How To Make Knitted Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How To Make Knitted Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Before the arrival of winter, many pet owners, particularly dogs, begin to pick up clothes for their pets. This is especially true for pets of small size or short-haired.

There are many such dogs, and they all need care and warmth.

To save money, you can do your own knitted clothes for dogs. This way you can make any creative idea.

Model and material selection

Before you start work, you need to choose the right clothes for your pet. To do this, you should take into account many nuances: their own capabilities and skills, weather conditions, the size of the dog and its breed. Models are different:

It is important to understand that making a knitted blanket or waistcoat is not so difficult, but with a sweater, overalls and a coat you will need to suffer a little. The first two types do not have specific and complex elements, such as sleeves, etc. But, on the other hand, they are no less warm.

Coats, overalls and sweaters are ideal for dogs with short hair, for example, dachshunds. It is also necessary to add that you can always complete additional details for any clothing variant: socks, hats or hoods, etc. This depends on the breed of the dog and its physique.

The standard set of necessary tools and materials is small, but it can be expanded depending on the type of clothing chosen.

The minimum set includes:

For better product functionality, you may also need additional fittings: buttons, zipper, buckles and ribbons. The thread is needed in order to sew, if necessary, separately related elements of the future costume.

It is very important to choose the right yarn before starting work., because it is the main element for high-quality products. To make a sweater warm in winter, you can choose acrylic or wool yarn.

The latter is very well heated and is completely natural material. In addition, it also has disadvantages – it is quickly drawn out and overgrown with pellets.

Acrylic is a completely synthetic material. This is an artificial wool that can have very bright shades. On the other hand, it has a very unpleasant property for a dog to accumulate synthetic electricity. It will bring her discomfort.

Cotton yarn is well suited for breeds of dogs that have a lot of wool, but in extreme cold it will not be enough to warm your pet.

As a result, it is better to buy different yarn for knitting clothes. It will be well washed, worn and warmed in extreme cold.

Alteration of an old sweater

How To Make Knitted Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Crocheting clothes for dogs can be done in different ways, but if there are no special skills in needlework, then you can just use an old sweater. For a small animal, you can take clothes from dolls or from a small child for rework, and for a big dog a sweatshirt is well suited. But they will need to be seriously finalized.

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In the waist area, a sweater or sweater per person will be large for any breed of dog, therefore, to reduce the size, you can sew an elastic band. If the fabric thing is remade, then it can be cut in the right place and sewn back to the size of the dog, but with a knitted thing it will not work. If you cut such a sweater, it will disperse, so only the version with a rubber band will do.

Independent tailoring

Personalized sewing clothes for dogs allows you to fully open fantasy and do things that will like both the owner and his pet. The process is quite interesting, though painstaking.

Before you start work, you must decide on the size of clothing. For this you need to take measurements from the dog. The number of places to measure may vary depending on the size of the pet. Taking a piece of paper, a pen and a centimeter, you need to know the following data:

  • chest girth;
  • neck size;
  • back length;
  • feet height;
  • leg girth.

All measurements should be done in the thickest place. Such data will be enough to knit clothes for dogs with their own hands. Patterns can be found on the Internet, but it is better to do it yourself.

In the case when you need to tie the jumpsuit, you need to additionally take the size of the waist, the distance between the legs, the girth of the thigh.

Practical advice

Such guidance may vary depending on the size of the dog and which model is selected. But there are general rules that are typical for all such products:

  1. First you need to calculate how many loops you need to make in 1 centimeter, depending on the selected yarn. Then calculate what the total will be. For these purposes, you need to bind a small piece.
  2. Each piece must be knitted separately.
  3. If the vest fits, you can knit the product in a circle.
  4. Cloth is knitted with a solid thread, without interrupting.
  5. Each element of the sweater is knitted separately, and then sewn. This can be done by tying every detail together or by sewing them with a needle and thread.
  6. At the last fitting sewn collar and elastic at the waist.
  7. It is not always necessary to make a product with long sleeves. For example, if you make short sleeves on the vesting principle, small parts are simply sewn into the already finished product.

