How To Sew Clothes For Dogs Video

The time we spend with the dog, travel with the dog, rest with the dog. Pleasant pastime. Useful services that we use when planning a holiday with a dog:

How To Sew Clothes For Dogs Video

You can find detailed information on the Internet, there are a huge number of articles on this topic, we have on our website there are patterns for dog clothes and detailed sewing instructions. Therefore, those who have some skills in cutting and sewing difficulties and questions how to sew clothes for a dog should not arise.

Wardrobe for pet – This is not only a fad, but also an urgent need, especially when it comes to dogs of small breeds. They are cold outside while walking, and they must be protected from rain and even the scorching rays of the sun. So, if the clothes for dogs fulfill their direct functions, then there is absolutely no need to specifically buy fabrics and accessories. The material for its production can be children’s clothes, from which the baby has already grown, but the condition of the fabric is excellent. You can also use any remnants of leather, raincoat fabric and other materials.

Once the fabric and accessories are selected, you should begin to develop patterns. The main thing to remember when creating a pattern is the correctness of the measurements taken. With our instructions on how to sew clothes for a dog, you can easily take measurements.

1. The length of the back (DSP)
2. Chest circumference (O g)
3. Overall waist circumference (from 2)
3.1 Waist for boys (from 1)
4. Girth of the neck (OSH)
5. The girth of the hind legs around the thigh (On)
6. Girth of the front paws in the lower joint (OPN)
7. The width of the chest between the front legs (W g)
8. The distance between the front and rear legs (Rpz)
9. Distance from mid back to floor (Doug)
10. Sleeve Length Front (DRP)
11. The length of the rear sleeve (DRZ)
12. For "boys (P to org)

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The next step is to cutting. After all the parts are ready, proceed directly to the assembly. It would be better if you make a fitting before everything was sewn on a typewriter. Your pet should be comfortable and spacious. Well-made clothes do not interfere with the movements of the dog and allow him to feel comfortable.

In special books and articles, telling about how to sew clothes for dogs, there are patterns of various items of clothing, ranging from caps and ending with beautiful blankets. You can even find instructions on sewing slippers for your pet.