How To Choose Winter Clothes For Dogs

Overalls or shoes for dogs are not a whim, but already customary care for a pet. A dog with a rich undercoat and thick hair does without additional warming. The tiny Pomeranian Spitz is not cold and at 25-30 25С. At the same time, in a chic york fur coat – a poorly developed undercoat: they are cold for a walk. In the slushy weather without clothes can not do.

General recommendations

Be sure to warm the chest and abdomen. Models for girls sew completely closing the stomach, the boys open half. It is advised to buy unisex clothes after fitting in order to have a better “village”. For small breeds there is a stretched or square format. Sew different length pants. For dogs with short legs, recommended products with a waterproof insert on the stomach.

How to choose clothes for the dog

The size

The jumpsuit is matched by measuring the dog with a tailor’s meter – both the free and tight model creates discomfort for the pet. Manufacturers label products with the symbols S, M, L, XL, or indicate the numerical values ​​of neck girth, chest, and back length in centimeters.

Some companies sew clothes, focusing on certain breeds: Caucasian Shepherd, Labrador or Chinese Crested. In this case, darts allow for anatomy. Therefore, when walking such a jumpsuit on bulging on the back, tight to the belly, chest.


High-quality winter clothing sewn from polyester, insulated with fleece, padding polyester, holofiber. In order not to fall down long wool, the lining is made of sliding fabrics, for example, satin. Inscriptions or signal strips are made of reflective inserts – it gets dark early in winter.

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Manufacturers use materials derived from modern technology. So, the company Dog Gone Smart offers a winter nano-jacket Aspen Parka with a fur collar. Repelz-It Nanoprotection outer fabric does not let in water, is not blown.


The smaller the seams, the warmer. The line should be flat, made outside – then when moving, there will be no irritation, no wool is knitted. Check that the sutures are not rubbed in vulnerable areas: groin, under the arms. The elastic mouth will keep heat and will not give inconvenience. To prevent the hood from crawling over your eyes, a locking button or a clasp is provided on your back.

How To Choose Winter Clothes For Dogs

When choosing pay attention to the accessories. It is believed that plastic in the frost is more reliable. For long-haired pets recommend banal buttons, hooks, buttons. The clothes with an adjustable elastic belt fit well on the dog. For lean breeds, the product at the waist is prefabricated with an elastic band. Beads, ribbons, should not interfere when walking. Loosened strings can cause injury.

Types of winter patterns

In addition to overalls popular knitted clothing for dogs. Sweaters, vests made of half-woolen yarn fit well, do not lose their shape when washed. Companies Triol, Ferplast knit fashion sweaters for active pets. Convenient for putting on and walking blankets – it is recommended as clothing for small dogs, but there are products for large breeds.

A large selection of models offered by the Russian company Dezzie. Triol sews Monsters quilted blankets on fleece from water-repellent fabrics, with a velcro closure on the abdomen. Ferplast offers the BauBau Moda collection – the harness is already sewn into the TECHNO blanket. It remains only to fasten to the leash.

How To Choose Winter Clothes For Dogs