How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

I have a lot about clothes for dogs, but for the first time I see the hats myself. You can try, of course, it is easier to sew a hat than a jacket or a windbreaker. Getting started?

A cap for a unique …

How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

For starters, of course, take your measurements from the dog. The size of this headdress must be customized. The length of the main rectangular part of the cap 2 is equal to the length from the dog’s forehead and to its collar, and the width is equal to the width of its head.

How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

This cap consists of 4 parts: the main rectangular 2, a visor 1 and two loops – a short 3 and a long 4. The long harness 4 is equal to the girth of the dog’s neck multiplied by 3. The distance between the speaker and the air gap is approximately 2.5 – 3.5 cm.

Visor 1 recommend double.

We connect the visor 1 and the main rectangular part 2 at points AA1 and BB1. We process the side of the SD with a short harness 3, like a backing, connecting the points CC1 and DD1. As it shown on the picture.

How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

We process the main part 2 with a long strap 4, connecting at points ЕЕ1 and FF1, while inserting the ends of the short stitch 3 into the long 4 at the points LL1 and ММ1, as shown in the figure.

How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

I have not found the author all these points EE, LL. I hope that you already understand, dear readers. The hat is simple.

It is advisable to sweep up all these details before sewing and try on the dog, if necessary, then adjust the dressing to the size of the animal’s head, and only then sew everything together.

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Now you need to decorate a hat: of course, you can show originality – feathers are always in fashion. Ears are threaded into the holes, and the cap will be tied behind the neck of the dog.

Cap for dogs.

How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

Cap can protect your eyes from bright sunlight and heat stroke. It is better to sew this cap out of cotton fabric (the fabric is needed both on the lining and on the product itself), the edges are treated with keeper tape. Cap size can be adjusted with Velcro or buttons. We can draw conclusions that we need: cotton fabric, cotton fabric for lining, kiperny tape and velcro (buttons).

Next, take the measurements from the dog. We measure the horizontal volume of the head (measured by the protruding points of the dog’s forehead). Now we measure the volume of the head vertical (measured by protruding brow ridges under the dog’s chin and back). It is also important to know the width of the panama – this is the distance from the eyes through the forehead to the occiput.

This pattern consists of 2 parts: the top and visor.

Detail 1. This upper part of the cap consists of 2 layers of fabric – the main and lining. These fabrics are applied one on one to the inside and bent in half. Then we turn the pattern across the part, combine the center with the folds of the fabric and cut out taking into account the allowances for the seams 0.7 – 1 cm. Then we put small cuts along the bend of the detail.

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Detail 2. The visor consists of 2 identical parts of the main fabric, between these parts is laid glue flizelin. Tissue also impose one on one person inside and bend in half. We turn the pattern across the part, combine the center of the pattern with the folds of the fabric and also cut out taking into account the allowances for the seams 0.7 – 1 cm. And also put small dissections along the fold of the detail.

So, all the parts are ready for stitching.

To begin, we will process the visor. You can handle in 2 ways: 1st edging and 2nd inversion.

Anyway, flizelin will be stuck on the underside of the visor.
If the visor is edged, then the parts are folded with their faces outward and edged with a ribbing tape in a circle in the following way: on the underside of the visor, they fasten the ribbon with a seam 0.5 to 0.7 cm wide. seam on the seamy side.

In the 2nd version, the parts are folded inwards and cut around, and then the visor is inverted and stitched with a finishing line on the edge of the part.

Then fold the details of the top face out, and overcast the occipital part and stitch.
Then we process the grooves in Pana with keeper tape. This is done in the following way: we fold it in half, and inward we insert the edge of the recess, we sweep it away and we attach it. Well, in the back of the tape bypass the tape by 5 cm and bend it, thereby forming a loop.

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How To Sew A Hat For The Dog

Next, we connect the visor with the panama and attach it to the inside of the panama, then stitch it.

Then we tune the keeper tape onto the seam of the joint between the visor and the Panama and leave the tape on the sides for fastening. Next we attach Velcro to the edge of the keeper tape.

With the last action, we will fasten the ends of the keeper tape at the back and thread them through the loops on the back of the head. That is ready cap.