How To Choose Clothes For Dogs

My dog ​​is freezing. That just came the first real cold, it is already freezing. Yesterday my husband came out with him for a walk, but two bodies came trembling, and if I can take the dog in my arms and warm it right away, then it’s harder with my husband.

Stop! In the wrong direction turned from the very beginning! I’m about a dog. And about his clothes. Especially since my pet is a specific breed of Chinese crested. I told about him Crested, she is shaggy, she is shaggy ….

And although my Leonardo is not bald, but with down, the sense of that down is a bit, because the dog has no undercoat. He is freezing, in fact, like bald individuals.

Because last fall, when my dog ​​didn’t grow up at all, I had to buy him warm clothes. But over the winter and summer, it has grown a bit, and therefore before us again became the problem of acquiring new warm clothes.

The raincoat, which we put on the dog sometimes even in summer, during or after the rain, is tailored so that it was fit in the past, and now the dog just has to, but with a winter jumpsuit and a warm jacket there is a slip. So in the family budget again, you need to make a column "Dog clothes".

Why should a dog wear

A few years ago, a dog in the street, in clothes, caused us affection or admiration. Although in general it was perceived as a fad or even the whim of the hosts.

Today, dressed dogs in the cold season on the street more and more. And not only in the cold. It is worth going through a slightly cool autumn rain, as many draw light raincoats and pompons. They help protect dogs from rain and dirt, facilitate grooming and preserve it.

Yes, a dog is a dog and somehow it has taken root in many people’s heads that an animal can live outside and in the cold. But remember – in the villages, good owners for the winter always insulated the booth with their four-legged watchmen, put straw or hay into it, so that the dog could wrap itself in it and warm up.

Many purebred dogs, of which they are kept in an apartment, are not initially adapted to the not too friendly climate of our country. And so you should not torture animals, but still it is better to take care of their health and provide for clothes.

These are huskies, huskies and other similar breeds, which are becoming more and more popular in our latitudes, and they endure bitter cold. Although in summer they suffer incredibly from heat.

I have seen not only “pigs” or other small dogs wearing sweaters and jackets, but also boxers with caring owners wearing woolen vests in the winter. Honor and praise them for such a caring attitude.

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By the way. I was always amazed at the prices for dog clothes – a warm set on my dog ​​costs almost as much as a warm autumn jacket on me. Can anyone explain – what is the reason for the high cost of dog clothes? Is it hard to cut? Or is there a special fabric? Or is it just a desire to make money for manufacturers and sellers for the unlimited love of dog owners for their pets?

I don’t want to risk, and I don’t have any material to sew anything to my pet. So forced to buy.

But I do not regret it, because I understand that I keep my pet healthy. Especially after that story, when we were frightened by bronchitis, which we wrote about in the article What to do if the dog coughs. Yes, dogs are not so susceptible to colds, but hypothermia can cause:

  • bronchitis;
  • inflammation of the bladder;
  • joint inflammation;
  • and a number of chronic ailments.

First reaction

Not all dogs are able to wear clothes – this is an axiom that cannot be avoided. Already the first reaction shows how the dog relates to your attempts to get something on him.

A little later, we bought a winter suit for Leonardo, a warm suit – it consists of kobinezonchik pants and a warm hooded jacket with a fur frill. Hood dog basically does not like to wear, but I understand it. Dog is really uncomfortable with him! He constantly falls on his eyes and does not normally consider where the pigeons are seated, which you can drive, and where the cat hid, with which you can play.

Now the suit has generally become small for a dog and we are thinking of selling it at least at half price. In the next house a bald crested bird just appeared – it is smaller than our hooligan. But for the time being it is not possible to meet her masters. The husband only saw them a couple of times. If we cross for a walk, I will definitely offer a suit – maybe they need it.

The principle of choosing winter clothes for dogs

I already experienced it and I know exactly how to pick up winter, warm clothes for my four-legged pet. And at first I had certain problems with it.

But I, like all dog lovers (or most of them), are absolutely not greedy, and therefore with joy and ease I will share with you my own experience.

