How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Knitting Needles

Materials: gray wool yarn, needles number 4, a little fur.

Patterns: 2 × 2 gum, front surface.

How to knit: the product of a dog fur coat is knitted in one cloth with knitting for armholes. We start knitting from the neck. Type on the spokes 42 + 2 edge n. Knit 2 cm with an elastic band, and further. 7 cm of the front satin stitch, adding in every 2nd p. 1 p. on both sides (= 34 cm = 50 p.). To knit armholes for sleeves, divide the canvas into 3 parts: 6 p., 38 p., 6 p. Remove the middle part (38 p.) On the auxiliary knitting needles. Parts of 6 p. Knit the main pattern of 10 cm, then remove the auxiliary knitting needles. Now part of the 38 p. Knit the main pattern of 8 cm, then again put all the parts on the main knitting needles. To knit 5 cm of the main pattern, then close on both sides 1 x 4 points and knit another 6 cm with a satin stitch and 3 cm with an elastic band. Close all n.

Sleeves: dial 22 + 2 chrome. n. Knit 7 cm elastic.

Assembling and shaping: to shape the details using steam ironing. Sew sleeves to the base of the coat. Sew fur (see photo).

How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Knitting Needles

Knitting hats for a small dog

Materials for knitting: gray wool yarn, needles No. 4, a little fur for pompons.

Patterns: 2 × 2 gum, faces. smooth surface

How to knit: knit one blade with vyvyazyvanie armholes for the ears. We start knitting from snout to neck. Dial 44 points, knit 3 cm rubber band, then 6 cm face surface. Eyelets for the ears: to divide the canvas into 5 parts with the help of auxiliary spokes: 7 p., 14 p., 14 p., 14 p., 7 p. Part 2 and 4: close the p. Part 3 (14 p.): Knit 4 cm

How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Knitting Needles

Reduce all the parts into single knitting needles. At the site of the closed parts dial the same number of p. Lits. knit with a satin stitch 4 cm, 2 cm. elastic. Close all n.

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Assembly: sew a hat. Sew fur (see photo).