Clothes For Yorkshire Terriers

Clothing for Yorkshire terriers, as well as other decorative breeds of dogs is not a whim of breeders, but a necessity. The yorks do not have an undercoat, so clothes must protect the pet from the weather and cold in the winter season. Therefore, owners of Yorkshire terriers, and other decorative breeds of dogs (chihuahua, miniature terriers, toy poodles, and Italian greyhound) must take care of warm clothes and shoes for their little pets. Many owners are interested in the question – how to know that the dog is freezing? Touch the tip of the pet’s ears and if it is cold – it’s time to warm yourself! Moreover, after walking in clothes, it is much easier to carry out hygienic procedures.

Yorkshire Terrier wardrobe

Overalls for dogs – the most practical and convenient option in all respects. There are coveralls that are made of waterproofing material. In this outfit, you can walk your pet in rainy, rainy weather. The fur of the animal will be protected from rain and street dirt. There are open options that cover only the back or tummy. You can always choose a model for the season or style, in which your pet will look at 100%. Overalls for Yorkshire terriers are winter, summer, demi-season.

For the cold season, you need to buy a warm jumpsuit, best of all with a fur lining and a hood, in which you can take long walks through a snowy forest or a park. You can even buy a fur coat or jacket on the padding polyester for your dog. Do not forget also about shoes that will warm the little feet and protect against the aggressive effects of reagents, which are sprinkled on the sidewalks from the ice. Shoes should have a strong sole, which is made of waterproof materials.

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In the summer, you can wear a lightweight jumpsuit, a nice sweater, especially when it’s damp and cool outside. An alternative option for the summer-spring period would be separate or uniform costumes, for example, pants, shirt or blouse-skirt. You can wear a lightweight raincoat or blanket on the dog. Models of clothes for girls and York boys have a closed tummy, but the “ladies’” version has a larger cut-out in the “decollete” area, and the men’s cut-out for intimate places.

How to choose clothes york and choose the right size?

Undoubtedly, in addition to practical qualities, design and style, clothing for dogs must match the size of the animal. The dress should not constrain movements, bring discomfort to the dog, so it is very important to choose clothes in size. To do this, take the following measurements:

measure neck circumference at the widest point (approximately at the collar location);

back length (dog must stand);

chest girth in its widest part (located outside the shoulder blades).

The size of the clothes for dogs must be indicated on the product tag. Depending on your pet’s body weight, sizes are suitable for Yorkies:

XS weight up to 1.2 kg

Clothes For Yorkshire Terriers

S weight from 1.2 to 1.8 kg

M Weight from 1.8 to 2.4 kg

Clothes for dogs should be sewn from practical, environmentally friendly, soft-touch fabrics. Knitwear made of hard yarn can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis. It is best to choose products with buttons, buttons, zippers, as the velcro can become entangled in the long hair of the dog. Winter clothes for Yorkshire terriers should have a closed belly.

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How to teach a dog to dress

Clothes For Yorkshire Terriers

Not all dogs can immediately adequately perceive the procedure of donning clothes, so it is best to accustom the dog to high fashion from puppyhood, starting from four to five months. It will be much more difficult for an adult dog to get used to dressing. Houses first put on any element of the wardrobe, soothing the pet and encouraging delicacy. At first, the puppy can resist and try to pull the clothes off. Be patient, turn the attention of the dog to something interesting, for example, to your favorite toy. Do the same with shoes. After the baby stops responding to clothes, trying to pull them off, you can take your pet out to the street in a trendy outfit.