How To Make Knitted Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Creating clothes for little pets is almost no different from knitting for big brothers. Only difference The fact that a little dog needs several variations of clothing for changing.

Also, it should be much warmer, because large breeds are not as warm as little chihuahuas or toi. They very badly tolerate frosts. For them, things need to be knit, starting with a collar, and gradually reduce the number of loops so that the clothes are fitted.

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Choosing clothes for chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are small dogs that do not like cold weather, but at the same time they like to be in the fresh air. Therefore, they need clothes for this, they can be sewn or knitted by themselves. There is nothing difficult.

For this breed of dogs it is better to pick up knitted things, since they are warm, they are easy to learn to do yourself, and they look decent. If there is no experience in designing models of clothes for dogs, then schemes can be used. Knitted clothes for a chihuahua with their own hands can be done on the photo from the Internet. This breed of dog is quite popular, so if there is no desire to engage in the design, this option is exactly what you need.

The most important thing when choosing yarn for chihuahua – it is convenience of use, environmental friendliness and heat in a cold season. It is better to take a yarn for work that is thick and fluffy, since such things should be well warmed during strong frosts and at the same time retain heat. Such products are obtained soft, and it is easy and convenient for a pet to move in them. In addition, knit things with thick threads is easy.

It is impossible to buy tough, hard and barbed yarn for work, as it will be difficult for a pet to move in such clothes. The dog will constantly itch and be nervous. Also, a dog will not be comfortable walking, so it’s better to refuse such materials immediately.

Clothes should also be environmentally friendly. If the yarn is brought from China, then it is better not to buy very bright colors. Such material may cause chihuahua allergies. Threads should not have any flavor. If there is an unpleasant chemical smell, then this may indicate that the production used harmful materials and technology.

Although dogs of this type have the same size, that is, all are small, it is advisable to take all measurements before work so that the product is exactly under the dimensions of the dog. The length of the paws, the body, etc. may differ by several centimeters. It is necessary to accurately measure the volume of the body, the length and circumference of the neck, and the distance from the front to the rear paws.

For taking measurements, it is better to use a classic centimeter, but you can also take a building tape. Such actions are necessary when the dog is at rest. As a rule, this is the period before lunch or after dinner. If there is no experience of such work, then you can contact a specialist in making clothes for animals. But such masters can be met very rarely, and the cost of services is quite high.

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The work is carried out with the help of a hook, but you can tie the clothes for the Chihuahua with knitting needles. Schemes and approximate drawings can be found on the Internet, but if you qualitatively take measurements with your own hands, the result will be much better, as it will be tailored to the individual body characteristics of a particular pet.

The material should be chosen depending on the weather in which the pet will walk outside, the air temperature outside and in the house, etc. For example, for summer walks it is better to use thin and breathing material so that the dog is not hot. In winter, it is better to choose a thick, two-layer fabric. But you also should not forget that the dog must feel comfortable and move in clothes, regardless of weather conditions.

For winter clothes for chihuahuas, it is better to use insulating linings., for example, foam rubber. Such a material perceives the dog well by touch, and in such products it will be comfortable. For chihuahua girls, it is better to make a denser and softer tissue in the tummy area. So she can give birth to healthy offspring.

It is important to take into account the fact that a dog during a walk should be able to handle its needs without any problems, since this is the main purpose of walking. That is, the area around the genitals should be open. In the winter versions, you can simply make the pants, which are removed without any problems, and the owner at any time can help your pet. Trained dogs can always ask for it.

Pet dachshund

This breed is considered one of the oldest of all known in the world. At first, this kind of dog was indifferent to the weather conditions in which they walk down the street, and they always felt great. But today, the owners of dachshunds always dress them up, going outside, even in summer.

But if winter came unexpectedly, and the dog does not yet have warm things, then you can make them from a warm old sweater. First you need to trim the sleeves. Then make holes for the paws of the doggie and correct the product with the help of a thread and a needle in the volume.

Although such work will not look very stylish, but it will not allow your pet to freeze in extreme cold. Then you can make this suit more perfect. Attach for example sleeves on forepaws.