How To Determine The Size Of Clothes And Shoes Of Dogs

Properly selected clothes will not cause discomfort to the animal while wearing and will not cause a negative impact on the pet’s health.

How to determine the size of dog clothes

For taking measurements it is better to use a soft measuring tape. To determine the size of the dog, you need to take three measurements, in particular, determine the length of the back, chest girth and neck girth. The dog should be calm and level, on a flat surface. Small dogs can be measured on the table. For accurate measurements, it is better not to be lazy and measure twice.

The first measure – back length. It is necessary to measure the length from the withers, that is, from the highest point of the back, along the spine to the base of the tail. The length of the back is the most important indicator.

Chest girth measured on the widest part of the chest, just behind the front paws. It is necessary to add 2-5 cm to the obtained value, which will allow you to choose comfortable, not constraining the movement of clothes.

Removing the third measure – neck girth, need to measure the widest part of the neck. The neck circumference is usually equal to the length of the collar. It is necessary to add 2-4 cm to the obtained value in order to pick up a thing with a free collar, not dragging the neck.

Values ​​of neck and chest girth will be needed to select jackets, coats, blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts, as well as ties, collars.

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How To Determine The Size Of Clothes And Shoes Of Dogs

When choosing hats, caps, caps, things with a hood you need to know head circumference, which is measured from the point between the ears under the lower jaw and back to the point on the head.

Waist girth may be needed when choosing pants, shorts. Waist circumference is measured after the last rib around the body.

Determine the size of the dog’s clothes is not enough, the choice should take into account the style. Some things are worn fairly freely, in this case, you can take the size of a particular dog, while others are more fitting, in such cases it is better to take clothes a size larger. For dogs with a voluminous chest, it is also better to take the model more so that the pet’s movements are not constrained.

Clothes may be suitable for the circumference of the chest and neck, but not for the length of the back, for example, in dogs with a wide neck, chest, but with a short back, the clothing may be long in length, in this case you should choose suitable styles, for example, replace the overalls with a jacket.

Incorrectly chosen clothes, for example, too tight can worsen blood circulation, interfere with free breathing, natural movements, and in too loose things, especially in the legs, the pet can get confused, and it will look ridiculous.

How to determine the size of a dog’s shoe

The size of the shoe is very important because otherwise it will be inconvenient for the dog to walk in tight or large shoes, the paws can be deformed.

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To determine the size of your dog’s shoes you need to measure the length and width of the paw. It is better to measure one of the front paws, since they are larger than the hind legs. It is necessary to circle the paw contour with a pencil on a sheet of paper or measure it immediately on weight if the animal allows and does not break out. It is important to measure the length together with the released claws, from the back of the paw to the tip of the longest claw. Width is measured in the widest part of the paw. If the values ​​are between sizes, then choose the one that goes upwards.

In some tables it is indicated not only the name of the breed and its size, depending on the length of the back, neck and chest girth, but also depending on the weight. There may be a third parameter in the shoe size tables. foot height Such more detailed tables simplify the selection of clothes and shoes for dogs.