Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Clothes for yorkies do it yourself

The purpose of clothing for dogs

Cute dog clothes were originally invented solely for practical purposes. We will talk about what functions we will discuss in this chapter.


Most of the original raincoats, overalls, and even shoes for dogs were sewn from sturdy waterproof material. Thanks to them, the animal’s hair and paws remain dry and clean during the rain, while walking in the park, forest. Some items of clothing also have strong cuffs, thanks to which clothing is tightly attached to the limbs. So the owners exclude the possibility of parasites (ticks) falling on the pet’s body.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Thanks to the jumpsuit, the fur of the animal always remains clean.


Some dogs need support belts and overalls. This is especially true of animals with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as those who have recently undergone surgery.


Despite the thick coat, in winter, the dogs also freeze. Warm clothing helps them keep warm in the cold, increasing the duration of the walk in the fresh air.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

In winter, the jumpsuit will help the dog warm up.


Recently, clothing, similar to human, are increasingly used by owners to decorate their pets. On the streets you can often meet dogs in shorts, T-shirts and caps, with bows, in carnival costumes. Such clothes are also used at dog festivals and exhibitions, photo shoots. The most frequently decorated dogs are decorative indoor breeds, which include the Yorkshire terriers.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Clothing may simply have a decorative function.

We make measurements

In order to independently sew high-quality and comfortable clothing to an animal, it is necessary to decide on measurements. For cutting you will need the following options:

  • neck girth;
  • back length;
  • depth (girth) of the chest;
  • waist circumference (the narrowest point of the body);
  • girth of the hind and front legs (each separately) – if the garment assumes the presence of sleeves or trousers.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Important measurements for tailoring a dog

In order to properly measure your dog, pay attention to the following details:

  • neck measurement is carried out in its widest place – for this you need to wrap the meter around it closely, but not tightly;
  • The length of the back is measured from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. At the same time, the dog is at rest in a standing posture;
  • the chest girth is measured immediately behind the front paws or in the place of greatest expansion, the waist girth is measured immediately in front of the hind legs;
  • girth paws made directly at the base. If the presence of sleeves is expected, the legs, additionally measure the lengths of the paws in the stretched state.

If the item is sewn of stretching light fabrics, original measurements can be used. When cutting warm clothes with coarse materials, it is advisable to add 1-2 centimeters in volume so that the armholes do not put pressure on the dog and leave it free to breathe and move. For measuring, it is best to use a flexible centimeter tape.

Video – How to make dog measurements

The video tutorial shows in detail the process of taking measurements from the Yorkshire Terrier.

Overalls – versatile clothing

Jumpsuits for dogs perform several functions simultaneously. They can warm and protect in bad weather, while decorating the dog – if they are sewn of bright fabric or have decorative elements. In addition, they do not require additional clothing and its correct combination (as is the case with separate elements, such as shorts and sweaters).

Jumpsuit for girls

A jumpsuit for a Yorkshire terrier girl should cover the entire abdomen almost to the tail in order to protect and heat the genitals of the animal.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

The overalls will not only protect the dog from the weather, but also decorate it

The sewing process involves the following steps:

  • taking measurements of an animal;
  • transferring data to the cutting paper in accordance with the pattern: AB – back length, BC – neck half-grip, CD – distance from the neck to the base of the front paws, DE – forefoot girth, EF – distance between the front and hind legs in the standing position, FG – girth of hind paw, GA is the distance from the base of the hind paw to the tail, JK and LM are the length of the front and hind paw, respectively. Points I and H on the sleeves and backrest details designate the places from which you want to start sewing the parts together. The same applies to the designations on the details of the chest – they need to be sewn to the same markers on the details of the legs and back. The length of the chest detail from point C to F in a straight line must be equal to the distance from the base of the neck to the base of the hind paw along the chest. There should be 2 back parts, 2 symmetrical parts for the front paws, the same for the hind legs, and 1 for the abdomen;
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Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Details for overalls

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Ready overalls with a buckle on the back

Tip! The pattern of the jumpsuit is easy to transform under the tailoring of a lightweight version – a vest. To do this, it is enough to shorten the line of the back – the measurement is taken from the withers to the waist, and not to the tail. Tailoring of sleeves is excluded – the clothes have only cuts for the front paws of the dog.

