How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself

Necessary materials

  1. In a room on a Chihuahua, they wear a T-shirt or a robe made of thin stretching fabric, for example, a knitted one. This achieves two goals – no wool is spilled from the dog, and it does not freeze.
  2. For walking, it is preferable to choose a jumpsuit (for winter time) or a raincoat (in the interseasonal slush). It is more convenient if the sleeves are long, reaching the carpal joint. The advantages of such clothes are that it is easier for the owner to take off and wash street things than to wash and dry the paws and belly of a dog.
    How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself
  3. For a winter suit, take a dense, water-repellent fabric so that dried dirt is easily brushed off. As a heater, you need a synthetic winterizer, suitable for thickness. For the lining, a soft fabric such as a bike is chosen, or what is better for long-haired dogs that roll their wool with a jumpsuit — a sliding fabric such as silk or satin.
  4. Summer jumpsuit can be sewn from lightweight fabric, breathable, but protects against dust. Slicker fabric should be light, water-repellent, easy to wash and dry quickly.
  5. In dry cold weather, a chihuahua can be dressed in knitted clothes: a sweater, blouse, dress and hat with or without ear slits. Knitting yarn should be taken soft, non-allergenic, for example, mohair. You can knit or crochet.
    How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself
  6. Modern dog wear and shoes. Especially the presence of this accessory is important in megacities, where snow and ice are poured abundantly with reagents. In other weather conditions, limb protection saves time well. It is much easier to wipe the soles of sandals than to rinse and dry the feet.
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Taking measurements

For products that are planned to be produced, measurements are taken:

  • neck circumference;
  • back lengths;
  • chest girth;
  • grip hind legs.

How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself

Leave 3-5 cm for allowances and loose fit. To measure neck circumference, wear a collar, not tightly tightening it. The length of the back is marked from the collar to the base of the tail. The rib cage is measured behind the elbows. The girth of the hind legs is calculated on the widest part of the thigh, with an allowance for free movement.

For simple knitwear, such as a sweater, two measures are enough – neck circumference and chest depth (video by Magic Family).

Tailoring Instructions

It should be noted that the models for boys and girls differ according to anatomical features: in girls-chishka the stomach is completely closed, in boys it is open until the beginning of the chest. What allows girls to keep warm, and the boys do not soil clothes.

In dogs, a large width of the leg is designed for unobstructed lifting of the paw. It is better to place zippers and fasteners on the back, it is easier to put on and undress a pet.

If the product is intended for a puppy, then the pattern should be increased by several sizes.


For the manufacture of overalls for mini chihuahuas, first a full-size pattern is made on paper. Beginners better take ready piece.

  1. We make additional measurements: length of paws, wrist girth and waist.
  2. We specify the parameters of our dog, transfer it to paper.

How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself

How To Sew And Tie Clothes For A Chihuahua Do It Yourself


  1. We collect on the spokes 10 loops, knit several rows.
  2. With a ruler we measure the area of ​​the resulting probe. According to the dog’s measurements, we count the number of hinge loops.
  3. It is better to knit a neck for a better fit with a rubber band (two purl loops, two facial loops).
  4. We knit up to the shoulder level, we add the required number of loops, we remove the loops on the back so that the “hump” does not work.
  5. Cuts for paws are formed by closing the required number of loops symmetrically.
  6. It is better to do a little more, because too narrow a hole will cause constrained movements and rub the skin of the armpit.
  7. From the armhole, we knit so much that the body area is covered to the inguinal fold.
  8. We finish the viscous "elastic" blouse.
  9. We knit the bar, given the slots for buttons. The detailed scheme of knitting a blouse or sweater is shown in the photo below.
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Schemes and patterns

Knitted sweater

It fits like a blouse, but it can be from one piece – round. On the lower back, you can extend the product by continuing the rows.

Chihuahua Shoes

  1. We measure the hind and front paws separately on a standing dog. The first value from the pads to the claws of the central fingers. Make a stock on the movement and seam allowance. The second measurement is done from the foot to the carpal (on the front paw) and to the hock (on the back paw) joints. We add seam allowances.
  2. The pattern is made in the form of a large circle (the area to the hock), the sole is a small circle (foot area).
  3. The fabric is taken durable, not getting wet and not slippery. If desired, you can strengthen the area of ​​the foot by gluing a circle of more dense or rubberized fabric outside.
  4. Put the dog’s paw in the center of the circle, raise the fabric and compress the paw. Surplus fabric collected in tucks. We scribble and trim the excess. It is better to make the seams outside so as not to rub.
  5. Shoes must be fixed on the feet above the feet. This can be achieved by making holes in the fabric and threading ribbons, or stitching velcro in the same area.

In the shoe the dog should walk as freely as without it.