Dog Clothes We Take Measurements

Each owner of a four-legged friend asks himself a question: how to choose clothes for your pet?

When choosing, you need to correctly and correctly choose the size of clothes in which the dog will walk. It should sit fairly freely and not hamper the movements of the animal. It should be your favorite pet!

Manufacturers of dog clothes, as a rule, use the marking in Latin letters, namely – XS; S; M; L; XL; XXL; Xxxl. Below is size table for dogs.

In order to choose the right clothes, it is necessary to take measurements of a pet or simply measure the length of the back, chest girth, waist size (may be required in some models), as well as neck girth. Now in more detail.

Back length

You need to make sure that the pet is level. Take a tailor’s tape, measure the length of the spine from the beginning of the withers, namely, from the highest point of the back and to the base of the tail. If the dog has a dense build and has a large chest, then choose clothes one size larger to make the animal comfortable. If your pet is thin or lean, then in this case, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose clothes one size smaller.

Chest girth

In order to determine the chest girth, it is necessary to measure the widest and most extensive part of the chest of the pet, approximately around the front paws. After that, to determine the size, you can add to the resulting volume of 2-4 cm, so that the clothes fit the body of the dog freely. Carefully inspect the selected clothing models, which may differ in that some models can fit tightly, other models of clothing, on the contrary, can be quite loose.

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Also, for some models of clothing, perhaps another measure is useful – the so-called waist volume of the animal. It is measured at the narrowest part of the dog’s torso. Usually in males this is the girth of the torso in the area in front of the hind legs.

It is very important to measure the neck circumference of the animal. It is necessary to measure the widest part of the pet’s neck. The girth of the neck is usually equivalent to the size of the collar that the dog wears. The main thing when choosing the size of clothes is to pay special attention to the neck of the thing itself, because the products can be with a high collar or can sit quite freely in the neck area. It is important that any model of clothing in the neck of the dog was free.

In any case, when buying clothes for a pet, you must not forget that in almost all cases, a fitting of a specific model is necessary. Different models of clothing, even with the same size, can sit on an animal in different ways!

Dog Clothes We Take Measurements

How to measure a dog and choose a suitable harness

The harness is a special part of the dog’s outfit, which allows you to more accurately control the animal, to develop its strength, endurance, and professional qualities.

The harness is made of leather or woven belts. It covers the chest, part of the back, and also replaces the dog’s collar. The leash mounts are not on the neck, but on the dog’s withers, so that the animal can breathe more freely and move more easily. The harness is designed for different specializations of the dog, and therefore there are different variations of the shlek depending on their application.

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Most importantly, the harness should not only perfectly fit the size of the animal, taking into account the breed, but also designed for the temperament, character and physical strength of the animal.

The most important figure in selecting a harness is the chest volume of the animal, these measurements are made first and then go on to measure the dog’s neck. At the same time, the pet’s neck must be measured not as for a collar, but from the beginning of the withers and, passing through the uppermost parts of the chest bones, to the part of the back where the dog’s chest circumference is measured.

When choosing a harness, remember that it should sit on the dog very spacious. In this case, the space between the pet and the harness in the back should be at least 3 cm.

For puppies, it is recommended to wear harness after the age of 6-11 months (depending on the breed) so that the elbow joints are not damaged during the formation of the body of the animal. For this, the structures should not be heavy, with an exact fit to the dog. There is an opinion that wearing a harness is necessary in order to better develop the chest in puppies.

The harness-vest is usually used for dogs of miniature and small breeds or medium breeds with smooth hair to additionally warm the dog while on the street. Usually as a heater use a stitch with a synthetic winterizer or various variations of fur.