Jumpsuit for a boy

Tailoring overalls for males has certain features. The lower part of clothing (in the abdomen) should end at the bottom of the chest. This is necessary so that the dog does not stain the outfit when going to the toilet. The jumpsuit can also be made without a zipper or velcro on the abdomen. So he will stay on the animal only with the help of sleeves and trousers.

The order of actions is as follows:

  1. taking measurements;
  2. transferring to cutting paper in accordance with the template (1), where AB is the length of the back, BP is the half-grip of the neck, DS is the distance from the neck to the base of the front paws, BV is the half-grip of the tail at the base. The segments CC1 and BB1 designate the girth of the front and rear paws, and G2 – the distance between them. It will take 2 such symmetrical parts – for the left and right sides;

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Pattern jumpsuit for male York

You can decorate the jumpsuit with decorative elements (stripes, pompons, rhinestones), provided that the dog can not reach them, bite and swallow.

Winter coveralls

Pattern winter overalls similar to the first or second option, but has its own characteristics.

Video – Cut warm overalls

Adaptation to weather conditions

The product must be sewn of thick warm fabric. You can use moisture resistant to protect against dirt and precipitation. In addition, it can be insulated if you sew a preliminary lining of soft insulated fabric (fleece, mohair) using the same pattern, but turned inside out. Details of the inside and the top are sewn to each other along the edge (with the sleeves and leg trousers inserted into the same parts of the top and sewn along the edge of the hole).

Important! To keep the lining in place, both fabrics are stitched around the waist or across the entire area.

Heat preservation

Sleeves and pants of winter clothes must be on the cuffs with elastic bands. To do this, you need to tuck their edges and hem so that there is a small distance along the entire edge with a small unsewn hole. An elastic band is inserted into this hole, it is slightly tied down and the edges are sewn together, after which the hole is also masked with a seam.

Additionally, the winter overalls can be trimmed with artificial fur or sew a decorative hood. To do this, you need a pattern of 2 symmetrical parts.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Transfer the pattern to paper, and then to the fabric, taking into account the scaling for individual measurements (A1A2 distance is equal to the neck half-grip, and the height of the dome is the distance from the neck to the animal’s forehead). Both parts are stitched together on the outside of the larger semicircle and sewn with A1A2 segments to the collar so that the inside is left inside the hood. The upper edge of the dome of the hood is sometimes decorated with a sewn or glued pompon.

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Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Ready winter overalls

Knitted york clothing

When knitting things for the Yorkshire terrier, you can use the same patterns as for sewing textile clothing. The difference is that it is necessary to add 1-2 centimeters to the measurements, taking into account the volume and length of the pet’s hair. This is necessary so that the clothing sits on the animal freely, does not hinder movement, does not crease and entangles wool.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Threads for knitting must choose natural

For dogs, mostly warm clothes are knitted: sweaters, dresses, vests, overalls. They warm, leaving the skin to breathe. It is worth noting that knitting things for dogs is recommended if you already have some experience in knitting human clothing.


The easiest way to knit a sweater-sleeveless knitting needles for the scheme. This model is suitable for individuals about 30 centimeters long.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Scheme for knitting sweaters

You must act in the following sequence:

  1. work on the product begins with knitting the back;
  2. The first row is typed as follows: 10 loops for elastic on the collar, 50 loops – for satin stitch, 20 loops – for elastic for the waist;
  3. it is necessary to repeat about 50 such rows – the length and width of the back depends on the size of the animal;
  4. the bottom fits in a similar manner to the back, but in the opposite direction – from the lower gum to the upper;
  5. after about 10 centimeters from the start of knitting, it is necessary to begin to reduce the loops until they are about half as long in the row;
  6. parts need to be stitched together, leaving slots for the front paws.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Ready knitted sweater

On a note! With a set of elastic for the collar, you can use more loops. Then the gate will be long enough so that you can turn it off.

The idea of ​​a knitted sweater for dogs

Sock clothes

If you really want to get a warm thing, but there are no knitting skills, you can use the available tools – old socks. In addition, you will need a marker, scissors and a needle with thread to match the material.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

The manufacturing process itself includes three simple steps:

    the edge of the toe of the fingers is outlined by a straight line marker. It is necessary to cut off this part, and fix the edges of the fabric with a stitch “forwards the needle”;

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Cut off the unnecessary part

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Holes for paws

The finished product can be put on the dog over the head. The collar is the factory opening for the human foot. Depending on the size of the sock (children, women, men), you can make the product both on puppies and adult dogs.

