corners, mark the place where the cord will pass. On all sides, except the top, add seam allowances.

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The pattern is ready, you can start sewing clothes for York. Cut out all the details on the patterns. Process them all with overlock. Measure the leg of the dog by the cuff of the paw. Do not forget to add a little, as when stitching, it will decrease slightly. Sew a zigzag to the inside of the sleeves, the cuffs are obtained. Line up the sleeves. On the hood tuck a flat edge of two centimeters. A cord will be pulled in here. Turn and sew the opposite side of the hood cuff. The hood is almost ready. It remains to unscrew it, thread the cord, put on the retainer and tips. It remains the final stage. Turn the inside of the main part of the pattern and sew it between the notches for the paws. Sew a hood and sleeves. Windbreaker for York is ready.

When sewing clothes for York, you need to take into account some features. The allowances for freedom should be left small, so that the wool would not lump up, it is necessary to give freedom to the tail and to provide a fastener or hole so that the dog can go to the toilet. Clothes for Yorks can be sewn without a pattern, using scrap materials, socks, T-shirts, jeans and denim shirts. And if you cut the socks into ribbons, then you can tie up an original outfit for your pet.

Clothes for York can be not only sewn, but you can also tie your own hands. Knitting clothes for Yorks not only protect your pet from the weather, but also decorate unusual and stylish.
Very simple and easy-to-wear jumpsuit. It is designed for novice knitters. And if you are a knitting pro, then you can tie a whole piece of art for your dog.

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Knitted jumpsuit for york

Clothes For York Do-It-Yourself (Patterns)

The jumpsuit is designed for a dog with the following parameters: length 30 centimeters, chest girth 38 centimeters, neck girth 24. Materials: yarn 60 grams, knitting needles 4 and 5. For a back, dial 80 loops and knit as follows: 10 loops with a rubber for neck, 50 loops stitch, the rest of the lower gum. It is connected in such a way 45.48 rows. For the abdomen 19 loops knit 60 rows. In the lower part, after 10 centimeters from the beginning of knitting, do a diminution from two sides, about half of the loops and at the end of 10 loops with an elastic band for the neck. Sew both parts, leaving space for the paws.