Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

If you have a four-legged friend living at home, then you must have encountered such a problem as a walk in rainy weather. Home dog comes not only with dirty paws, but the entire stomach is also covered with sand. Exit two – completely bathe the animal, which is undesirable to do every day, or put on protective clothing on the dog, which can be quickly washed. You can still rinse the paws and let the pet go for a walk around the rooms, but this is fraught with great cleaning, as drying, sand and dirt are showered on carpets and sofas. Clothes for dogs are needed not only in winter. The hands can sew a variety of suits that will protect from dust and mites in the summer, from the slush in the fall and from the cold in the winter.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Choosing a material

Focus on the season, which is timed to wear this model. However, the idea to make a universal thing that can be worn for most of the year is very attractive. Such clothes for dogs with their own hands should be made of a light fabric with a water-repellent effect. To such a basis, you can make several variants of the underlaying of various thicknesses.

Another point to consider. If you have a decorative long-haired dog, special attention should be paid to the lining. It should not be confused with wool, and therefore it is better to choose a smooth, sliding fabric, such as silk.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Before you get started

Prepare all necessary materials in advance. This is necessarily waterproof fabric. If your machine without overlock, then choose the one whose edges do not spill. So you yourself ease the task. Pay attention to the choice of zipper, it should be as reliable as possible, the tractor type of fastener is best suited. Clothing for dogs with their own hands is done fairly quickly and does not require special skills, so even a beginner can make a stylish thing. Winter clothes will require fleece, felt, sintepon or fur.

For the collar, sleeves and pants will require a rubber band. It is better to choose a round section, it is much easier to adjust and less stretched. Also need a clasp on the collar. You can choose a button, clasp or button.

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Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Measure pet

Doing clothes for dogs with your own hands is a fascinating task for a loving owner. In parallel with taking measurements, you can play with your pet, and he will take part in the new game with ribbons and fabrics with curiosity. The first thing you need to know the length of the dog (DS). To do this, simply measure the back of the collar to the base of the tail. In order to design the gate, you need to know the neck girth (OSH). Immediately behind the front legs, skip the ribbon and you will recognize the girth of the chest (EG). Move a little and measure the girth of the abdomen (AJ) in front of the hind legs. The front and hind paws need to be measured in the widest places (APL and OZL). In addition, you will need two more indicators – the distance from the collar to the front legs (DOL) and between them (DPL).

Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Cooking pattern

You do not need to spend big money on the purchase of fashionable overalls, we make clothes for dogs at home. If you are worried about your abilities and are not confident in skill, then you will need to make a pattern. To do this, take a sheet of soft paper. Its size depends on the size of the pet. Its length is equal to the value of DS + 10 cm for allowances, exhaust width + 10 cm. This rectangle must be folded in half. Its wide part is DS + 10, and the narrow OG is + 10/2. Recall another value. DOL, and set aside this distance from the narrow edge. Step back another 5 cm and mark the line of the front paws. Now we are making holes for the paws. To do this, back away from the fold line half the value of DPL, this is where the sleeves will then be, make a hole. Now put the sheet on the dog. On the back of his need to chop with pins and carefully examine. Where the sheet fits too tightly, mark the insert or, conversely, tuck. Instead of paper, you can take a thin, inexpensive fabric, an old pillowcase or a sheet, they are easier to adjust and customize. On the basis of this pattern, you can make any model, ranging from summer shirts and ending with winter overalls. The latter will be distinguished by the presence of sleeves, pants and boots. Now you know how to sew clothes for a dog with your own hands.

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Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Getting down to business

You will need lightweight, waterproof fabric, chalk, a ruler and your pattern. We transfer it to the main fabric with the help of chalk and carefully cut it. Do not forget to leave allowances, it is always easier to adjust the model on the figure, than to make inserts. We’ll have to tinker a bit, but we sew clothes for the dog with our own hands, without overpaying and realizing our own imagination. In order to make a regular blanket, you only need to sew a rectangle for the breast, sew darts on the back, fringing it around the edges with an oblique bei, and also sew fasteners. If you have a sewing machine and minimal skills, then all the work will be done in two hours. But the whole structure is easy to assemble on your hands, so you don’t have to go to the studio.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Express option

If the street is very cold, and you have not had time to sew a jumpsuit to your friend, do not worry. It is enough to find an old sweater and adjust it slightly to the dog. If it is small, then you can trim the sleeve, put it on the model and make a cut for the paws. To a large animal we put on a sweater completely and sew it as necessary. Sleeves should be cut or shortened.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Clothes

Universal options "winter-summer"

It is not always possible to sew things for dogs by the season. At the same time, it is unlikely to manage with one set, because summer and autumn protection against slush and winter is necessary. by cold. The choice of clothes depends on the breed of your pet. Shorthair or naked dogs suffer greatly from frost, but in the rain they can be displayed without clothes. Long-haired, downy beauties can easily endure a walk in the cold, but comb the dirt out of their luxurious head of hair. is not easy. However, they are often not recommended for bathing. An exit can be a cape of light fabric with a fleece, felt or fur base. The design can be supplemented with detachable sleeves. Sewing a dog clothes with his own hands is not so difficult, the main thing is to start, and everything will work out.

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fashionable accessories

Clothing is not only a protective, but also a decorative element. Bright summer skirts and stylish fall overalls, comfortable spring boots. All this makes the life of the dog and owner brighter and easier. And how much easier the shoe care for the pet, especially in the spring and autumn period! Therefore, clothes and accessories for dogs with their own hands. things that every owner should be able to do. To do this, just turn on the fantasy. Especially a rich field for creativity for those who live a small spitz, toy terrier or poodle. The material for tailoring is not enough, while the animals are so elegant that it pulls to decorate them with a bright ribbon. Why not sew an elegant ass with flowers for the summer?

If you know how to knit, you can create real masterpieces. Crocheted airy dresses and stout knit sweaters. Each outfit is unique, and your pet will look just charming. Especially impressive such costumes will look in the ring, if you go to the exhibition, then be sure to learn how to do needlework. It is beneficial to highlight your pet from the rest.


Do not forget that the dog gives joy to communicate with nature. Run on the grass, lie in the sand or snow much better without any clothes. If it’s cold outside, let your pet run, and then wrap it in a warm jumpsuit and slowly return home. An exception may be rain. Especially if you have a long-haired dog, it will be difficult to do without protective attire. In the summer in the city, dogs usually walk without clothes, but if you are going to the forest, then extra protection from ticks does not hurt at all.