Dog Clothes Nine Tips On How To Choose The Right One

Dog Clothes Nine Tips On How To Choose The Right One

There are many styles and types of clothes for dogs, so it can be too difficult to choose the right one. It is easy to get lost among all these ornaments, ribbons and styles. What you need to know to choose the right clothes for your dog?

Council first. Choose clothes for your pet.

Find out as much detail as possible about your dog’s breed and its normal behavior. Does she tend to chew on small items? Is it destructive? If so, did you teach her bad habits? If not, consider re-purchasing clothes with ribbons, ties, buttons, beads, and other small ornaments that she can chew. Also familiarize yourself with the principles of acquired dog behavior. Dogs usually acquire behavioral traits separately from their characteristic breed behavior. Learn these habits, preferences and dislikes. Clothing must fit their lifestyle, habits and personal qualities.

Council of the second. Make sure there are no hooks on the fabric.

A dog can easily become entangled in clothing if it is too wide. Clothes should be in time, not too wide and not too tight. Check for loose threads, especially on sleeves. Pet’s claws can catch on these threads, or can get stuck when trying to squeeze through a narrow space.

Council of the third. Matter must be safe and non-toxic..

Dogs chew everything, especially when they are bored. Find out what made accessories on clothing. Do they contain chemicals that can harm your dog? Are any items attached to clothes that a dog may accidentally swallow or that may get stuck in the throat? Check whether there are any objects representing the danger of suffocation.

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Council of the fourth. Proper dog clothing should be easily removed or worn.

Choose pullovers with comfortable hook-and-loop fasteners. Some dogs do not like it when their head is covered, even if only for a moment. They can also choke if the outfit casually slides over their heads. Check if you need to take off your clothes when the dog wants to go to the toilet. It will be unpleasant to take off the dog’s clothes, while she will do her dirty work.

Council of the fifth. Matter must be durable and weatherproof.

She must withstand weather conditions, especially winter clothing and raincoats. It will be perfect if the clothes can be washed in the car. Matter must also withstand your dog’s active lifestyle.

Sixth Council. Choose functional and versatile, not fashionable clothes.

The dog may look like a model, but will it all have a glamor function? Does such clothing allow maximum dog mobility? Large dogs should be able to move easily and not be cramped by unnecessary accessories. On the other hand, small dogs can wear accessories, as they are more assidious than large dogs. However, it is best to reduce the number of accessories and fashion jewelry to a minimum. Your dog should enjoy free movement.

Council of the seventh. Clothing must match the season.

In the summer, it should be lightweight, breathable cotton T-shirts, sleeveless jackets, hooded sweatshirts and polo. In winter, dense coats, jackets and sweaters are necessary. If you want to wear knitted sweaters or yarn on the dog, make sure that the fabric texture is dense. The dog can easily catch on sharp corners and frills. Dogs with short or sparse wool winter clothing brings great benefits. You can add shoes to protect your paws from snow.

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Council of the eighth. Buy a dog life jacket.

If you often relax on the beach or go boating and take the dog with you, it would be good to buy a life jacket for your beloved pet.

Council of the ninth. Pick special clothes for every occasion.

Clothing for regular walks in the park or for a picnic, and functional sportswear will be perfect. Make sure that the dog’s legs can move freely. Make sure that the clothes fit the dog perfectly so that the dog does not cling to the bushes and fences. Formal occasions require formal wear. If you go with a dog to a wedding or a party, put on a polo, tuxedo or dress. Make sure the dog feels comfortable in this clothes, is not nervous about this and does not chew clothes. As far as possible, limit the availability of unnecessary accessories, such as laces and ribbons.

Published on site: 04/03/2012