Dog Sweater

Dog Sweater

Knitting for dogs is another direction in the world of knitted fashion. Even 10 years ago, you would have smiled when you saw a dog in a knitted jumpsuit or dress on the street. Today, dogs are walking in fashionable clothes, and this is no surprise.
Breeders understood how much easier it is to care for a dog if it walks in a jumpsuit or a sweater. Moreover, smooth-haired dogs are not rarely cold outside with the onset of cold weather.

So, you decided to dress up your pet, where to start? First, decide that you will knit and pick up the yarn. Second, take your measurements and make a pattern. Next – knit, knit and knit again. There are a lot of models for dogs: knitted overalls, knitted sweater, knitted cape, dress and even a tie. interesting selection on Women’s Sweater Knitting 24 models for women, without children’s models

Knitted sweater for dogs.

The sweater is tied with an elastic band and looks small at the end of the work, but it will greatly stretch afterwards.

Sizes of the finished product:
Chest circumference: approximately 28/32 – 40/44 – 48/52 cm.
Back length: about 24 – 32 – 40 cm
Approximate sizes for dogs: XS = Chihuahua, S = Bichon Frieze, M = Cocker Spaniel.

You will need:

-50-100-150 g of Gamstudio Drops Fabel yarn is black brown gray-blue. No. 521
-50-50-100 g yarn Drops Alpaca gray-blue. No. 6309
-50-50-50 g DROPS Puddel yarn of charcoal color, No. 08
-DROPS 4 mm stockings – or size suitable for the specified knitting density
-stockings and knitting needles DROPS 3 mm
-hook DROPS 6 mm

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Knitting density: 19 sections x 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm. Connected by the front surface of the thread in 2 additions (1 Fabel and Alpaca threads).

Sweater: fits in circular rows from the neckline down.

Dial 48-64-80 points on the stocking needles 4 mm thread in 2 additions: 1 thread Fabel + 1 thread Alpaca. Tie 4-6-8 cm with an elastic band (2 persons. P., 2 out. P.). Then tie up 1 circular row with the purlins (loops for the hood will be gathered from it). The next circular row to knit with a rubber band as before, and in the next circular row, add 1 s in each 2nd section of purl s (i.e., 3 w. S. Instead of 2) = 54-72-90 s. Continue to knit with a rubber band to a height of 6-10-14 cm, then add 1 p. In the remaining sections of the purl n (ie, 3 w. P. Instead of 2) = 60-80-100 p. Continue to knit with an elastic band = 2 persons. n./3 life. p. At a height of 8-12-16 cm make armholes as follows: close 2 persons. transfer the following 13-18-23 paragraph to the auxiliary thread or holder for loops (= middle part of the front), close 2 persons. p. and knit the remaining 43-58-73 p. as before. Tie a rubber band on these p. (= Back) 5-8-10 cm and then transfer these p to an auxiliary thread or holder for loops. Transfer the remaining 13-18-23 paragraphs of the front back to the working needle and tie with an elastic band 5-8-10 cm. Then transfer the backrest loops to the working needle, and on each side dial 2 new sections between the front and back = 60-80 -100 p. Continue to knit with a rubber band as before. At a height of 19-27-34 cm close 9-10-13 n. In the middle of the front. Finish knitting in straight rows, while closing on each side in each 2nd row: 2 times 2 points, 2-5-7 times 1 point, 1 time, 2 points and 1 time, 3 points. Close the remaining 29-42- 55 p. The length of the product is about 24-34-44 cm.

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Handpiece: on stocking backs with 3 mm Fabel yarn, dial 36-52-64 section along one of the holes for the paws. To tie 3-5-7 cm with an elastic band (2 persons. P. / 2 izn. P.) And close the front of the facial p. With the wrong side of the p. Also bind the second sleeve. Hood: tuck the neck inside the sweater along the circular row of purl n. Previously connected. Holding the sweater face up to you, put loops along this circular row with Fabel yarn on circular needles 3 gaga, while not loops from the average 6-10-14 points in front, dial only from remaining items = 42-54-66 points Link 1 purl row with purl st. At the same time uniformly increase the number of loops to 70-90-110 p. (I.e. tie 1 p., Then add 1 p. To 2 next p.). Knit the front satin stitch with 3 rows of garter knit on each side to a hood height of 12-16-20 cm. For a better result, knit the sides of the hood together along the upper part instead of closing the loops, but if it is too difficult to close the loops and sew side of the hood together mattress seam.

Binding: crochet 6 mm with a Puddel yarn around the hood, the bottom of the sleeves and the edges of the sweater as follows: 1 tbsp. b.n. first paragraph, * 1 rev. p., skip 1 cm, 1 tbsp. b.n. in the next paragraph *, repeat between * – *.