How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

This old vest is hardly suitable for socks, but looks great on your little pet. Very stylish clothes for a small dog! Moreover, such stylish clothes for dogs can be made easily and quickly from old outdated sweaters, which are pitiful and throw away a place.

In general, the reincarnation of old or out of fashion sweaters into knitted dog clothes is a very fun and exciting activity. You will be amazed when even the ugliest sweater takes on a completely new look for high-class dog clothes!

Look how this rather ugly sweater easily turns into a cute vest for your little four-handed friend. To sew such knitted clothes for a small dog, we need: an old sweater, scissors, thread, needle, centimeter ruler.

First we take our measurements from your dog. We will need the following measurements:

– dog neck circumference + 2.5 cm;
– the circumference of the chest of the dog (behind the front legs) + 2.5 cm;
– length from collar to tail + 1.5 cm;
– the length of the underside of the collar to the backside is + 2.5 cm;
– the distance from the collar down to determine the holes for the front legs;
– front leg circumference + 1.5 cm.

So, after taking the measurements, lay the sweater on the surface and see how it is more convenient to cut it. For the manufacture of knitted clothes for dogs, we need to cut a rectangle, an oval shape and an elastic band for decoration.

How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

The rectangle is cut to the size of our dog: the height of the rectangle should correspond to the length of the body (with allowances), and the width – the circumference of the chest – with allowances. The oval cut will be sewn from both sides to the two sides of the rectangle. This part will be located on the belly of the dog.

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After cutting, lay out all three pieces on the surface.

How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

With the help of safety pins, we cut one side of the oval part with one side of the rectangular part as shown in the figure. Then we also peel off the second side. Do not forget to leave holes for paws. These holes do not need to be stitched.

We sew all the parts on the machine. Remember. About the holes for the front legs of our dog.

That’s what happened. Finally, finish back. We cut the corners so that they are rounded, sew the gum along the bottom and the vest for the dog is ready!

How To Knit Clothes For Dogs

The torso of most dogs is much smaller at the waist, so the elastic helps to gut the vest in the back and sits better on the dog.