How To Measure A Dog For Clothes

How to measure a dog?

So, you made the right decision and decided to warm your dog for the winter. If you do not have the opportunity to come to us with a dog for a fitting, then it is important for you to correctly measure your dog in order to avoid problems with the delivery of unnecessary cargo back and forth.

All dog clothes are numbered. (8-10-12-14-16-18) or letters (XS. S. M. L. XL. XXL). Each manufacturer has its own standard, so don’t be under the delusion that having bought an ideal size for your dog, size L in one place, you can buy L-ki everywhere and without parsing. Not! XS of one manufacturer may be equal to L size of another supplier..

The main parameters that you need to know to pick up clothes for the dog.

How To Measure A Dog For Clothes

– Neck volume (not necessary parameter, indicated "just in case"). Measure the volume of the neck with a measuring tape.

– Back length (The most important parameter! If the length of the jumpsuit is shorter, or significantly longer than the length of the back of the dog, then you will not wear a jumpsuit to the dog!). Important! The dog is flatAbout on all 4 paws, the head is raised up, as in an exhibition stand. The dog does not sit, does not lie, does not stoop, because of this, the length of the back changes. Measure from the beginning of the neck (on the 7th vertebra, where the neck "attaches" to the body), to the beginning of the tail. The length reserve is not needed here, so measure the dog "as is".

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– Breast volume (On clothes it is often more than the volume of a dog, so sometimes the situation can be corrected by installing additional buttons, fixing the edges of the clothes with an overlap). Looking for the widest place on your dog, usually this place just behind the front paws, measure its volume with a tape. It is hard to make a mistake here. It is recommended to measure the volume of the chest in a dog with a small margin, for example, by adding 2-3 centimeters to the actual volume.

How to measure a dog’s paw and pick up shoes?

Paw can be measured in two ways.

1. Place the dog on a clean sheet of paper and draw a pencil around its paw. Measure the resulting contour as shown in the picture. Take a margin of 1-2 mm in length to leave space for claws that may be longer in the future.

2. Lay the dog on your back or sit on your lap. Measure the internal length and width of the paw as shown in the picture.

Note that dogs often have a front paw slightly larger than the back. This does not mean that you will have to buy 2 sizes, but you need to pay attention to this, fixing your hind legs more strongly or attaching socks.

Boots for dogs. An excellent solution that allows you not to wash your paws after walking, which protects your paws from the cold and exposure to the external environment. Try to follow the dog during the first walks, so that the dog does not lose shoes.