How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

If the needlewoman has a pet, her pet’s wardrobe will compete with any fashionista. In cold climates, pet clothing is a must. This is especially true of cats and dogs of slender physique and modest hair. Knitting for animals came up with a long time, modern needlewomen only improve the model of clothing. Give warmth to your pet, and tie a jumpsuit for it with knitting needles.

Choosing a yarn

If the dog has short hair, then the yarn should warm or protect against sunburn, without irritating the delicate skin. Ideal:

  1. Cotton. From this natural fiber, you can tie a thin blanket that protects from sunlight, or overalls for early autumn.
  2. Wool + acrylic. This combination of fibers makes clothes warm and soft. Ideal for warm winter sweaters and overalls.
  3. Mohair. This is a yarn from the wool of angora goats. It is soft and very warm.
  4. Fancy yarn. It includes "plush", "grass", ribbon yarn, with pom-poms, boucle, with sequins. It is suitable for finishing or creating a full costume. The main thing is that the yarn was not barbed and tough.

How to take measurements

Knitting start with taking measurements. Put on the dog collar, not very tight-fitting neck. Measure the neck circumference and the length of the back to the beginning of the tail on the collar.

It will take a measure of chest circumference. It is measured in a wide area. Waist circumference, this is a narrow place on the body. Measure the length and girth of the paws, for a tight fit of the legs of the product.

Tie Mohair Jumpsuit

For work, take mohair. To make the product dense and warm, prepare thin knitting needles No. 2, but if you want a jumpsuit of a lighter loose knit, use needles No. 4 or No. 5. Such a light outfit knit in the fall, and the dog with a long warm hair.

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Knitting for animals has a practical function, and if you are the mistress of the Siberian Husky, then there is no need to dress her up in warm knitted sweaters.

For work, you will need pins, a hook, a lace and a fastener for overalls (buttons, buttons or velcro).

There are no schemes for the product, just follow the description. First, tie the sample, and calculate the number of loops set. Start to knit from the neck elastic 1 x 1, the height of the collar, choose arbitrary. This may be a stand or a collar with a lapel.

After collecting the required number of rows of the neck, begin to add loops.

In the first row add every 5-6 loops, depending on the number. Raid up the usual cape, in the holes formed, then insert the cord.

The next row of knit rubber band on the picture.

In the third row, make additions in this way: first nakid, then broach from the previous row. The next row is according to the picture.

When the fabric has become wider, tie the wedges to make the jumpsuit comfortable for the dog.

Divide the canvas into three parts, and distribute into pins.

Knit up to the second pin, then unfold the web, and tie a row to the first pin. Then turn again to the end. Next, follow the picture.

We repeat these actions two more times so that two wedges form.

That’s what happens.

Tie armholes for paws. For the middle part, leave a few loops, and the side split in half, as in the photo.

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Each part is knitted separately with a satin stitch. Divide into three the length of the back, add 1 cm on the free fit, and get the size of the armhole.

Connect all the pieces together.

Knit the front surface until the product closes the chest and part of the abdomen. At this point, divide the work into three equal sections, and close the central part.

Follow the side zones so that they cover the hips. Here you need to do a fitting.

Close the side hinges. Do not cut off the remaining threads, they will still be useful. Of these, crochet tie the loop, fixing the jumpsuit on the hind legs.

The final stage of work on the main part will be tying all open edges of the product with crochet or knitting. The product will become freer, and a fastener plate will appear.

Now you need to sew the sleeves in the armhole. Measure the circumference of the legs, or navigate through the slots. Do not make the sleeves too wide and long, otherwise they will drag along the floor and get dirty.

Knitting for dogs has features, and differs from working with clothes for people. Landing things should not be dense, but the fashionable “oversight” for animals will be superfluous. The dog will be confused in wide sleeves and leg, and large hoods will distract him from a walk.

Take care of the fittings. Insert decorative lace and stoppers into the base of the neck.

For fastener, sew on buttons, buttons, or velcro.

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Nice and warm jumpsuit knitting ready.

Knitting for animals is an exciting and enjoyable experience. Pamper your pets with warm beautiful clothes.