Crochet Dog Sweater

Just a few years ago, a dog in clothes evoked surprise and puzzled looks. However, it is clothes that help protect your pet from the weather. You can tie a beautiful sweater for your beloved dog for a couple of evenings with your own hands.

What is required for a sweater and how to choose a yarn

To crochet a sweater, it is not necessary to buy expensive new yarn. You can take the remnants of the thread from the already finished past things or dissolve the unnecessary thing. Shops offer a huge assortment of threads, and their choice is determined primarily by the owner’s personal tastes and financial possibilities.

You will also need a hook and sewing supplies, such as scissors, needle and thread. The required fittings depend on the style of the product. Buttons, buttons, zippers and other items may be needed.

Important! An interesting combination would be, for example, a dog blouse and a host scarf, knitted from the same thread. Therefore, if you decide to buy yarn, then just in case it is better to take it with a margin.

How to take measurements from a dog

One of the important points on which the result of the work directly depends is the measurement of the pet. To do this, take a centimeter tape, a sheet of paper and a pencil. You also need to find an assistant for this process. It is better if one person takes the measurements and the other will record them. In this way, it can be done much faster without having tired your pet.

Determining the size of the product you need to be prepared for having to make some edits and adjustments in the knitting process. The measurements required for knitting will depend on the type of product chosen. It is recommended to add 1 cm each to all measurements taken to fit. The following measurements are most often needed:

  • Length of the product. Merka is removed from the beginning of the collar and to the place where the sweater will end;
  • Sleeve length is measured and adjusted during knitting;
  • Neck volume You can measure both directly on the pet, and take a measure of the length of the collar;
  • Breast volume is measured, departing 1-2 cm from the front paws. The centimeter at the same time should lie free so that in the future the product does not hold down movements.
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Attention! Measurements are best taken when the dog is standing. Pet must keep his back and head exactly. After all, this is her natural position during a walk. The exception is the chest girth. To conveniently take this measure, you must give the command "Sit".

How to tie a sweater with your hands for a dog

First you need to decide on the style of the product and its structural features. The sweater can have long and short sleeves, a different shape of the neck, hood, and other features. It is necessary to carefully study the features of the future product, as well as to link a test sample of the selected pattern.

It is enough to connect a 10×10 cm square, with which you can choose the mating density, and count the number of eyelets for the future product. The work process is determined by the previous experience of the wizard. So, each item of clothing can be knitted separately, and then stitched together. Some convenient to knit in a circle, without the use of stitches.

The easiest and most understandable way even for a beginner will be knitting a sweater with a hook. It is more convenient to knit round a simple knitting (double crochet). When using the hook pattern is not needed. Enough to try the product on the pet during work. If inaccuracies occur, the product is easy to unwrap and start the process over. Consider knitting a sweater in stages:

Crochet Dog Sweater
  • Begin manufacture of the product should be with the neck. To do this, we collect a number of air loops. It should be equal to the girth of the pet’s neck with a small increase in freedom of movement;
  • The ends of the resulting chain fasten and begin to knit the columns in a circle;
  • We make gains to expand the sweater through 10-15 columns: in one column we make two double crochets. We knit a couple of centimeters without changes. In the process of fitting, we make adjustments and add loops;
  • Going to the sleeves, we cut the thread and set aside the resulting part for a while;
  • We follow the exact same principle of knitting when making sleeves. For each recruit the required number of loops along the chain;
  • Next, take the first part. It is necessary to separately make the back and breast. At the same time in the armhole hinge sleeves must be reduced. In this way we denote the grooves for the sleeves;
  • We fasten with each other in front and back of the sweater and continue to knit the required length;
  • Sew on connected sleeves.
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Reference! On the belly of a sweater should be less in length than on the back. It is recommended to tie the back to the tail so that the product is warmer and more practical.

Decor and decoration products

More experienced craftswomen can experiment with various patterns and patterns in the process of mating. You can also show imagination and use several types of threads, creating interesting color combinations. For example, you can make a contrast edging neck, sleeves and the bottom of the product.

In the decoration of a sweater, you can use a variety of elements. The decor of clothes for an animal can practically not differ from ornaments of a sweater of the person. You can use a variety of brooches, buttons, clasps, rhinestones, pockets, etc. The winter version of the clothes will help give the fur trim of the product. Clothing will be even warmer if fur skins are sewn onto it. In this way, you can make an imitation of a spectacular vest on a sweater.

Embroidery and lace will add sophistication and refinement to the finished product. So, at the edge of the gate often make beautiful beaded collars. Look good flowers and leaves of satin ribbons.

A beautiful and warm sweater, knitted with your own hands, will protect your beloved pets from rain, snow or wind. It is possible to crochet a product rather quickly and even a beginner can; no need for special patterns and drawings. We hope that this article was useful and will help make a spectacular outfit for your beloved dog.

Crochet Dog Sweater