Council Not always dogs in more or less adulthood are able to adequately respond to your attempts to dress them. Experienced dog breeders recommend that the dog be taught to dress as early as puppyhood. Even if it is summer outside, it is hot, but you know that in winter the dog will suffer from frost, wear small, light T-shirts or T-shirts at home. Then the dog, having matured, will more adequately respond to warm clothes in the winter.

It should be understood that clothes for dogs must meet certain requirements, so that it becomes as comfortable as possible, and also allows your pet to walk freely and does not harm his hair or skin.

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So, the list of requirements is as follows:

And most importantly – in no case do not opt ​​for beautiful and glamorous things, but uncomfortable and not functional. Your task is to provide the dog with warm clothes!

Variety of winter clothes

If we talk specifically about warm, winter clothes, then it is represented by three main types:

  • overalls;
  • blankets;
  • jackets and elongated vests.

Winter coveralls – This is the warmest type of dog clothes, and therefore it is best suited for your pet, if he likes long walks, even in frost. For sewing coveralls use a different fabric:

  • from above apply dense which will not get wet and will not pass a wind;
  • inside use a soft, warm, pleasant to the touch – most often it is a stitch or fleece.

Council If you and your pet live in a region where winter is especially harsh, then in this case it is recommended to choose overalls that have a special insulation, for example, a synthetic winterizer.

If the dog is low, it has low legs, then the bottom of the jumpsuit, where it touches the stomach, should have a rubber insert. As the dog, running, will wet the tummy.

My dog, though relatively tall, is so active that his stomach, like the breast, often becomes wet or dirty. So now when choosing, I take into account this important aspect.

Winter, warm blanket – ideal for dogs of large breeds or too active individuals. Such models of clothes are quite free, and therefore do not hold down movements. The main thing is that the material should be not only warm, but also of high quality, perfectly sewn, so as not to tear during active dog games.

Council If you still decide to use clothes for the dog, then pick it up according to the weather. It is not necessary to put on a warm overalls on an animal, as soon as the thermometer reaches zero degrees. Remember that dogs are often active, they like to run and jump, and in a warm suit at such a temperature of air the animal will feel hot.

Jackets and long vests recommended for dogs of small breeds. Most often, this type of clothing is made of knitwear. But this material is easily susceptible to the negative effects of moisture, it is recommended to wear it only in dry or too frosty weather. After all, even if it is snowing outside, and the air temperature is around zero or slightly lower, then the snow gathered on clothes will melt and wet it.

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Therefore, it is recommended that the jackets on top should be covered with a waterproof fabric that can also protect against wind gusts.

Where to buy clothes for dogs

There are three purchase options:

First option in my opinion – the best. Since you can feel the clothes, evaluate its quality, as well as try on a dog, in order to understand how comfortable she feels in this dress.

Second option I drop it right away – you can’t feel the quality, you can’t measure it. Even if you know exactly the size of your pet, you should not rely on this option of purchase, as a slight deviation or structural features of your dog’s body may cause clothes to not fit.

Regarding sizes

Clothes for dogs has its size. It is indicated on all suits, as is the preferred breed and gender of the dog.

But remember that these sizes are selected according to the standards of a particular breed. However, even if you have an exhibition pet, it may be slightly different from the standard indicators, which will already be enough for the suit to be large or small.

How to measure a dog correctly? Everything is simple here – you need a flexible tailoring meter. Using it, measure:

  1. The length of the dog from neck to tailbone;
  2. Chest – under the front paws;
  3. Base neck in girth.

In conclusion

Of course, I was upset – I liked one suit very much. He is very warm and beautiful. But the dog felt extremely uncomfortable in him.

But Leonardo really needs warm clothes – last night the first real frosts came to Kharkov and puddles began to freeze. This morning they were already completely frozen and remained as such throughout the day.

My dog ​​freezes on the street, but so far his usual autumn raincoat and active movement are more or less saving him. But all the same, when they bought bread and the dog waited until the sluggish salesman gave the change, he began to shake slightly. So without clothes anywhere. We’re responsible for those who have tamed? Is not it?

On the first and second photos in the article. my Leonardo! On first. in a light raincoat, which he wears now, and on the second. in that same warm suit.