How To Crochet Clothes For Dogs

That terrier is one of the smallest breeds. These curious and energetic dogs love long walks and fun games with their masters. Unfortunately, the harsh Russian climate does not often indulge them with suitable weather.

Snow, rain, wind, reagents very interfere they enjoy walking, for toi have neither undercoat nor fat reserves. Therefore, clothes for dogs is relevant for them even in summer.

What can be tied up for your pet?

Firstly – sweater or a bit of a variety of styles. Girls can make an openwork knitted skirt. For home – make booties or lightweight vest. Do not forget about the ears – that terriers can freeze them, so it’s better to put a hat on your pet in a sub-zero temperature.

How To Crochet Clothes For Dogs

In summer, the danger is direct sunlight – and therefore it would be useful to knit a panama from light breathing yarn.


To start let’s deal with yarn and tools. Synthetics can cause allergies in humans, what can we say about our smaller brothers.

Important! For a smooth-haired dog is better to choose cotton, silk, wool.

Remember, that your pet will actively move, play, get dirty, respectively, will have to wash your clothes very often – which means better not to choose delicate threads like cashmere and acrylic.

If you choose crochet, the thicker the thread, the thicker the hook should be.

Remember! A crocheted product is denser than the same thing knitted on knitting needles.

What is better depends on the specific model and your wishes.

Next, take the measurements. To do this, it is more convenient to put the dog on a hard surface so that it rests on all four legs. What do we need?

  • Girth of the neck. Measure on the collar.
  • Chest circumference. We measure immediately behind the front paws, this is the widest place of your dog. According to this measure, we will collect the maximum number of loops for your product. On average, the toy terrier will have 88 loops, but it depends on each particular dog.
  • Back length Measure from the collar to the base of the tail. If you want your product to be shorter – then to an arbitrary place of the back. Do not forget that the boys need to leave a little more space below to make it convenient for them to do their business.
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Knit begin from the collar area. Do not forget to tie all the edges of the product with a rubber band – so it will stretch less and look better. Style, decoration, patterns – depend entirely on your imagination.

How To Crochet Clothes For Dogs

Attention! If you make a product with sleeves or a hood, it is better to tie them separately and then sew with edge loops.