How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

With the approach of cold weather, it is increasingly possible to meet on the street dogs dressed in colorful overalls, poonons, hats and even boots. The dressed dog looks unusual, sometimes elegant and naturally attracts attention, which is always nice to the owner of the animal. But let’s think about it – does a dog really need a jumpsuit?

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

A waterproof, lightweight jumpsuit is primarily necessary for walking long-haired dogs in bad weather. The presence of overalls will save the owner from washing the dog after each walk. The need to purchase winter overalls directly depends on the mobility of the dog. If walks are active (collective walking, where the dogs run after each other, frolic) – the dogs will not freeze for sure. If you walk your pet for 1.5-2 hours with a slow walk, then you may need a jumpsuit.

In general, the dog adapts well to the state of the environment, because the cold does not occur immediately. If you walk it regularly, then a cold coat will increase the undercoat and the dog will be quite comfortable. With constant walks in overalls. the undercoat will be weaker.

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

Important: For the first time putting on an animal renew, do not show irritation, if something does not work or the animal stubbornly and does not want to dress, and gently and calmly insist on his. Do not forget to praise the dressed animal, show how you like its appearance in clothes. In no case do not laugh, even if it seemed to you that your dog in the update looks ridiculous: animals can not stand when they laugh at them. It is necessary to prevent the animal from trying to undress itself, distracting with a treat or game. Usually, dogs quickly become accustomed to clothing, since dressing their coveralls is associated with a walk.

This theme is for those who can and love to sew. I hope that the information will be useful here. So sew yourself. Download the pattern in the archive.

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For a basis I took a pattern from the Finnish forum for some small dog. Given the structure, muscles, movement and activity of the beagle, I turned out like this.

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

How To Cut Overalls For Dogs

On the first and second sheets of patterns 1 cell = 1 centimeter.

On the first photo. Pattern of the main part kombeza.

Second photo. breast two details:
1. Combined:
– male (winter version, closed balls). the oval part of the pattern for the boy’s testes is clipped;
– bitch. is cut out as it is.
2. For a dog. You can, reducing the cut, fit for a bitch.
Both patterns with a fold.

Take the Bender’s size as a standard:

1. height at withers 41 cm
2. for back from withers to tail 36 cm
3. chest girth 62 cm

Now you need to measure your model.

Further we compare our sizes with yours and we estimate how much we are bigger / smaller than you.

We divide the fit of the pattern into three parts:

Your model is equal in size to us. cut and start sewing.
The model is slightly smaller than us. cut without seam allowances.

Your model is shorter than us and less in chest girth. Reduce the pattern, cutting along the red double lines:
– horizontal. reduces body circumference (1 side max 3 cm)
– central vertical. reduce the length of the back and, of course, the entire product (max 4-5 cm)
– On the set-in breast cut the same cm, as in the main part.


Your model is much smaller in size. use points but) and b) and we will torment the pattern on inclined red lines cutting out extra centimeters (here max 2 cm).

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Now glue the resulting pattern.

You can attach to the dog, but so you do not understand anything.

I propose to sew a test boot of cheap cotton fabric or old sheets. For the first combination it is a necessary measure, since it will be immediately clear how exactly you have adjusted everything. note on the front and rear limbs of dogs, tightness should not be!

Fix the probe on the model with pins, stock up on sweets, and let the model move around the apartment for a while. Very good, if someone helps you: you look, and the assistant is controlled with sweets.

In the probe, the model should move as if there is nothing on it. If the model is interfering with something, look where and what, and again refine the pattern.

Do not be confused by the width of the leg. Make them shorter on the probe, in finished form, they will be assembled at the bottom with a rubber band.


Achieving a perfect fit, I sewed three probes, but I don’t regret the time spent. This pattern is made on the last most successful option.

If you have achieved the desired result, you can begin to sew jumpsuit.

You will need:
1. cloth. two model heights + 20 cm as reserve with a width of 130 cm
2. Velcro. 1 meter
3. gum width of 2-3 cm for facing the neck and the back of the unit
4. regular gum, for the bottom of the leg
5. finishing tape (optional).

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1. Velcro seam allowance is made on the back. 4 cm (1 cm hem, 3 cm. Velcro), we do not add anything here.
2. on the neck and the back of the vehicle, we do not allow for the hem (if we treat the edge with an elastic band)
3. The leg length is already with an allowance. 1.5 cm
4. we make allowances for seams 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 by 1.5 cm (I add this so much).

On the back of the smiley, this is our length for the fall overalls. With this option it turns out like this: