Fashionable Clothes For York Do It Yourself

Knitted sweaters, overalls and hats for dogs, for example, Yorkies and toy terriers, are quite capable of any aspiring needlewoman. Clothing for dogs is traditionally associated with small breeds, these are the so-called "indoor" dogs. Knitted from head to paws york or toy terrier looks very cute and funny. On the Internet you can find a variety of patterns and patterns of crochet and knitting, designed for small dogs.

It is not at all difficult to knit a sweatshirt for a Yorkshire terrier, even if you are a beginning knitter. A cute blouse, knitted by hand, can serve as an incentive for further learning to knit, and it may become your favorite hobby, and you decide on a combination suit, or even create an exclusive wardrobe for your pet.

Knitted jumpsuit York, as well as other models of clothing: sweaters, summer hats and winter hats. At the beginning masters a great choice. You can do anything with your own hands as long as these clothes fit Yorkshire or toy terrier. By the way – to knit for girls or for boys of terriers at first there is no particular difference. They are suitable for practical practical warm blouses.

DIY clothes for yorkies: where to start

Before you start making clothes for small dogs with your own hands, it is necessary to determine the scope of work. It all depends on the degree training beginner needlewoman. Those who prefer knitting or crocheting can choose any knitting pattern. With a crochet or knitting needles you can knit a beloved dog (for example, a toy terrier) with a warm and cozy sweater, a beautiful jumpsuit, and an elegant hat. And those skilled workers who are on “you” with a sewing machine can sew the same clothes according to the ready-made patterns. Before you start making clothes for small dogs (Yorkies, toy-terriers) with your own hands, you need to prepare everything you need in your work. The most important thing you need is:

The scheme of knitting or sewing pattern with a detailed description of the work and a photo of ready-made clothes (sweaters, hats, overalls).

  • A needle and thread, as well as a sewing machine to sew clothes from a fabric or sew individual fragments of a knitted cloth. Attention: in order to stitch fragments neatly and beautifully, at the stage of cutting it is necessary to take into account seam allowances.
  • Knitting needles or a hook if the beginning needlewoman decided to start knitting.
  • Tailor’s scissors, tape "centimeter" and a pencil to take measurements, cut fabrics and make patterns. Experienced seamstresses can tailor the clothes of their favorite toy terrier themselves, for beginners it is better to use ready-made patterns. The same goes for knitting patterns with a description.
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    Clothing for small dogs: what to look for

    To master the technology making your own hands for small dogs, it is enough to have basic skills in owning a needle (crochet or knitting needles). Information about fashionable styles of hats and overalls, as well as patterns and knitting patterns, can be found on the Internet and in specialized literature. You can also attend master classes on sewing and knitting for dogs with your own hands.

    Heads of master classes will gladly share their professional secrets, help them to make a new dress pattern for their favorite toy terrier with their own hands or to tie a charming hat. Clothes for dogs traditionally associated with wealth and luxury, but lately, when handicraft has become a popular hobby, almost everyone can dress their pet in new clothes. It does not take a lot of money, the main thing is skillful hands.

    How to sew clothes for yorks: a general description of the process

    Fashionable Clothes For York Do It Yourself

    If clothes for a small dog (York or Toy Terrier) is made by knitting (crochet, knitting, knitting machine), the easiest way is to knit an elegant hat. But you can make a whole jumpsuit. A knitted jumpsuit for York or a toy terrier will consist of several parts (body, sleeves for the front paws, sleeves for the hind paws). When all the parts are done, it’s time to tie them together with a needle and thread. This is the most important stage of work. If the beginning needlewoman deviated from the pattern during knitting and did not follow the exact number of loops, it will be difficult to tie together the details of the jumpsuit or sweaters.

    Great attention when knitting and sewing clothes for four-legged friends should be given to the decor. Ready-made hats, sweaters and overalls, sewn on patterns or knitted with their own hands (crochet) must be provided with comfortable clasps. It can be buttons, velcro, as well as laces, which are tied together to fasten clothes on the dog’s body.

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    The easiest way – the last one: a drawstring is made in the neck of the overalls, a lace is inserted into it, and when the overalls are put on, the two ends of the lace are tied to each other. Instead of laces you can tie decorative pompons or tassels. The main thing that the dog was just dressing for a walk and undress, coming home. It will also be convenient to use a zipper or decorative velcro.

    You can decorate clothes for pets in a variety of ways: make a few decorative braids from colored threads and, connecting them with each other, get an elegant belt for overalls, use appliqué. Knitted knitted hat can be decorated with pompoms, tassels, crocheted ornamental flowers, or lace. It all depends on the pattern or scheme, the color and style of the finished clothing, as well as on the tastes and preferences of the beginning craftswoman.

    The main thing is that the clothes for the four-pet can perform its main function well – protecting a small dog from the sun, cold, snow, wind, rain. The decorative function of clothing in this case is secondary. Nevertheless, the elegant decor of dog clothes will make the dog noticeable against other relatives and attract admiring glances. A dog walking in clothes made by the caring hands of the hostess is a rarity, therefore hand-made things for small dogs are of great value.

    Knitted clothes for Yorkies: practical recommendations

    For to dog liked new clothes, and in order to sew or knit it was easy, it is necessary from the outset to clearly consider the general plan of work: the technique of making clothes, style, take all the necessary measurements. You should also follow important practical recommendations:

    The clothes should match the nature and age of the dog. For a small cheerful dog or a cheerful puppy, bold bright colors will do. Knitted York bright colors just can not cheer up. For older dogs, calmer color combinations are appropriate.

  • In the manufacture of clothes for dogs is recommended to use natural fabrics and yarn, without the use of synthetics. Small dogs have very sensitive skin, and contact with synthetics can provoke allergic reactions.
  • Wearing a dog for a walk, you can not allow overheating or, on the contrary, hypothermia. If the dog feels uncomfortable in new clothes and is anxious, the clothes should be removed. It is necessary to accustom pets to clothes gradually.
  • Beginners skilled workers should choose the most simple schemes and patterns, otherwise there is a high probability of spoiling the work or not bring it to the end. Before you start working with a pattern or pattern, it should be carefully studied. If something is not clear, this question needs to be clarified or another different simpler scheme (pattern) can be used.
  • Clothing for dogs is intended primarily for wearing in the cold season (winter, autumn, early spring). In summer, small dogs do not need a suit, as they easily overheat.
  • Patterns and patterns similar to sewing and knitting baby hats can be used for sewing and knitting hats. Attention: before starting work, it is necessary to take all measurements (head girth, girth of paws in the widest place, body length). It is necessary to take into account the hole for the tail in the pants and the bottom of the jumpsuit. When taking measurements, the pet must be in a good mood. If the dog is worried, the procedure is recommended to be postponed for another time. The dog should not move. If it moves, twitches, changes position, it is likely that the dimensions will be inaccurate.
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    Making outfits for small dogs – an original hobby. An elegant jumpsuit, sweater or cap will be an excellent gift for a four-legged friend and will distinguish it from the mass of other lap dogs. The main thing is that the clothes protect the baby from wind and cold. Attention: the suit should not have laces (ropes, belts) in which the animal may become tangled. Otherwise, the dog may become frightened and even suffocate by tightening the cord. Clothing should have a simple style and not hold down the movements of the animal for a walk. This must be taken into account when choosing a suitable style.