Diy Pug Clothes

DIY pug clothes

Every year a growing number of people choose a dog as a pet in their apartment. When planting a pet, they try to create comfortable living conditions for him. Each person chooses the breed of dog that he likes. Someone likes large pets. Others choose small dogs. Among the latter can be attributed, and dogs of the Pug breed. By themselves, these dogs represent small animals that have short hair.

What should be clothes for pugs?

First of all, I would like to focus on the fact that it is necessary to build on the individual features of the structure of your pet’s body, when deciding whether to sew clothes or purchase them.

This dog breed, like any other, has its own characteristics that you should know about. Owning this information, you can give your pet clothes that will sit on it perfectly.

Pugs are characterized by a well-developed chest. Also in dogs of this breed, the body is quite large, as well as the head.

In this regard, the best choice for a pug will be clothes with the following features:

  • there should be no other side pressure in the neck and chest;
  • a dog dressed in a wardrobe item should run and jump comfortably without feeling any constraints;
  • Also, pug clothes should not cause irritation, therefore, when making wardrobe items or purchasing them, special attention should be paid to the fabric from which they are made;
  • When going for a walk with your dog, it is necessary to make a start from weather conditions when choosing clothes;
  • the hood and neck in the clothes for the pet must exactly match the size of the dog.
Diy Pug Clothes

The range of outfits for pugs

It will be quite reasonable to examine the wardrobe of a pet in detail. It can be the following items of clothing:

Pug Jumpsuits.
They warm your pet well and he will not experience any problems while he is outside on a cold day. You can make such a piece of clothing with your own hands. In order not to spend money on this item, you can tie a jumpsuit or sew. If you decide to knit this piece of clothing, you must use yarn for sensitive and baby skin. In this case, your pet will not experience any discomfort while running in such clothes. A good fabric to create a jumpsuit can be bolonevye fabric. It does not absorb moisture and at the same time has good protection from the wind.

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Coat for pug.
In order to make your dog more fashionable, you can sew a coat for her with your own hands. For walks of an animal in the autumn and in the spring months, such clothing is best suited. For its manufacture should use light, but with high-quality fabrics that must have the ability to repel moisture.

Jacket and pants for a pug.
If you do not have a strong desire for your dog to buy overalls, then you can easily sew such a set of clothes with your own hands. It should be noted that some dogs of this breed do not like to go out in pants. For them, it is clothing that carries certain inconveniences.

Pug Sweater

In the wardrobe of a pug may be present such an item as a sweater. You can knit these clothes yourself. The yarn should be chosen especially carefully, as it should not irritate the dog’s skin. On the Internet, you can find a lot of schemes that will allow you to tie a beautiful dog jacket that will not only warm your pet, but also make it a fashionable dog on the street.

Headwear for pug.
Hats and kerchiefs, like people, are needed by dogs of this breed. Pugs need them in the summer to avoid overheating. In cold weather, it is better to put warm hats on your pet’s head. Each pug owner can make them with his own hands.

Footwear for a pug.
It is an important element of any dog’s wardrobe. At the moment, this is not a fashionable trend, but acts as a vital necessity. When a dog is being walked on frosty days, then rather quickly her legs begin to freeze. Some animals may even freeze their paws. In addition, your dog’s legs must be protected from cuts and other damage with dangerous objects that may be hiding under the snow. Also, shoes protect the animal from chemicals that may be on the pavement.

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How to choose clothes for pet pug?

If you are going to pick up clothes for your pet, you need to know that dogs of this breed do not like strong overheating. Therefore, too tight outfits for these dogs should not be. If the item of clothing is too warm, it can lead to the fact that the dog will get a heat stroke if it is in such a warm outfit in the car or at home.

How to sew a pug jumpsuit yourself?

In order to make a pattern, it is necessary to prepare in advance a certain set of materials and tools.

Diy Pug Clothes

You will need graph paper, pencil, and scissors.

The dimensions of the body parts of the animal must be set aside in real size on the pattern. After that it is necessary to cut the scheme into parts. Next, the fabric should be transferred to all sizes, which are contained in the pattern, and then make the necessary blanks. If you have no desire to invent something new, then you can use ready-made patterns that we offer on your site. The overalls pattern consists of several parts.

Details which will be required for tailoring

Materials and accessories for pet overalls

As mentioned above, for the manufacture of overalls the most important element is the pattern. However, besides it, you will need materials and tools. Thanks to the use of which in the end you will get a warm jumpsuit of beautiful appearance.

To make this item, you will need fabrics and threads, and in addition, scissors, lightning. Also needed gum or lace. Still need to prepare in advance clasps for cuffs.

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If you do not want to sew, and are going to knit clothes for your dog. Then in this case, before starting work, you need to purchase suitable yarn.

The diagram shows the necessary measurements for knitting overalls. The neck is 21 cm, the front paws are 10 cm, the rear ones are 15 cm, the distance from the withers to the edge of the chest is 35 cm. The product is suitable for a medium-sized dog.

Step by step description on making coveralls for dogs

When you have already prepared the pattern and the components of the future overalls transferred to the fabric, you should cut out without fail all the details. All further actions will be quite simple.

You will need to seam stitches. This will make it clear that in the end you will succeed.

The next step involves sewing the cuffs, as well as the neck and their connections on the stomach with each other.

Next on your pet you need to try on the workpiece. If the size of the jumpsuit turned out to be normal and the dog feels quite comfortable in it, then you can finally sew all the details together.

The zipper is sewn into the clothes for fixing the jumpsuit. For pugs of small sizes, a zipper is usually placed on the back. Alternatively, it can sew Velcro.

On the cuffs the dog owner can install elastic bands. With their help, the pet owner can change the length of the jumpsuit.

As you can see, a not so difficult task is to sew a jumpsuit for a pug. To do this job is quite simple, without much effort. As a result, you get warm clothes for your pet, in which he will not freeze, even in severe cold weather, while walking on the street.