Dog Jumpsuits

Dog Jumpsuits

Today women of fashion and dandies are found not only among people, but also among animals. This is especially true of dogs, for which in recent times many hostess needlewomen sew more and more fashionable clothes with your own hands. Clothes for dogs are not only practical, but also beautiful overalls and other products that not only protect the pet from the weather, but also emphasize the style and taste of its owner.

Today it is not a problem to choose and purchase interesting knitted or knitted clothes for a dog, especially since many manufacturers produce it. Recently there has even been a serious competition between them. But clothes for dogs, stitched or tied with their own hands, will always be more comfortable, warmer and more beautiful than purchased!

Particularly popular are small, so-called “pocket” dogs, which you can easily take with you.

Clothing for such breeds is in demand. At the same time, it cannot be said that there is a clear pattern between the style and convenience of clothes for a pet – dog owners can sew quality and beautiful clothes for every day, but as a rule, the dog does not like too frequent changes in his wardrobe. She gets used to a comfortable bedclothes or warm overalls and waits for the hostess to put on this particular thing, soaked with a "native" smell.

Dog wardrobe usually includes a lot of things. For boys, as a rule, they create overalls and sets of jackets and pants, for girls – overalls and dresses or skirts. In addition, overalls and blankets for dogs that have already become familiar are especially popular. In order to make it clearer how you create clothes for dogs with your own hands, we have prepared for you master classes with a detailed description of the stages of work and the corresponding patterns.

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The choice of fashionable clothes for dogs, as well as the choice of fashionable clothes for people, is striking in its diversity. Nevertheless, "dog" tailors, as a rule, use several standard patterns. Each pattern is performed under the parameters of a particular animal. For example, when creating a jumpsuit for a dog with your own hands, it is important to know the length of the back of the animal — the distance from the collar to the tail. You also need a chest depth equal to the distance between the ribs and the front legs of the dog. After that, based on the standard scheme of the jumpsuit, a model for a particular animal is performed. Using simple calculations, the size of each square needed to build the final pattern is calculated.

Already in the process of fitting fitting of the parts that will be located on the legs is made. For example, an elastic band is pulled down to a suitable size. Do not forget about the genitals of the dog and its tail – under them must be appropriate treated cuts. Further the overalls can be decorated, for example, with a belt or an original fringe of openings.

The same scheme is suitable for tying your own blankets for your pet, but you should consider the ability of knitted things to stretch.

Dog Jumpsuits

When choosing a material for tailoring clothes for dogs, you should give preference to a waterproof top, for example, a raincoat fabric, and a warm inner layer, for example, knitwear or bikes.

How to sew a jumpsuit for dogs with their own hands, a vest, as well as a blanket and shoes. Stages of work and patterns.

Dog Jumpsuits

Beautiful, comfortable and practical clothes for dogs, hand-made. Overalls for dogs and pattern.

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