How To Choose Clothes For Dogs

We will understand how to choose a costume for a dog.

Why does your dog need clothes

Dog clothes are not just an accessory. Properly chosen suit will protect your pet from the weather, moisture and dirt, warm in cold weather. In particular, if the dog is smooth-haired and does not have an undercoat: boxer, pinscher, etc. Now there are many exotic breeds that are not able to live in a harsh climate. Such quadrupeds quickly freeze and get sick. Many animals are sheared, because of this often the temperature balance in the body is disturbed.

Long-haired dogs suit protects in rainy weather and mud from dirt, thus facilitating the owner to care for the coat. It is much easier to clean the jumpsuit than wash the pet. Hunting breeds clothing saves from attacks of insects, wounds and scratches, thorns and burdock. An elderly four-legged suit is necessary, because due to age, natural thermoregulation is malfunctioning.

How to choose the right size?

Correctly buy clothes – after fitting. So you can make sure that the size is correct, and the animal is comfortable. If you can not try on a suit, you should take measurements and find out the following:

  1. The length of the body. This is the main parameter to determine the correct size. The dog needs to be put exactly and measure the distance from withers to the start of the tail.
  2. Girth of the neck. Measurement should be carried out in the widest part of the neck.
  3. Chest and waist. The chest is measured in the widest part, the waist is the narrowest place on the pet’s belly. In order for the animal to be comfortable in clothing, you need to add to the measured values ​​5-6 cm for smooth-haired breeds and at least 10 cm for long-haired (depending on the length of the coat).
  4. The length of the limbs. Measured from chest and abdomen to wrist.
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What fabrics are best suited

The quality of the material is an important aspect. If the clothes are made of low-quality material, which is painted with low-quality dyes, it will quickly stretch, lose shape and shed. When choosing a suit, squeeze the cloth in your fist and rub it, imitating washing with your hands. The material should not remain large folds, it should be tight, elastic and pleasant to the touch, in addition, waterproof.

How To Choose Clothes For Dogs

In the presence of a lining it is worth paying attention to what it is sewn from. For dogs with long hair, an atlas is suitable, for short-haired pets – fleece. This is important if the owner monitors the state of the coat of his pet.

There should be a minimum amount of seams on the jumpsuit. The more of them, the higher the risk that the animal will get wet, it will freeze, it will be blown by the wind. Well, if they are all treated with water-repellent. The seams should be smooth, continuous, without protruding threads.

The most practical clothing for long-haired dogs

Breeds that are naturally endowed with warm wool do not need warm suits in winter. But you need to ensure that the long hair remains clean and dry. For such cases, the best clothing option – waterproof overalls without insulation. It is recommended to choose overalls lined with satin or silk, so that the wool is not tangled and electrified. For active and large pets suitable winter blanket. In it, the dog is more comfortable and more comfortable to move.

How To Choose Clothes For Dogs

It is not recommended to buy clothes with a lot of jewelry: rhinestones, stones, rivets and straps. Wool can cling to them and cause pain and discomfort to the animal. Sometimes small quadrupeds get scared if the decorative elements make loud sounds. This should be considered when buying.

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If you need to make a choice between clothes with velcro and zip, then choose the second, because velcro can be easily undone, and wool sticks to it.


Clothing is necessary for dogs not only as an accessory. Costumes protect pets from the influence of weather conditions, help owners take care of the health and appearance of their four-legged friends. When buying, consider the size. Carefully take measurements of the animal so that the jumpsuit does not hinder movement. The material from which the costume is made must be of high quality and durable.