How To Sew Clothes For A Toy Dog ​​Terrier

How To Sew Clothes For A Toy Dog ​​Terrier

How to sew clothes for a toy terrier with your own hands.

It is only at first glance that it seems that sewing stylish fashionable dog clothes requires material and temporary costs. One has only to start, and you will understand how it is easy and simple to make a fashionista or a fashionista out of your toy terrier.

Feel free to use your imagination and … your old out-of-fashion items. Or purchase fabric.

What fabric to sew clothes for toy terriers.

The choice of fabric should be based on the rational use of things. After all, you will not wear a housecoat made of a raincoat fabric with a sinteponim heater, before winter you won’t wear a cotton overalls.

The material for the future thing must be exclusively natural, the fabric is soft and comfortable. Synthetic thread in the fabric will magnetise and electrify the wool of the terrier and, naturally, cause discomfort in the animal.

For evening walks in the summertime, the toy terrier has enough cotton or knit shirts or T-shirts. Toyskaya girl can dress up in a light skirt.

Rainy weather in spring / autumn dictates putting on a doggie clothes from waterproof bologna or raincoat fabric. Underneath, you can pry the sweater, which should include at least 40% wool or cotton.

The coat for the little terrier is sewn from drape, cashmere or wool.
For winter, suitable materials such as fleece, sintepon and fur, both artificial and natural.

How to take measurements from a toy terrier.

In order to correctly take measurements with a pet, we arm ourselves with a measuring tape. All measurements are recorded in a notebook (they can still be useful to you). What are we measuring?
neck girth.

  • length from withers to tail.
  • the distance from the front to the rear legs of the dog in a standing position.
  • length from the gate to the edge of the intended sleeve.
  • chest girth (measured behind the front limbs in the widest part).
  • girth of the back and front legs in the widest part.
  • girth muzzle.
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How To Sew Clothes For A Toy Dog ​​Terrier

These standard measurements are absolutely suitable for any thing.

Pattern clothes for the toy terrier.

In order to sew clothes for a toy terrier with our own hands, we make patterns based on measurements.

  • draw a rectangle in which one of the sides should be equal to the length of the future thing.
  • we postpone points that correspond to measurements along the chest line.
  • mark the width of the back by extending the pattern line.
  • then divide the width of the back in half and measure the third part of the neck circumference from the point of intersection.
  • connect the dots with a semicircular line. This is the neckline.
  • We build a cut on the shoulder.
  • we draw armholes for the paws on the basis of the distance between the paws and the girth of the pet’s legs in the widest part.
  • make a cut for the tail.

The pattern of the sleeve for the product is based on the length and girth of the foot.

Vest for that terrier.

Let’s start with the simplest. Let’s try to sew a vest. We will train on an old sweater:

  • cut off the sweater sleeves.
  • on the sleeve itself you can already see that the upper part of the sleeve will become the back of the product, and the lower part – the stomach.
  • on the upper part (back) we transfer the measured length from withers to tail, and cut off all the excess with sharp scissors, leaving a couple of centimeters to cover.
  • we make holes for the front and rear legs, also leaving a margin.
  • so that the edges do not crumble, we overcast the edges, turning the left stock inwards.
  • we decorate a vest (at will).

Everything, the vest is ready, call toja on fitting.

Cloth for that terrier.

Now you can proceed to the ass. For that terrier the pattern with sizes is very simple.

  • Use the measured length of the product (from withers to tail) and chest volume.
  • To fasten the finished blanket you need two buttons, or you can make the blanket with velcro.
  • lining made of padding polyester.
  • stitch two sides on the wrong side, but be sure to leave a place to then turn out the blanket.
  • turning the product, handle the front side.
  • Sew strap and buttons or Velcro.
  • measure it on that.
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Pattern jumpsuit for that terrier.

After you get your hand on simple things, we proceed to the most popular dog thing – we will sew overalls for that terrier.

  • Pattern overalls are of two types, one-piece, when the clasp is located on the back or tummy, and in two parts with zippers or buttons.
  • The selected pattern is transferred to the fabric, leaving two centimeters at the edges for allowances.
  • sew the upper and lower parts. Just do not forget about the cutouts for legs. The correct connection of all components will be obtained if you focus on the reference points of the pattern.
  • sew the details of the legs. But we do it by all means mirror. We sew the sleeves for the front legs at an angle of forty-five degrees to the back line.
  • sew the sleeves to the body.
  • we make an incision on the back of the spine. We sew the lock at a distance of two centimeters from the neck.
  • if the back on the pattern consists of two parts, then we connect them with a zipper.
  • we make cuffs for sleeves and a mouth.
  • sew them in the sleeves.

The pattern of the jumpsuit for a toy terrier’s boy differs from the pattern of the jumpsuit for that toy terrier by a cutout to meet natural needs.

You can sew a jumpsuit out of … colored children’s tights. Ordinary warm tights for growth of 104-116 centimeters, with a cotton content of at least 80% and the obligatory presence of spandex and elastane in the composition.

  • retreat from the crotch tights on five centimeters and cut both tights. Shorts overlots.
  • on the tights we cut off the socks and get two suspenders or straps (call it what you want). We turn each inside out, sew the edge, turn it back onto the front side and also sew the edges.
  • Ready stitches need to sew to the shorts. The harness is sewn from the larger side.
  • from a decorative cord, a usual lace, an elastic band, etc. make loops. You can use a different kind of clasps.
  • sew the loops between the stitches from the not sewn side.
  • try on the jumpsuit on the toe and mark the place in the chest and on the back, where we will sew the stitches together.
  • do not forget to decorate things.
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Footwear for that terrier.

Dress so dress completely. Let’s sew footwear for that terrier. A lot of time it does not take.

  • on the skin, leatherette, thick fabric that you are going to use for shoes, draw and cut a circle, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the foot. Do not forget to add seam allowance.
  • draw and cut a rectangle. The width of which is equal to the diameter of the foot, and the length – the height of the boot toe (which one you want). Usually, the height of the tops is made equal to the distance from the floor to that terrier’s first movable tendon.
  • we bend and sew a rectangle in the upper part so that in the finished product to stretch in the bend of the cord.
  • connect the shaft (rectangle) and a circle. Sew the boot to the length.
  • turn out the product and trim the excess allowances.
  • We pass through the top of the cord.
  • try on that terrier shoe and adjust the cord so that the foot is not transferred, but the boot does not dangle.

Such a pattern can be taken as the basis for any type of shoe for that terrier.
You have the basic patterns, so start creating an exclusive wardrobe for your toy terrier.