How To Choose A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Clothing protects against dampness, dirt, cold, anti-icing agents, summer anthers – from ticks, insects, dust, sunburn and plant spines. It should be comfortable, convenient and properly selected in size.

How to measure a dog?

Back length Measured from the withers to the base of the tail. This is the main parameter in the selection of overalls. If the length of the back is on the border of two sizes, it is better to take one that is bigger.

Girth of the neck. The widest part of the neck, at the base.
Most often, the neck of the jumpsuit has elastic bands, buttons, or puffs, and can be adjusted.

How To Choose A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Chest circumference. The widest part of the chest, behind the front legs.
For the comfort of the dog and freedom of movement, it is necessary to leave a reserve of 5-10 cm, and a little more – for dogs with long and thick hair.

Waist circumference. The narrowest part of the abdomen, in front of the hind legs.
Just as in breast measurements, you should take into account the comfort of the dog and the length of its coat. Usually, overalls have elastic bands and puffs on the waist, which is important for males and dogs of a dry and thin build.

The length of the front legs. It is measured from the elbow to the dog’s wrist.
Sleeves should not be too long, but elastic bands and cuffs. too tight.

What should also pay attention:

The quality of the material.

How To Choose A Jumpsuit For Dogs

The fabric of the rain coat or winter overalls should be tight and smooth. The seams should be as small as possible for better moisture resistance.
Lining: silk, satin, smooth cotton or polyester – for long-haired dogs, fleece, plush – for smooth-haired, may be completely absent (on summer raincoats).
Fabric anthers-anther – smooth cotton, silk, possible frills, traps for ticks.

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It is good if there is a reflective piping or design on the jumpsuit.

Fasteners and regulating elastic bands.

Velcro, zipper, buttons, buttons.
Velcro is easily clogged with hair, so it is not very suitable for long-haired dogs. Also, zipper – long hair can fall into it and cause discomfort to the dog, it is better to choose a jumpsuit that has a protective strip of fabric under the zipper.
Fasteners located on the stomach, better suited for short-haired dogs, the long hair of fluffy dogs are often knocked out of overalls and get dirty.
If the buckle is on the back, a protective strap is recommended over it to prevent moisture from getting inside.
Elastic bands around the neck and sleeves will provide additional protection from moisture and wind, and on the chest and waist they will allow fitting the clothes to fit the dog.

Care for clothes for dogs.

After the walk, the clothes must be dried, but you should not dry them on batteries and heaters. Wash bolognese overalls after each walk is not necessary. having dried, the dirt is easily scrubbed with a sponge or brush. Anthers inspect for prickles and ticks, dislodge dust. If washing is necessary – wash at 30C by hand, using gentle means.

  • Remember that each dog clothing manufacturer has its own size ranges, and the size M of one company may not match the size M of another, or have a different designation.