How To Sew A Jumpsuit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How to sew overalls for dogs and not too difficult? In fact, for those who are friends with the patterns and sewing machine dog overalls are not too complicated.

Making a jumpsuit for dogs is easy if you have at least some skill in sewing clothes. At hand you need to have a ruler, tape, graph paper or a simple piece of paper in the box.

If building a pattern with your hands seems too difficult, try to find a scheme on the Internet and adjust it for your dog.


To work well, you need to have everything at hand. First choose fabric. Better suit raincoat, bolon or other water-repellent material.

How To Sew A Jumpsuit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

To the dog was warmer, make the lining, filling with padding polyester. Sew from sliding fabric, satin, or silk for dogs with long hair.

With a short fit bike, fleece or cotton. Now let’s talk about what you need to have on hand necessarily:

  1. Fabric for coveralls and lining.
  2. Filler.
  3. Zippers, rivets, Velcro or buttons to fasten.
  4. Gum (about 2m).
  5. Lavsan threads.
  6. Large tailoring scissors.
  7. Measuring tape.
  8. Chalk, or a pencil for fabric.

Taking measurements, preparing a pattern

When all materials are prepared, you need to measure and draw a diagram. In order to sew your own simple jumpsuit on the dog, you need to:

  • The distance from the collar to the base of the tail (G).
  • Neck (KD).
  • Coverage of the wrists of the hind (MN) and fore (LI) paws.
  • Thighs (Ж-Б).
  • Forepaw at the point of transition into the shoulder blade (HD).
  • The belly is at the navel level (AB).
  • Breast in a wide place (GV).
  • Tail (GH).

Large size, from the collar to the tail, divide by eight. Then we transfer to the paper with the cells, where one will correspond to 1/8 З-К. The remaining parts are being built on the same scale.

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The pattern should consist of two side halves with trouser legs, one covering the abdomen. When everything is ready, transfer the pattern to the fabric. Beginners should first experiment on the old piece, and after fitting, transfer to the material.


On the fabric should be left a few millimeters on the seams. Step-by-step instructions include creating a picture on paper and transferring it to fabric. It should be noted that dog overalls are sewn loose, they should not restrain the movements of the animal.

First of all it concerns large active dogs. But the little doggies, too, can not be hampered in games while walking, otherwise they will not feel comfortable in clothes. Because the size should be increased by a few millimeters.

Standard schemes are not suitable for all dogs. Dachshunds, beagles have an elongated body. Therefore, patterns of overalls for them to modify or create their own from scratch. So, the size of the dog removed, now you should do the pattern and transfer them to paper.

First, mark the distance from the neck to the tail on the sheet. It is designated by letters ZK in the upper part of the sheet. Then spend perpendicular down the line – AB (front) and SH (rear).

Semicircles, ЗЖ and КД – holes for the tail neck. ZhM and BN – length of hind legs, GL and CI – front. The base is ready. Armed with a scheme, you can proceed to the creation of parts.

The main one is the upper part, which covers the back and sides. Make it out of two separate parts. Then draw sleeves on the front and hind legs. Additionally, make the breast, which is shorter in boys than in girls.

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Cut out paper to transfer onto fabric. You can make a whole pattern, without a separate drawing of the sleeves. If you want to sew a jumpsuit with a hood (it is more suitable for small dogs), you should take additional measurements.

The dog measures the head coverage, the distance from the neck to the forehead from behind. The hood pattern is made of two parts; their base should correspond to half the neck circumference, plus a few centimeters so that the dog can calmly turn his head. By the hood you can sew a small visor.

On fabric

When the paper version is ready, put it on the material. If you have little experience, you can first take a piece of old unwanted canvas for the test, and practice on it.

When transferring should be provided on the pattern a few millimeters for the seam. Cuffs dogs often secure with rubber bands so that they do not slip. Sleeves should not be too long, so as not to get dirty, and do not prevent the dog from walking.

The most convenient fastener – a lightning. To prevent wool from getting into it, you should sew a special planochka. Winter is best done with a lining. It can be knitted or fabric.

For long-haired dogs, it is best to use slippery fabric, such as satin. Shorthair fit bike, fleece or knitted material. The pattern is made in the same way, only its dimensions are slightly smaller.

Stitch jumpsuit

And now we will talk how to make it from separate parts correctly. It is best to use a linen seam, it is reliable, does not require processing of the edges, the dog’s coat is not confused in the threads.

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First, the side, starting from the leg, on the back do not forget to leave darts. Then attach the insert for the breast and tummy.

To make it easier to work, sew the parts with your hands, and then run through the machine. It is best to do coveralls with a zipper – it is more reliable than stickies, buttons or rivets. To sew it, you should make a plan.

Take a strip of fabric 10 cm wide, fold in half, fill with batting and sew. Planck a few millimeters protrudes on the edges of the product, more than the back of the dog.

Zipper sewn between the strap and canvas. So you protect the dog and its fur from accidental injury due to skin or hair falling between the teeth of the zipper. The last detail is the collar.

For him, take a cloth with a length equal to the coverage of the neck and a width of 10 centimeters. Fold in half, you can fill it with a small amount of batting. Then sewn into the armhole to a depth of 5 millimeters.

On the edge of the collar we make a clasp, it can be a button, rivet, sticky tape or hook. In the armhole sleeves insert gum, you can with a regulator of their length. That’s all, your dog can walk in overalls, it remains only to try it on a pet.