How To Knit A Dog With A Knitting Sweater (For Beginners)

Our beloved pets – they are so sweet and they believe in us. The owner of the dog is already convinced that the dog is the best friend of man. We will warm our “pet”, give them a charming and warm blouse.

A knitting dog sweater is what he needs on cool days.. The great advantage of knitting a sweater with knitting needles for a dog will be that it will be the size in size. The best and can not be desired.

Choice of yarn and knitting needles

Yarn and knitting needles are selected together. Depending, as well as models – you need to make a choice of needles. If a raglan model that you meet very often, then definitely opt for stocking knitting needles. Ordinary needles with ears will serve as good friends for performing classic models.

Yarn for your "pet" you need to carefully choose, cheap and cold are not suitable.

Doggy as a child requires warmth and affection. That yarn should be just that. The yarn is chosen for the cold season, and the more warm fibers it contains, the better.

Features knitting sweater for dogs on the needles

To create a dog sweater must go through several stages:

Stage 1: taking measurements

When measuring take into account that the "pet" will be active in the finished sweater, and therefore immediately make a correction for a few centimeters:

  • product length (from collar to tail);
  • product width (between the front and back paws);
  • girth of the back and chest;
  • the distance between the legs;
  • waist circumference (abdomen);
  • OL – paw girth;
  • OSH – neck girth.

How to take measurements with a dog

The peculiarity of a sweater for a dog is that the back is usually knitted wider and longer, especially for a dachshund, models need more length. Let us analyze step by step for beginners how to properly tie a warm sweater for a dog with their own hands.

The scheme of knitting a sweater for a small dog

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Important! All presented measurements are done when the dog is relaxed.

Stage 2: Gateway

Based on the measurements, a set of loops is made and then the neck is knitted.

How to start a sweater for dogs

More often the gate is simply performed with a rubber band.

Important! The mouth for the dog is not made long so that it does not interfere with the "pet."

Stage 3: raglan

The length of the raglan will depend on the measurements, as well as all the details of this product.

Stage 4: sleeves

Knitting and raglan

Sleeve hinges will be closer to each other from the front of the part.

Stage 5: back / front

How To Knit A Dog With A Knitting Sweater (For Beginners)

After reaching the required length you need to make a gum and close the loop.

Knitting pattern

A sample (about 10-12 cm) is not a trifle. We type loops on 2 knitting needles, then we transfer to 1 knitting needle, with the 2nd knitting needle we knit the selected pattern. It is advisable to wash the sample, perhaps the yarn will shrink, then we calculate the number of loops for the pet.

After all, this small detail will help to accurately calculate the required number of loops for any part of the sweater.

The front surface – one row only with front loops to knit, the next – purl, then repeat the rows.

Facial and seamy surface

All this is done before the knitting stage.

Tip! It is advisable to outline a small plan and draw a pattern with a record of all measurements and transfer everything into loops.

Step by step description of knitting sweaters for a pet

Make a pet sweater easier with detailed and understandable descriptions. We offer you interesting 4 models of sweaters for dogs, made on the needles. Dogs in these things are just adorable, and the beauties themselves will not want to take it off after a walk.

Model 1

Norwegian Sweater in gray it will look gorgeous on a small dog (for a miniature poodle or York).

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To work you need:

  • yarn of appropriate colors;
  • needles number 3.


We collect the required number of loops with knitting stockings and perform a 2 * 2 elastic band of 6-7 cm height. Then we go to a simple face surface and at the same time 8 loops of additions. You can go to the schemes of Norwegian patterns. With a height of 4-12 cm, knitting will need to be distributed to additional needles.

Knit back and before separately. Next, perform the side seams.

To tie the sleeves separately from all work.

Model 2

Gentle sweater, from melange yarn, will be good to sit on short and stocky little dogs, for example, a pug or others.

To work you need:

  • Knitting needles number 5 and 6;
  • melange yarn – 150 g


This model fits like a regular sweater (not raglan). We start from the back, it is made wider. Begin the product with an elastic band, continue with the facial smoothness. A small digression for armholes.

The front shelf is somewhat back.

Sleeves are two small parts.

The collar is low created from a rubber band 1 * 1.

After creating each part separately, everything is stitched together. For stapling sleeves used chitching seam.

Model 3

Blouse with Aran looks very good. But for a dog sweater you should not do arana on the sleeves and the front shelf. All this will only interfere with the pet. It is enough to decorate the Aran only back.

How To Knit A Dog With A Knitting Sweater (For Beginners)

To work you need:

  • Alize Cashmere yarn 100% wool;
  • stocking spokes.

Scheme for model 3

Knit raglan need and start with the gate.

Gateway. On the needles dial 32 loops. Tie 4 rows of elastic 1 * 1, then elastic 2 * 1, for it you need to add one loop over each face loop. After 4 rows of this gum go to the 2 * 2 gum and make imperceptible additions for it.

Raglan. Link under the schemes, at the same time make additions of 4 points for a neat raglan. The front and sleeves are the front smooth surface. The back is immediately made on the pattern of the scheme of Aran.

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Front / back. The back and front knit in a circle, but the front finish a little earlier, for this you need to leave the loop on an additional spoke. Tie back, then on the edge to get loop for tying gum around the whole canvas (front and back). Elastic bottom knit similar to the elastic gates, but in reverse order.

Sleeves. To knit in a circle each sleeve and finish the front surface of the canvas with an elastic band. This is the same gum as on the collar of the product, but in reverse order.

That finished product.

Model 4

Raglan for dogs below. Very beautiful model with a small pigtail is connected to the bottom. This is the perfect sweater for a small dog (Chihuahua, etc.).

To work you need:

  • 2 skeins of children’s pehorka 50 g each;
  • needles number 3.

Scheme for model 4

Back / front. Tie together in front and back. Dial the number of loops in size and make a rubber band 2 * 2 (no more than 10 rows). Then the back goes to the main pattern of the scheme. Forward knit satin. All knit in a circle to the armhole.

Sleeves. Knit each sleeve separately and also up to the armhole. After combine all the parts together and knit in a large circle. In each subsequent do subtraction under raglan. It is necessary to create a bent collar, try on a product for a more comfortable collar height. Close the loop. The product can be worn.

This will help make walks brighter and warmer for your pet – simply knit a comfortable sweater for him. It is never too late to care – therefore success in creating a sweater for your beloved dog for every novice.