Full wardrobe for York do it yourself

In the summer, you can spoil the Yorkshire Terrier with a light cotton tandem of several things at once. They can be sewed as independent objects, or pick up the fabric so that they become elements of a one-piece suit.

Video – Do-it-yourself dog shirt

Pattern T-shirts

It is advisable to sew a T-shirt from cotton material with a light percentage of elastane so that the product is slightly pulled. So it will be easy to put on the animal over the head.

Tip: if the fabric is not stretching, you can add buttons with fasteners to the shirt – they are sewn in places of the so-called shoulder straps. The straps do not sew among themselves.

Mike must be sewn according to the following rules:

  1. According to the template, you need to carve out 2 parts of the product – the chest part is marked in blue and with the number 1 markers, and the back is black and without the number marks. Both parts are turned upside down;
  2. on the image markers correspond to measurements: AB – 1/3 neck girth, A1B1 – 2/3 neck girth, BV / AZ / B1B1 / A1Z1 – distance from the neck to the base of the front paws, VG / V1G1 / ZZH / Z1Zh1 – half-grip of the base of the front paw , DG / G1D1 / ZHE / ZH1E1 – the distance from the base of the front paws to the base of the back (T-shirt length), DE – 2/3 of the chest circumference, D1E1 – 1/3 of the chest circumference;
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Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Ready T-shirt for York

On the back or collar, you can decorate the product with a sewn bow, as shown.


It is worth noting that this headdress is suitable for most dogs of small breeds. It is better to make it from a light but dense fabric that holds its shape well.

Non-standard measurements will be needed – the girth of the animal’s neck directly under the chin (the sum of the BV, DG and EA segments) and the girth of the animal’s head from the chin to the upper point of the forehead (AB). The length of the visor can be arbitrary or equal to the distance between the eyes of the animal (K1K2).

The procedure for sewing the following:

    In accordance with the pattern, it is necessary to prepare 2 parts: directly the cap and visor;

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Pattern and ready cap for the dog

To fix the cap on the head of the animal, you need not really tie the rope under his chin on the bow.

Fluffy tulle skirt for the Yorkshire terrier is one of the cutest pieces of clothing. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to sew, it is enough to measure the waist circumference of the animal.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Tulle skirt for dogs

For sewing, you will need a cotton tape about 3-5 centimeters wide, 2.5 times longer than the waist girth and a wide tulle tape 2-3 times longer than the girth. The length of the tulle should be approximately equal to the length from the waist to the tip of the tail. The material should not be too long, otherwise it will interfere with the dog when walking.

Sewing skirts takes place in several stages:

  1. the edges of the tape are rolled about 5 millimeters on each side and trimmed with a seam;
  2. on the total length of the tape measure the length of the girth so that on both sides of it there are free pieces of the same length (future ties);
  3. in the measured area, tulle is sewn to the lower half of the ribbon by folding it under itself and onto itself. To distribute the folds evenly, you can immediately sew the beginning and end of the tulle section to the ribbon, and then proceed to laying and securing;
  4. after the tulle has been completely sewn, the upper part of the ribbon is placed exactly on the lower one along the entire length and sewn.

The tape belt can also be made on the velcro. In this case, its length should be equal to the size of the waist circumference. In addition to the skirt on the head or neck of an animal, you can tie a tulle bow in tone.


For a boy of the Yorkshire Terrier, you can sew colorful panties in a set for a t-shirt. For a girl, such clothes will also have a practical function – to protect her organs during heat and the owner’s furniture from soiling during this period. In addition to the cutting fabric, you will also need a medium density rubber. To make the product, measure the circumference of the waist, hind legs and tail, and then follow the instructions:

    on paper transfer the pattern, specifying the desired size (BC – for semi waist, DF – girth paws, small ellipse – tail);

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Ready panty for doggie

The product can be improved by making it suitable for walking on the street and going to the toilet. For this, the part is cut in the GH section. Fasteners on buttons or flypapers are inserted into both edges.

On the back of the pants can be further decorated with the addition of buboes, rhinestones or bows.

Clothes For Yorkies Do It Yourself

Instructions for sewing shoes for dogs

Work on textile products for animals takes from 2-3 hours to 1 day, knitting – about 2 days. But this time is definitely worth the effort. The Yorkshire Terrier will not only look stylish and beautiful – his coat will be protected from the effects of annoying factors. Moreover, the dogs of this small breed love to attract the attention of others with bright and unusual costumes and accessories.