Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

Homemade gifts conceal a special charm. And, of course, we want to give our little pets the best. Let’s talk about how to sew elegant and comfortable clothes for a miniature toy terrier with your own hands.

Why the terrier clothes?

Clothing for the toy terrier is divided into two types: functional and elegant. The first look is winterized overalls, bolonev jackets for rainy weather, warm knitted blouses for cool spring evenings. The second type – elegant clothes – is needed to meet the aesthetic needs of the owners of small dogs. These are charming dresses with laces, miniature shirts, T-shirts and even hats with bow ties.

Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

That is, one clothes are needed so as not to freeze in bad weather, the other – to look smart. Of course, outerwear for small dogs can also be breathtakingly beautiful. And most importantly – it is not so difficult to do it yourself. There are many ways to do this – crochet, knit or sew (on your hands or on a sewing machine).

Ideal yarn or fabric for pet

So, you decided to sew or tie an outfit for your toy terrier with your own hands. It is very important to determine the materials. It depends on what weather you knit or sew a thing. So, for a warm outfit, you need to choose a thick, fluffy yarn, which is better to keep warm. Never, no matter how beautiful they are, do not buy prickly and hard threads – they will cause discomfort to your dog.

Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

The same goes for fabrics. The material should be soft and elastic. Cotton or linen is suitable for an elegant T-shirt for the summer, a waterproof “raincoat” for the fall overalls, and fleece or faux fur for the overalls for the cold winter.

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Remember that both yarn and fabrics should be as natural as possible. Avoid too bright colors – the dyes contained in them can cause allergies.

How to take measurements

It’s not easy to take measurements from a dog alone, so ask someone for help in advance. To properly know the size, you need to measure the dog in a standing position. Put your toy terrier on a table or other hard surface. Make sure the dog evenly rests on all four paws, then the dimensions will be accurate. After the measurement, check the size table, and if in doubt about the size, choose the one that is slightly larger.

Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

When tailoring most often the following sizes are needed:

  • The length of the back (from the neck to the base of the tail).
  • Chest circumference (the widest place behind the front legs).
  • Breast height (from collar to shoulder).
  • Waist girth (narrow part on the body).
  • The length of the side (the distance is measured between the paw (front and rear).
  • Girth of the neck (measured by the place where the dog is wearing a collar).
  • The length of the abdomen (in boys, the measure is taken from the front paws to the genitals, in girls – to the hind legs).
  • The distance between the legs (front).
  • Girth of the front paw.
  • The girth of the hind legs.
  • Height at withers.
  • The length of the sleeve.

The most important measurements are the length of the back and chest girth. Try to measure them most accurately.

Models for that terrier

You can sew or knit clothes for that terrier with your own hands. You can knit or crochet. It all depends on the personal preferences of the hostess needlewomen. We will look at how to sew a jumpsuit, a cape and other things with our own hands.

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On the video you can watch a master class on how to sew a fur coat for that terrier.


Perhaps the easiest outfit that you can sew or tie with your own hands is a cape.

Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

For rainy weather, it can be made water-repellent, for cool weather – warm, for example, fleece. For a start, it is worthwhile to build a pattern, taking the necessary measurements. The resulting drawing should be superimposed on a material that is pre-folded in half. The upper piece should be directed along the fold line of the fabric.

To emphasize that your toy terrier is a girl, you can attach a flirty skirt to the cape. It connects to the main part with a belt.


Overalls – this is the highest class of clothing for the terriers, which can be made with your own hands. If you are doing a winter jumpsuit, you need to think in advance about a warm pad so that the little dog, which almost always freezes, is warm. Do not forget about the upper water-repellent layer, so that in a snowfall or rain the dog returns home dry. Choose a suitable zipper (it is better to take a tractor), an elastic band (round in cross section) and a fastener on the collar (button, button or velcro).

The video explains in detail how to sew a comfortable jumpsuit to your pet.

Overalls can and tie. On the Internet there are many detailed workshops with size tables and step-by-step instructions on how to make a knitted jumpsuit for Russian toy terrier.


Pattern T-shirts will be the main. With a little practice, you can easily, by slightly modifying it, make a sweater, jacket, shirt and many more different clothes. In addition to it, you can sew a hood.

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You can redraw a T-shirt in a dress for a girl. To do this, increase the neckline. Then process it with edging or machine seam. Repeat the same with the sleeves. For beauty, sew at the bottom of the frill.

In the photo the Russian toy terrier is in a stylish knitted shirt.

Fashion For Toy Terriers We Make Clothes By Ourselves

Knitten things

A knitted sweater on a boy or a knitted dress on a girl will look very impressive. Thing can be decorated with patterns. Their schemes with size tables are in abundance on the Internet.

At the end, you will learn how to sew a stylish and unusual accessory with your own hands.