Crochet Sweater For Toy Terrier And Other Small Dogs Scheme And Step By Step Instructions

In addition to all, it quickly stretches and does not stand up to even a few washes. But without warm clothes too. Small smooth-haired dogs usually freeze quickly in the cold, and without additional protection they can not be walked.

The way out of this situation is to tie a sweater with your own hands. Crocheted dog clothes will warm your pet in cold weather and will delight you with good quality and appearance. Today we suggest you to knit a sweater for a small dog, for example, for a pinscher or toy terrier.

Even a beginning needlewoman who has mastered only basic crochet skills can bring this idea to life. So, we will analyze in detail how to crochet a sweater to a dog.

Materials: hook number 5, a choice of yarn, needle.

Before beginning knitting, take measurements from your pet. The top of the sweater in the photo looks like a big rectangle. Accordingly, in order to bind it, you need to know the distance from the armpit under the front right foot to the armpit under the front left foot, which is measured across the back. This will be the width of the top of the sweater.

The length is measured from the armpit under the front right foot to the armpit under the back right foot. For our model, this is a square of 25 by 25 cm. We add up to 5 centimeters to the width so that the sweater is not tight-fitting and we remove up to 5 centimeters from the length. According to our measurements, we crochet a rectangle using the simplest knitting with a single crochet column. In our case, the upper part of the sweater turned out 20 to 28 cm.

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Knit a chain of air loops. The number of loops will depend on the thickness of the yarn you have selected and the hook number. Enter the hook in the penultimate loop of the chain, grab the thread and pull it through the loop. We got two loops on the hook. Again, grab the thread and pull it through two loops.

The result is one loop. So knit a series. When turning the knitting at the beginning of the next row, we knit an additional one air loop. At the end of the last row we fix the thread.

Now you need to take measurements for the bottom of our sweater. In the photo it is a small rectangle. Again, we measure the distance from the armpits to the armpits only along the chest and belly of the pet. In width, you can add one centimeter by one, and remove from the length of 5-6 centimeters, in order to prevent the dog from going to the toilet.

Crochet Sweater For Toy Terrier And Other Small Dogs Scheme And Step By Step Instructions

In our case, the lower part of the jacket was 12 by 18 cm. When both parts of the jacket are connected, we add their length to the length and sew it with a needle so that the cylinder is obtained. Stitching the lower and upper parts, do not forget to leave holes for the front paws, which in our case are equal to 8 centimeters.

Next you need to knit a collar for a sweater. The length of the collar can be calculated by adding the width of the top and bottom of the jacket. In our case, it turned out: 28 cm + 12 cm = 40 centimeters. Collar width can be any. We got it 10 cm, as it was initially assumed that the collar will be wrapped. After tying the collar, sew it with short ends together and sew it to the sweater. Wearing sweaters on the dog, slightly wrap the collar out.