How To Sew At Home Overalls

18 Feb 2013

It is not only important to build a suit pattern correctly on the dog, but also choose the right model of this jumpsuit.

Models of overalls, by and large, can be divided into only two groups:

All differently give their preference to one or the other type of overalls. It all depends on what particular case this overalls is required.

Most often, my clients are not satisfied with the unisex model, the model of overalls with an open belly. But there are exceptions.

How To Sew At Home Overalls

Building a jumpsuit pattern On a dog with a closed belly and a detailed assembly of such overalls, I parse individually!

And I decided to put the assembly of the jumpsuit with an open belly on the site. Master Class turned out very detailed. It contains a lot of photographic materials. Detailed plan This master class can be viewed at the link:

I tried the example of assembling jumpsuit for yorkshire terrier give detailed instructions so that you can self-stitch such overalls. Jumpsuits This cut is suitable for dogs of any breed.

In order to finish this Master Class it remains to disassemble just one step.

How to finish the assembly of the suit

To sew dog overalls right, you need to think over the entire assembly in advance at the time of construction patterns.

In our case, this concerns how and when to combine parts of the jumpsuit. Let me remind you that we have already started processing our neck, but did not finish it until the end. We sewed our collar only to the upper face of the jumpsuit, and connect collar with lining we still have to.

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If you have taken into account all my advice, then we can only turn inside out through the junction of our fastener overalls and chop our needles collar with the back of the inside.

How To Sew At Home Overalls

Usually I do it not quite like that, but for this model I chose this kind of processing.

  • If you first collect all overalls, including the edge trim of the fastener collar need to sew last.
  • Another option is possible when it is first processed. neck after the assembly of the main parts of the suit, and then – the finishing trim slats for fastener. But then you need to do the strips themselves separate details. As i said pattern should change already.

Let’s return to the assembly of our overalls.

After connecting our collar with the back (the inside of our jumpsuit), you need to turn it back through the strap for fastener.

How To Sew At Home Overalls

And we should have the following:

How To Sew At Home Overalls

And the inside view will be:

How To Sew At Home Overalls

Now we can proceed to the final assembly of our jumpsuit.

When we collected the lower part of our jumpsuit, then we began assembling this part, retreating 2 cm from the edge of our slats for the fastener. We can only wrap these 2 cm on the inside of our slat, pin them with needles to it and flash everything.

How To Sew At Home Overalls

It remains to put the buttons on the press and the jumpsuit is ready.