Dog Clothing Sizes

Dog clothing sizes

If you decide to please your pet new clothes, it is important not to be mistaken with the size of clothes. After all, it affects the well-being and comfort of a pet on a walk. An incorrectly sized clothing will inevitably lead to your dog simply refusing to wear it.

We will tell you how to take measurements from a dog and determine its size.

To determine the right size of clothes, you need to take measurements of three parameters:

1. Length of back from withers to base of tail.

To determine this parameter, make sure the dog is level with all four legs. Take a centimeter tape and measure on the spine – this figure will be the size of the dog. If the resulting length is in the middle of the dimension table values, we recommend making a selection upwards. If a dog is densely built with a voluminous chest, it is better to purchase a piece that is one size larger for comfortable wear by your pet. If the dog is puny or lean, we recommend making the size selection down.

2. Breast volume

This measurement should be done under the front paws. Pay attention to the style and material: the chosen model can be both tight-fitting and loose.

3. Neck Girth

This parameter usually matches the size of the collar. When buying a particular model, pay attention to the neck of the product – it can be inflated or free. The thing should not cause discomfort to the dog and prevent free breathing.

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The most important point when choosing clothes for a pet is the correct taking measurements for the dog and determining the size.

The obtained measurements should be compared with the values ​​of the manufacturer’s table. You should not focus on the rocks listed in the table, this information is for reference only.

Dimensional tables of each manufacturer, presented in our catalog, are placed in the description of a specific model.

Choosing shoes for dogs

Before you buy shoes for a dog, you must first determine the size of the paw. There are two ways:

The easiest way is to put a pet’s paw on a piece of paper and outline its contour with elongated claws (this is a rather important clarification, because when walking the claws are straightened). Then measure the contour drawing as below.

The second way is to raise any pet’s paw and crush the length from the back heel of the paw to the tip of the longest claw, as well as the width of the foot with a centimeter tape.

Add 5 mm to the received value of the foot length and find the obtained size in the table of the sizes of shoes for dogs. If the value is between sizes, choose a larger size.

Each manufacturer, as in the case of clothing, indicates its own table of shoe sizes. When buying shoes, we recommend focusing on the paw dimensions shown in the table, and not on the designations – S, M, etc.

How to choose the right size and model of clothing for dogs

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When buying clothes for dogs, be guided by large measurements. For example, if a thing does not correspond to the length of the dog’s back, but it fits the other parameters (chest and neck girth) your pet simply cannot wear it.

It is not necessary to acquire insulated overalls for long-haired breeds, this can disrupt the natural temperature regime of the body, which often leads to health problems. Buying a jumpsuit or dog jacket is often driven by the owner’s desire to protect the coat from dirt and getting wet in rainy weather.

Dog Clothing Sizes

Very often, the owners of such breeds as pug, bulldog, rottweiler are faced with the fact that suitable overalls by large standards, are too long on the back. In this case, we recommend you to pay attention to the jackets and sweatshirts for dogs. The convenience and simplicity of dressing the dog is obvious – the jacket has no length limitation in the form of pants and can be worn on any dog ​​if the girth of the neck and chest is suitable.

Have a nice shopping and good mood for you and your pets!