Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

We are responsible for those who have tamed. Especially in the autumn period, when the paws of pets are cold and need warming. In order to make walks comfortable, some owners prefer to make shoes for dogs with their own hands. It’s not as difficult to make cute shoes with your own hands as it seems.

Before starting work

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

So that the shoes do not interfere with the dog frolic, it is necessary to provide a small amount of space inside the shoe

Before the fabric is cut, it is important to remember the nuances concerning dog clothes.

  • The dog has four paws, so the shoe will be the same. But do not cut all the units according to one piece. Modeling shoes in pairs – for the hind and front limbs separately.
  • The dog should be comfortable. Do not choose a sliding material. If you have to sew from such a fabric, we provide pieces of rough matter, which we later stitch to the sole.
  • As a clasp, choose the option that allows you to adjust the volume of the boot on the foot. The ideal type of attachment – Velcro, ribbon, lacing. Bad choice – buttons, zipper, buttons.
  • Eliminate the discomfort from wearing shoes can be, "twisting" cut seams out. You can hide them under any edging tape or tape.

It is important to remember that by teaching the dog to wrong-made shoes, the owner will not get rid of worries. In uncomfortable shoes, the dog will begin to correct the gait, which will later lead to problems with the joints. It is better to immediately redo the shoe if the dogs’ legs are moving apart or the dog is minced during the walk.

Regardless of the model chosen for sewing you will need:

  • Upper material – waterproof or wear-resistant fabric;
  • warm material for the insole;
  • clasp;
  • threads, scissors, pins and other tailor trifles.

So, all the nuances taken into account. You can start sewing.

Taking measurements

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

During the measurement, the dog must feel calm and not escape

Sewing any clothing begins with the choice of style and taking measurements. Shoes are no exception, even if it will be worn by a pet. Since the dimensions of animals of even one breed may differ, we take our measurements directly from the “model”.

We catch the dog and fix in the standing position. To measure the foot correctly, wait for the free setting of the paws when the dog rests on both pairs of legs. After that, lightly press on the heel of the pet. It should not bend or move the leg.

While walking, the dog steps not at full foot, as a person, but only on its edge. Therefore, we measure the distance from the fingertips to the bottom edge of the pads. Width is determined by the outside of the paw.

There is another way to measure the most accurately, put the dog’s paw on a wet towel and “print” on a dry floor. We measure the imprint, fixing the data on paper.

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Simple model

To cut the elementary shoes you need two basic measurements and the height of the paw lifting.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

Even the beginning master will cope with the simplest option of sewing

To draw a pattern, draw on paper a circle with a diameter equal to the width of the paw. If the length and width of the foot are equal, we make the circle correct. If one of the measurements is slightly larger, we “draw out” the circle into an oval, taking into account the width and length of the foot. In this case, mark in front of the insoles with a line. In the figure, the circle diameter is marked AB.

Next, apply a meter to the dog’s foot and determine what height the future shoe should be. This is a CD measure. It is better to take the height of the shoe with a reserve so that during walking the shoes do not fly off the paw.

Alternately we cut out the front and rear shoes.

  1. To the circle drawn on paper we add one and a half centimeters of seam allowance and cut circles.
  2. Attach them to the fabric, pinned with pins and cut out.
  3. On the received item put the paw of the dog and collect the fabric around it.
  4. Clasping the metacarpus, we collect the extra fabric in tucks and fix them with pins.
  5. Cut out a piece of warm fabric that follows the inner circle in shape. This will be an improvised insole-insulation.
  6. We adjust the insole in the middle of the main part.
  7. Above the boot, you can stitch insulation or bolonyevuyu fabric.
  8. Line darts stitched and cut off the extra folds of fabric.
  9. The top of the product is put on 1.5 cm, leaving a hole for the lace. We pass a lace.
  10. The same screed is formed on the metacarpus of the hind paw.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

It is important to remember that the size of the shoe for the front and hind legs is different

Two parts option

This method of cutting will allow you to sew boots, lying down "on the figure." Unlike the previous pattern, this shoe will not be bagged and looks more natural.

  1. In accordance with the measurements of the foot draw a circle. Add to it the seam allowances and cut the part.
  2. Next, draw a trapezoid, as shown. The height of the figure in the middle is the height of the future boot. The trapezoid width is a value equal to the circumference of the metacarpus of the paw. The narrowest part of the figure will fall on the heel, and the sharp corners will form the toe. In order not to be mistaken with the "wave" of the bottom, we make a pattern on paper and try it on to the dog’s paw.
  3. We enclose and stitch the top crafts. For additional attachment, it is advisable to use a gum along the top edge.
  4. Bend the trapezoid in half and try on the paw. Fold the figure will be on the back of the heel. Sew a trapezoid to the round part.
  5. Next, we rub the part-trapezoid on the right sides, which are marked in orange in the figure. The back of the product will be straight and vertical, the front side – beveled.
  6. If the shoe is too loose, we do a front tuck, gathering unnecessary volume in the fold.
  7. Try on the product and mark the place above the joint. On the inside of the boot in this place we sew a rubber band or a cord with a plastic clip on the outside (figure 2).
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Waterproof boots

For sewing waterproof shoes you will need nylon or any raincoat fabric. It can be warmed with padding polyester, duplicating the detail of freebies and stitching them together.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

This version of dog shoes is more complex in its design, but one of the warmest and most comfortable.

