How To Knit A Sweater For A Dog With His Hands Knitting Or Crochet, Patterns And Patterns

If you have not had a knitting experience, we advise you to pay attention to such a simple model. You can even tie such a sweater for a couple of hours, and the result will not disappoint you. To do this, you will need about 80-100 g of acrylic yarn of any color, needles No. 6 and safety pin. The main pattern of the sweater will be a gum 2×2, the density of knitting will be equal to 22 p.

Now we proceed to mating directly. To get started, we collect 38 loops and knit a simple 2×2 rubber band, starting with the second face loop. We thus knit up to 22 cm and make the first armhole in the front row. In order to make it, we knit 10 more loops, close the next 10 loops, and complete the row. In the purl row we knit 18 loops, then we collect 10 loops and end the row. Next, knit another 9 cm with an elastic band 2×2 and make a second armhole.

We close the loops after we knit all 22 cm. As you can see, the knitting scheme is incredibly elementary and simple. Even a child can tie such a sweater. Such a sweater can be worn like this: we wrap a bound fabric around the dog’s croup and fasten it with a safety pin. Instead of a pin, you can use a brooch or a fancy ribbon.

A more complicated way to knit a sweater for a dog

Once you have mastered the first version of a knitted sweater for a dog, you can proceed to the more complicated. Keep in mind that in order to make a similar sweater, you must be patient and time. However, the advantages of this model over the first are obvious: it looks better on a dog, has no seams and is more comfortable to wear. We knit this model from the top of the neck. First, we knit with a rubber band the initial part of the collar, measuring previously the head of the dog, so that it fits in the neck of the future sweater. Knit the collar to the end of the neck (photo 1).

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How To Knit A Sweater For A Dog With His Hands Knitting Or Crochet, Patterns And Patterns

Now we start to knit raglan. For this you need to take the number of loops that you already had. Then we count directly raglan. We divide the total number of loops by 3 (we will have three raglan parts – the back, legs and before).

Calculate a uniform number of loops on the back, front and foot. In this case, note that the back is more than the front, so the number of loops for the front divide by 2.

After that we need to visually divide all three parts of the main part of the sweater. We do this with the help of different types of loops when knitting. For example, before we knit this way: one purl loop, three facial and again purl. Paws – facial, purl, two facial, purl.

Back. front, back, 10-11 loops of the front, purl, front. Next, knit in a circle until the end of the raglan (the end of the raglan in this case, where the armpits begin).

If you need to have more than back before, you need to knit from a third of the sleeves through to the third of the next sleeve, then turn around and knit in the opposite direction. When you reach the third of the other sleeve, turn it again and then knit on 2-3 loops, turn it again.