Diy Dog Sweater

Care for your favorite dog. the case is rather scrupulous. Vaccinations, vitamins, specialized food, leashes, collars. most necessary things for her. And daily walks with your pet. And it’s good if it’s outside summer. What to do if the weather is frosty? Here and help out a sweater for the dog. Created with his own hands, he will not only warm your pet in the cold, but also make it unique among others for a walk.

Diy Dog Sweater

What it is?

Diy Dog Sweater

If you are not good at sewing, but love to knit, update your pet’s wardrobe area with stylish knitted sweaters. In addition, the things you have created will exactly match the size of the dog, without bristling or squeezing too much.

Taking measurements

In order to knit a sweater for a dog with knitting or crocheting, you must first take measurements of the animal. This must be done necessarily. According to them, a scheme of a sweater for a dog is drawn up. Put your pet in front of you and measure your back length. It is usually measured from the collar to the waist circumference (it is measured in front of the hind legs). This line depends on the sex of the animal: in males, the waist line is shorter than in females.

Next measure. chest girth. Measurements are made under the front paws of the animal. Do not forget to remove the girth of the neck. In addition, it will be necessary to measure the distance between the legs to leave holes there.

That’s how simple the measurements are made in dogs. Then you can begin to knit the product. But before you type the loop, decide on the material. The best option for yarn for knitting a sweater for a dog is 100% natural wool. Although other options are possible, if the dog is not observed allergic reactions. The density of the material should depend on the breed of dog and on the weather conditions on which the clothing is oriented.

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Knitting sweater

Knowing the exact size of your pet, it is very easy to knit a warm sweater to your dog. You also need to decide on the pattern that will be used, after which. knit a sample to calculate the density.

Based on this sample, you can recruit the required number of loops and start mating. The simplest option is facial binding and knitting gum. If you already have experience of knitting various things, you can use the pattern more difficult.

Begin to knit a sweater for a dog with knitting needles from a collar. Most often, the door is knitted with a standard 2 x 2 elastic band. After knitting the required number of rows, gradually increase the number of loops for the back and tummy so that they completely wrap the pet’s chest.

So that the product does not stretch when worn and washed, do not completely knit it with a rubber band. You can use the front surface.

Increasing the number of loops and tying a few rows, it’s time to remember the holes for the paws. They fit in very simply. part of the loops is closed, and in the next row are recruited air, and the pattern continues.

Next, the product must be knit to waist girth. It is advisable to end the sweater with an elastic too, so that the clothes fit snugly to the body of the dog.

Diy Dog Sweater

The edges of the sweater sew, the seam is obtained on the tummy. In some models, instead of a seam, a zipper is sewn in or buttons are sewn on. The main thing. remember that accessories should be well sewn, because dogs love to gnaw everything.

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For especially small breeds or dogs without wool, sleeves are additionally knitted to such a sweater, which are then sewn to the base of the product.

If you own a knitting technique on several knitting needles, you can make a sweater for a pet without seams.

Crochet dog sweater

This product is a little easier to knit than knitting. The fact is that it is possible to knit him both with patterns, and without them, knowing only the basic sizes of the dog. In addition, the direction of knitting can also be different. from the waistline to the collar or from the neck to the tail.

The first and most important rule spoken by experienced knitters. It must be remembered that the base of any sweater for an animal is a pipe. If this is taken into account, the execution of the product will become much easier.

Diy Dog Sweater

The easiest pattern when knitting a crochet sweater. This is the execution of ordinary single crochets. This mating is quick, the increase in the web is due to a set of air loops.

First, fit the neck to the required height. After that, it is stitched, and the product is then expanded from the resulting pipe to the slits for the paws. After making the slots, the product fits into one width (tapers slightly closer to the tail).

An excellent solution would be the choice of melange yarn. A sweater for a dog in this case will look very attractive and bright.


As you can see, put your pet in a hand-knitted sweater. pretty simple, exciting thing. In addition, in a sweater made of natural materials your pet no bad weather will not interfere with rejoicing walks.