How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

The article discusses an option: how to carve out and sew a good sheepskin coat for your dog from the sleeve of a sweater. Here we are talking about small dogs, on the example of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Small breeds of dogs, even with long hair, but without undercoat, can freeze in cold weather. This happens not only on the street, but also at home, until the heating season comes, and until the animal’s body adapts to the cold.

But there are situations when the owner has not had time to prepare for the cold, and stock up on clothes for a pet, and the dog has frozen, and the result on the carpet as a puddle will not please you at all.

Below is a master class, clothes for small dogs with their hands with photos. Even a child can cope with this task with the help of an adult, and your pet will feel all your care for him.

Sleeveless jacket for small dogs do it yourself

To begin, we will prepare everything necessary for robots.

  1. Unnecessary sweater (adult).
  2. Needle and thread.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Centimeter.

Master Class

1. York is a small dog, and we do not need a whole sweater, but only his sleeve. Ideally, if you find a jacket made of fabric, the edge of which is not frayed at the cut. Not so scary if there is no such thing in the house. Just sweep the edges well afterwards.

How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

2. Cut the sleeve completely.

3. Take a centimeter and measure the desired length on the dog, then neck to tail.

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How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

4. We transfer the measure to the fabric and cut off the desired length. The top of the product is the back, the bottom is the tummy.

5. We measure the length of the tummy, usually, the blouse comes to its middle. We transfer the measure to the product and cut it off.

6. Cut a hole for paws.

How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

7. We measure sleeveless to your beloved dog.

How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

8. If the sweater is knitted, and the edge is frayed, be sure to sweep over the product.

9. From the remaining piece you can easily sew a simple bolero.

10. We cut the fabric on one side to form a rectangle.

11. Then fold in half and measure the length of the paws.

12. On both sides we sew, thus making the sleeves.

13. Everything is ready, you can wear a model! 🙂

How To Alter Your Clothes For Dogs

If desired, a sleeveless jacket for small dogs (Yorkshire terrier) can be decorated with ribbons, colored threads, embroidery, this is to your taste.

Try, experiment, and your pet will be the most fashionable.