Cut out parts in accordance with the instructions:

  • Detail number 1 – the sole of the shoe;
  • No. 2 – the upper part of the boot;
  • No. 3 – a strip of fabric to ensure free movement;
  • No. 4 – detail of the leg;
  • №5 – shelf products.

We add seam allowances to all parts and start sewing:

  1. First of all we fasten a strip of fabric No. 3 to the sole.
  2. We connect the strip number 3 with the top of the boot, stitching it along the front edge.
  3. We sew part 5 to the detail of the lower leg. It will become a kind of valve that prevents moisture from getting into the boot.
  4. Top sew to the rest of the product. The side seam is not sewn up so that the shoe is easier to wear.
  5. Over the joint of the foot we sew a velcro, the upper side of which will be attached overlap.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

On the upper part of the boot, you can attach the Velcro, fastening shoes to dog overalls. To do this, soft half fastened to the shoe, and a rigid Velcro sew to the jacket

Knitted slippers

Shoes may be needed not only during a walk, but also at home. You can warm your pet with cute knitted slippers, which are easy to make yourself. For knitting, you will need two knitting needles, corresponding in diameter to the thickness of the thread, scissors and a ball of yarn.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

For knitted slippers, boots, the same measurements will be useful as for walking shoes.

We measure the width and length of the foot, and also choose what height the product will be.

  1. We knit the detail of the sole. To do this, we collect on the knitting needle the number of loops equal to the width of the foot, periodically applying yarn to the paper pattern. We knit the item to the size of the length of the paw.
  2. Next, knit the rectangular parts. Their size depends on the girth of the dog’s paw and the desired height of the boot. You can make boots with a turned upside down.
  3. Then we connect the detail of the sole with the shaft.
  4. As an attachment, we use lacing, knitted with a chain. We pass it between the loops in a circle and tie the ends on the knots.
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Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

It is important to choose a yarn so that it doesn’t cause it to pet.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

The accessory is useful for small breeds of dogs with short hair.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

To make sneakers soften, they are washed and dried.

Schooling a dog to shoes

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

Not all dogs agree to wear shoes. Most animals go a long way towards accessories.

Pet in boots looks cute. There are dog shoes and a practical side. Having taught your pet to shoes, you can not wash his paws after each walk.

There are several rules, observing which, the owner will be able to accustom the dog to the shoes much faster.

Recommendations for owners:

  • The process must begin as early as possible. The ideal age for schooling is five months. During this period, the puppy’s foot is already formed, so the risk of harming the joints will be minimal.
  • The first defile in shoes must occur at home. Wearing shoes should not be stressful. Let the puppy learn in a calm stop. Play and distract him during the first fittings. Let associates shoes with the joy of communication, and not with inconvenience.
  • Training should be comfortable. If sneakers crush or rub, it is unlikely that you will be able to train a puppy to them.
  • The same goes for size. As the paws grow, change the size of the boots. For this, it is better to acquire several “trial” models-drafts.
  • Start your workout with lightweight shoes. It is best to tie dog socks. And only after getting used to them, go to soft uggs. When the dog stops noticing the shoes on the paws, replace them with real hard models.

The need to start training with socks is also important because it is important for the dog to feel the surface of the floor with his fingertips. In thin stockings, the puppy will be able to feel the floor under his feet, so he will get used to them faster.

Handmade Shoes For Dogs Knitted And Waterproof Boots

Attach a rough cloth to the sole of the socks, otherwise the puppy will slip

The first rehearsal can be limited to the front pair of boots. The back is much more uncomfortable, so you can leave them for subsequent workouts.

The debut tour of the room should not last more than three minutes. Then the dog is praised and treated to a treat. Association "boots-food" will help to quickly teach a puppy.

The following fittings last five to seven minutes. Next, we increase the wearing period to 10 minutes or more. When the puppy stops paying attention to the shoes, doing its own thing, we begin to take it outside.

To accustom a little pet to shoes is easy. For adult dogs, the same rules apply, but addiction can take much longer.

Shoes for dogs – not a fashionable whim of the owner, but a great way to eliminate daily washing of paws after walking. In addition, pets in boots look pretty cute.