Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Absolutely all york owners sooner or later have to face the need to purchase clothes for their pets. Very often dog breeders are interested in the question of how to sew clothes for York.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Buy or sew yourself?

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Sometimes this is right, but not always serves as the main incentive to get to work. The first reason pushing for self-tailoring is the fact that clothes for York, created with your own hands, will become completely unique and inimitable. Walking with your pet, you definitely will not find a dog on the street in the same overalls.

Making a pattern

So, what needs to be done to sew a jumpsuit for York by yourself? First, you will need to remove the size of the dog. We will have to put a restless and nimble Yorick on the table and measure:

  • back length from walk to tail;
  • girth of neck, chest and waist;
  • the length of the tummy – it is considered to be the distance between the front and hind legs (note that in dogs this length is slightly shorter – to the genital organ);
  • breast width;
  • the length of the front and hind legs;
  • the distance between the ears;
  • girth muzzle and head.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Demonstrating the wonders of resourcefulness and measuring the little whirligig, you can proceed to the next stage – making the pattern of clothes for Yorkies. And he, it must be admitted, is quite simple.

Pattern drawing

On a large sheet of paper draw the first rectangle – the future sleeves of the overalls, the sides of which will be:

  • length – foot length;
  • in width – half the circumference of the paw.

If you want to make the sleeves wider, add 3 cm to each side. On the upper part of the figure, circle a small, smooth curve.

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We draw the next rectangle pattern clothes for York, which, in fact, will be the basis of clothing. Its parties are:

  • in length – the length of the back;
  • in width – half of the torso girth.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

At the same time, a few more centimeters should be added to the width, which will make the jumpsuit more free, not constraining the movement of active yorik. Next, across the entire width of the pattern, starting from its upper left corner and right up to its very bottom, measure the length of the neck semi-girth, add a few centimeters, thereby ensuring the free movement of our pet’s head, and mark the point A. Thereafter, we divide the back length into three even cut off and measure one third of the lower right corner in the left direction, put a point there B. Connecting the two dots with a line, this line will be under the breast of the dog. In addition to point B, we draw a line connecting it to the right corner. Near the line AB cut holes under the legs.

Cutting material and tailoring

After all the manipulations, we proceed to cut the material. The fabric should be folded in half, turning the outer side inward. The pattern should be attached to the fold line and circle the chalk on the fabric. In this case, in any case, do not forget to leave the seam allowances; without them, the overalls for York will be small.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Cut out the legs on the pattern of two identical parts, leaving five centimeters below to bend. The same amount for hem and the string is left at the neckline. On the middle line, passing on the breast, you should leave a slightly larger supply of material – this is where lightning will be sewn later.

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Sew together the edges of the sleeves, bend and insert the gum. After we connect all the parts, it will turn out very beautiful and, most importantly, comfortable overalls for York.

Creative sewing

The weather your pet will wear new clothes depends on the material you choose. A lighter raincoat fabric is suitable for rainy autumn walks or summer bad weather, a warm bolognese or cashmere – suitable for a winter party.

Clothing for York with their own hands can easily be made, besides it is a very interesting creative process. Many, having begun to sew it on their own, are so addicted that they create chic wardrobes for their favorites that are in no way inferior to the master. Patterns of clothes for yorks pass from hand to hand, giving all friends and acquaintances the opportunity to try themselves in this fascinating dog design. Choosing materials different in texture and color for things, you can create real works of art.

Clothing for York with their own hands can be sewn from lightweight materials and serve only aesthetic purposes, or be warm and protect easily frozen dogs on the street.

Knitted clothes for yorikov

No less popular in recent times knitted clothes for yorks. After spending only the evening, you can create for your favorite exclusive sweater or cap.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

For the attention of novice knitters who consider that clothes for York, made with their own hands, will be original and stylish, we provide a scheme of a simple knitted overalls. The model for our product has become yorik with sizes:

  • length of the dog. 30 cm;
  • breast girth. 38 cm

To knit a new thing, you need to prepare 60 grams of yarn and knitting needles of the fourth and fifth numbers.

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To begin with, we knit the back – we put 80 loops on the knitting needles and knit 10 of them with an elastic band (neck), 50 – plain knit stitch, 20 – lower elastic band. Thus, about fifty rows are knitted. For the tummy we knit 60 rows consisting of 20 loops with satin stitch. After 10 centimeters from the beginning we begin to decrease, by about half of the loops. It is necessary to take the loops off evenly from both sides. The last 10 loops knit rubber band for the neck of the dog. That’s all, it remains to sew together both parts, leaving a place for yorika paws.

Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Couturier for four-fingered mods

Many needlewomen decorate the clothes for their yorik with additional elements – beads, rhinestones, fabric bows, thereby turning their pet into a colorful fairy-tale prince or princess. Recently, even there are special fashion shows for small dogs, where you can see the most daring and original ideas.

Starting to sew or knit clothes for their pets, many can no longer stop. In this case, you can easily organize your own studio for tailoring for four-fingered fashionistas. Moreover, the demand for it is growing every year. Who knows, maybe starting with the necessary winter overalls, you will become famous couturier and will put on star favorites.

Clothes for york dogs, regardless of whether they are knitted or sewn, should in no way restrict the movement of active kids and interfere with the administration of natural needs. Also in the tailoring should use natural materials that will not cause irritation on sensitive skin.