How To Make Clothes For Dogs By Yourself

Let’s look at how make a pattern of clothes for dogs yourself on the example of simple clothes for your pet. Capes, blankets and vests are the most common and easy-to-manufacture items of clothing for dogs. They can be made from very different yarns, depending on the season. A cute openwork sheath or a cape of cotton or linen yarn will save the smooth-haired dog from overheating, and with the advent of the first cool days for a walk, a comfortable vest made of acrylic or half-woolen yarn will come in handy. Moreover, to create your own model, you can use the same description, changing only the color of the yarn or the pattern. The simplest pattern of stripes, the usual facial surface, garter knitting, etc. do not go out of fashion.

In order to tie a cape or a blanket for your four-sided friend, you need to take the following measurements – neck girth, tummy girth and length from neck to base of tail. Then you should make a simple pattern that can resemble the letter T or G. To make the product sit well on the animal’s body, a second jumper is made, passing behind the front paws along the chest or tummy (depending on the sex of the dog).

For build patterns capes (blankets) should be drawn line (AB), the length equal to the girth of the dog’s neck. Further, from points A and B downward to put perpendicular segments, length equal to the width of the cervical jumper, usually takes 3-5 cm. The length of the sun is 1/3 of the neck circumference of the dog. The length of the blanket is the distance from the neck to the base of the tail; at the same time, in the first 5-7 cm of length, the part expands on average by 2-3 cm (that is, 1-1.4 cm on each side), and at the end of the part 5-7 cm are narrowed in the same way as by 2-3 cm (Fig. 1).

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How To Make Clothes For Dogs By Yourself

Fig. 1. Building a cape pattern

The length and width of the second lintel are determined after fitting the related part on the body of the animal.

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