Diy Pug Clothes

Kurkurina Anna Leonidovna

Diy Pug Clothes

Diy Pug Clothes

The coat trimmed with fur for a pug

So, what do you need to sew such a coat to your pet?

To begin, we will make the removal of the correct measurements. Measure the size of the length of the body of the animal, the volume of its chest and front legs, as well as the height and width of the chest. Now, having made all the necessary measurements, we make a pattern, which will consist of 5 necessary elements.

Diy Pug Clothes

  1. Element details one-piece back. Basis – 1pc., Insulation – 1pc., Lining – 1pc.
  2. Detail of the right shelf. Basis – 1 pc., Insulation – 1 pc., Lining – 1 pc.
  3. Detail of the left shelf. The foundation. 1 piece, insulation – 1 piece, lining – 1 piece
  4. Detail of the collar. Lining – 1 piece, gasket – 1 piece, fur – 1 piece
  5. Detail of sleeves. Base – 2 pcs., Insulation – 2 pcs., Lining – 2 pcs.

Also need, tape from fur when finishing the bottom of the coat and 4 pcs. ribbons made of fur for finishing on the sleeves.

Making a pattern, taking into account 0.5 cm for allowances.


This coat can be made from any fabric of your choice, the main criterion of which will be density. For lining the best option would be layer of thin synthetic winterizer. The lining can be used from any natural fabrics, strictly avoiding synthetics. For finishing you will need artificial fur. In this case, selected fur with an elongated pile, but it all depends on your desire. Also prepare the buttons.

Diy Pug Clothes

Getting Started

  • We begin the work process with the execution one-piece back. Making the necessary tuck. We make obstrochku bilateral darts. We process the darts with an iron with a direction in the center of the element of the backrest detail.
  • Now it is necessary to sweep over the fur tape intended for finishing. This is necessary so that the fur at the edges does not crumble. Manual overlay will be quite enough.
  • The finished tape is sewn to the bottom edge of the future coat. We also do it manually.
  • Next, proceed to making shelves. We take the fabric chosen for the coat and sew up tucks on it. The right shelf and the back fold up face and grind between each other, then repeat the same with the left shelf. The stock is ready.
  • Slices of the skirt and both shelves must be stitched out with the next step.
  • We process collar. First you need to fix one of the elements of the collar with a gasket on the adhesive base. To do this, we fold the usual part of the collar together with it, after which they must be stitched along the upper cut line. Pins fasten the collar to be tacked to the coat.
  • Preparing sleeves. The lower edge of the sleeves is processed manually using a secret seam using a double hem. To the outer edge of the sleeves sew, pre-worn tape from fur. In order to stitch the side cut, turn the sleeve upside down and make the process itself. Do the same with the second sleeve. Sleeves alternately sew in the blank of the future product. At the junction of the sleeves and the armhole, you can sew the remaining ribbon of fur.
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We proceed to the assembly of the harvested elements of the coat

We assemble all parts from sintepon in the same way as from the main fabric of the coat. With the exception of one nuance. Tuck in this case do not need.

We make a similar assembly of all the details from the lining fabric again, as from the base material, only the collar is not processed here.

With the full assembly of the product, we perform the following actions:

  1. On the workpiece from the lining, you should tuck up all the seam allowances, fold it together with the pre-fabricated elements from the synthetic winterizer and the base material.
  2. Manually, using a secret seam, sew between the lining and the main material.
  3. We form buttonholes on one side of the cut, buttons should be sewn on the opposite side.

A cute little coat for your pet is completely ready. If desired, it can be decorated with applique or any other decor. But most importantly, your beloved pug can now enjoy walks in the fresh air in any weather!